Tame a Monster

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Chapter Thirty Eight

It takes only two days to complete what Felix assumed it’d take two weeks.

The “task” Alpha Felix sent me to do, was to capture and abduct some of the rogues surrounding Alpha Sawyer’s pack. They were going to be used as test subjects for the mysterious blue liquid in his office.

I’ve been so focused on my own personal agenda that I forgot to ask what it does. I did relay what information I gathered to my dad, so far everything was going as planned.

But Daniel being sent to Virginia was just the cherry on top I needed, him out of the way so that I could finally talk to Angeline after all this time apart.

I don’t know what exactly Angeline told him about me, but I know it was something, he would not leave her alone for any amount of time, neither at school or after. He was suspicious of me, probably the only person in this entire pack that was.

Not that I had much to worry about, Daniel is a loser, incompetent at commanding and being an alpha. I don’t like the way he looks at me, challenging me, he’s lucky I haven’t done anything so far. The alpha in me was itching for this fight, he needed so badly to show Daniel his place. Thinking he stood a chance against me was laughable, downright pitiful.

But my wolf felt otherwise, Daniel’s wolf, however small he may be in comparison to me, was still a threat. Someone other than us, that wanted our mate for his own, if it wasn’t for the fact that killing him now would ruin all my plans, he’d be in pieces right now, nothing but flesh and blood on the packhouse floor.

The first day was the worst, the day I saw them together I knew I was in danger of doing something extremely rash and irreversible. I spent that entire afternoon running in my human form throughout the outskirts of Felix’s territory, blowing off as much steam as possible. Trying to keep my sight in the end goal, and not the atrocity that was Angeline and Daniel’s “relationship”.

A murderous rage like I’ve never felt before ensnared me, I’ve never wanted to kill someone so badly, not even Felix.

This whole situation can’t be real, this is just another elaborate set up by the Elder Council.

They want to ruin me, they all want to ruin me, my father, the Council, The Moon Goddess. I won’t fall for it though, I won’t kill my traitorous cousin just yet, that’s what they’re banking on.

What were the chances that the human girl Daniel was “seeing” was… Angeline?

No, I shook my head. It’s not, and definitely not for much longer.

They’re all out to get me, I can’t trust anyone!

Can I?


Then I’ll kill them, I’ll kill all of them.

The mental image of heads being torn from their bodies, brings me temporary solace.

Holy shit I’m going insane.

Is it me? Or am I slipping further away into insanity.

You’re giving in to the feral beast.

No! I’m not.

I immediately squashed the thought away.

I got this, I am perfectly in control.


I don’t know, but I need my mate, and I need her soon.

Only she can pull me from this...


Finding someone to spy for me, someone within Daniel’s inner circle was easier than expected. Especially when that person ends up being the mate of one of your own pack members.

It was from them that I learned Angeline’s routine and schedule, as well as the rotation of guards Daniel set on her. The only time she wasn’t being guarded was when she was working at this groomer shop.

It’s evident that Felix has no idea what’s going on, nor does Daniel know what Angeline is to me, or the fact that I’m not supposed to be anywhere near her.

That in the eyes of the Elder Council and my father, she has an active order of protection against me.

Good, I was going to use their ignorance to my advantage, counting on the fact that no one communicates with each other, will buy me as much time as I need to coax Angeline into coming with me.

We could run away together, I studied her more than I cared to admit at the time. Her father didn’t seem to pay her much attention, in fact it was more like Angeline took care of him than the other way around, she always took care of everyone else. It was what she did, it was who she was.

These past couple months searching for my mate, forced me to learn more about her. Her mother died of cancer at age 2, and she seldom had any family, nothing but an estranged aunt of her mother’s side she never even met.

She took care of her deceased grandmother and her negligent father. But who took care of Angeline?

She needs me, and once she’s finally with me, she will never want for anything else.

Only I can give her the life and luxury she deserves, not some measly human boy, not the fraud that is Daniel, who's birthright is an abomination and only exist because he father was rebellious.

Had my father done his due diligence, Daniel would merely be the next beta of my pack, but no, my father allowed them to get away with too much and for too long.

It is time to correct that, I can only hope that Angeline forgives me for all that I'm about to do.

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