Tame a Monster

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Chapter Forty Two

“I recognize the work, it’s definitely one of our own,” says a voice I don’t recognize, a voice that manages to be both wispy and raspy at the same time.

“What is it?”

“A mixture of mugwort, moon water, and spellwork combined to create a solution that can disguise your scent, it works on humans, dogs, cats, and werewolves, basically all living beings alike. We’ve manufactured it to be available in pill form as well. Getting your hands on it is even harder, which begs the question, where could he have possibly gotten it from?”

I noted that both Alpha Drew and Elder Bane eyes drifted briefly to look at my treacherous father, who did appear to look a little nervous.

“So that’s how he’s been able to slip past us?”

The Strega nodded once.

“Felix do you know anything about this?”

“If you’re asking if it was me, it wasn’t,” my father said heatedly. “You already checked my inventory, I have nothing like that here.”

Elder Bane said nothing more, he looked deep in thought.

“So how are we going to do this?” This time it was Trey who spoke, “we’ve been chasing him for days now and each time we lose his trail, we can’t even get in visible distance of him before we lose him. He’s toying with us, stumping even our best trackers.”

“We’re not going to hunt him down, he will come to us.”The Strega said finally.


“His mate.”

“No!” The word lashed out of my mouth unexpectedly. “I’m not putting her in danger. He could go feral any moment now. I’m not taking the chance.”

“Before we make any assumptions Daniel, let’s first just hear the full plan.” It was Elder Bane who responded.

I shook my head, “I’m not using my girlfriend as bait.”

“No one is saying that, just listen.”

The Strega continued, “I don’t need her to be present Daniel, but I would like her to be. I just need two pints of her blood spilled, enough for the scent to reach him. The overwhelming amount of blood will alarm him, it should be enough to cloud his judgement. He’ll come to us and come at us fast, overshadowed with concern for his mate; he’ll throw all caution and logic out the window if he believes she’s in danger. Hopefully, he won’t realize it’s a setup until it’s too late.”

“No! Absolutely not!” In no way shape or form will I allow her to be there, to witness such a horrific sight. She didn’t grow up with werewolves, there’s no way of knowing how she’ll take all this in.

“Why would you need her present? I thought you made the bond undetectable for him. It has not been six months yet.”

“Well I guess it waned far faster than we thought, obviously. Her presence there would draw him right to us, especially if the bond is near it’s full strength, it’s full pull like I believe it to be.”

“And you think this will work?” Elder Bane asks.

“Yes,” The Strega nodded, no trace of uncertainty in her voice. “If Keenan’s wolf truly believes she’s in danger, whether he hates her or not, he will come for her.”

“No,” I shook my head again, annoyed, though I had no real justification for my disapproval this time. I just hated being reminded of the supposed bond Keenan had with Angeline. Something that was supposed to be so sacred, something I thought I’d never get to have.

Keenan, of all people, didn’t deserve to be Angeline’s mate. I couldn’t imagine someone less worthy, someone so undeserving.

She said it like she thought that Keenan might even care for Angeline.

Keenan could never love anyone, I remind myself, the notion was almost laughable.

She was too good-hearted, too sweet, too delicate for someone like Keenan. She even accepted someone like me and with open arms too. She is more that I could ask for, so much more than I could’ve ever hoped to receive.

And there was just no way I was ever letting Keenan take this from me, moon chosen or not, he had his chance.

“C’mon Daniel, you know it’s a good idea.”

“No,” I shook my head again, my tone one of finality, a sliver of my alpha authority leaking through. Even though I am not an alpha yet, my uncle or Elder Bane don’t dare argue with me. From the way they both sigh in resignation I know that they will respect my wishes.

Before he looks away, I catch the proud gleam in my uncle’s eye, this is the first time I’ve ever embraced what I was..

“Fine, if she won’t be present then where do we hide her?”

“The pack house of course, in the dungeon, the most secure place.” I give my father a hard stare, can he even be entrusted to keep her safe? He scowls back at me, his wolf appearing behind his eyes, he wants me to submit to him. I try maintaining eye contact for as long as I can, but eventually the pressure is too much and I look away first.

For now, he is still my alpha, the more dominant wolf, but it’s only a matter of time.

And my time is coming.

A snarl from my uncle has my father and uncle squaring off, it’s not even a full minute before my father reverts his eyes.

“I will have her protected within the pack house,” my dad says, caving.

“Where are we going to do this?”

“Her house, where else would he assume she’d be? We can hide within it, pop out at the right time.”

“So he comes in destroying her house, how does that help us? What about the neighbors? What about the witnesses? What about her father?”

“Fine, the woods behind her house then.”

I stewed over that idea for a minute before ultimately nodding, “ it could work.”


I don’t know why The Strega insisted upon two pints of blood, when apparently she already had nearly a pint full, that belonged to Angeline, from the last time she was in the hospital. They keep it in a spellbound chamber that will keep it fresh for years instead of just a month. It was what she planned to use for the six month ritual.

I refused to ask Angeline to donate her blood and told The Strega to make do with what she had.

Today was the last day my uncle Drew and the Elder Council would be allowed to stay on the premises before my father “forced” them to leave. After that, we were on our own, or rather, I was on my own.

All on my own to stop Keenan and protect Angeline for I knew my father would refuse to help me. Hell, he might even turn around and help Daniel.

We had to catch him today.

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of my phone ringing.

“Hello?” I say into the speaker.

“Daniel?” Angeline’s voice sounds hesitant.

“Yea? What’s wrong?! Has anything happened?! Are you okay?!”

“Yea -yea I’m fine, everything’s fine, I’m calling because…” she pauses. “Well… Trey told me about you guys needing some of my blood for this new plan to work?”

I growled, Trey and I will share some words later. “Don’t worry about that Angeline, I already told them no.”

“But I want to do it, I want to help in any way that I can.”

“You really don’t have to do this Angeline.”

“Well you see… I already did, the full two pints. I don’t even feel that bad really. She gave me some orange juice after.”

Of course.

“But what I really wanted to ask…”

I already knew where she was going with this and that’s a hard no.

“No Angeline, it’s too dangerous.”

“They said I will be completely safe, in the comfort of my own home, that they just needed me around, that my presence can distract him. Why is that anyway? Is Keenan a cannibal wolf? Is that why you need my blood and my presence?”

Angeline audibly gulped.

I shift uncomfortably, she has no idea what she is to him, even I still can’t believe it.

I can’t tell her, I just can’t.

Angeline gasped in horror at my silence.

“He wants to EAT ME?!”

“No! We don’t eat people… or other werewolves. We’re just trying to… uh… fake your death so that…uh... he becomes curious and… loose interest?”

“Oh, okay.” Angeline replied, as if my explanation made perfect sense.

I breathe a sigh of relief.

“Are you really doing it in the woods behind my house?”

“Yes Angeline, but don’t worry, we won’t let the commotion get anywhere near your property.”

“What about my dad?!”

“We know what time he gets home. We’re setting it up before he comes home. He won’t suspect a thing.”

“Daniel I’m going to be at my house and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

I grumbled my displeasure, “Angeline, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


I sigh.

“Won’t you at least stay with me? Let them try to catch him. I’d feel safer if I was with you.”

“They need me Angeline, they need my strength. But I will have an army of guards surrounding your house along with Trey, so don’t worry. Nothing will hurt you or your dad.”

“Okay…” Angeline said sadly.” Just… please be careful! I don’t want him to hurt you, any of you.”

“He won’t,” I promised, “he won’t.”

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