Tame a Monster

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Chapter Forty Seven

A/N This chapter is dedicated to a certain Lily flower for always being pretty spot on.


Angeline POV

Both of us?!

Daniel turned to me, “wait for me here, I’ll just be a minute.”

“No, bring her with, this pertains to her too.”

Me?! What do I have to do with anything?!

I hesitantly followed after them, nervous about what it could possibly be about, Felix sounded serious.

Leading us into what I assume is Felix’s office, Felix places his phone in the middle of a long brown desk.

“You’re on speaker Elder Bane,” he said grimly.


“Yes, I’m here.”

“Daniel I’m going to ask you something and I need you to be very honest.”


“Did you do anything yesterday? Anything that can be felt through the bond?”

Daniel hesitated at first but then ultimately replied. “I did mark her, why?”

“It happened, he snapped. He’s gone fully feral now. He attacked Drew when Drew tried to subdue him, and he beat him into submission. Everyone else was not so lucky. He attacked a lot of council guards, many of whom have died. Nothing and no one has been able to stop him, not bullets, tranquilizers, or silver, nothing. He’s so much bigger, stronger, and faster than he’s ever been before.

“He’s killed two alpha’s, a couple civilians, and nearly wiped out the Cranshaw Pack. He’s on a spree and we believe he’s heading towards you!”

“Why the hell didn’t you notify us sooner!” Daniel snapped.

“We thought it was a random killing spree, feral wolves are supposed to be without reason or conscious thought, their only instincts are to kill and destroy everything within sight. It wasn’t until now that we realized he’s on a mission. You need to leave NOW! The human girl is in danger and so are you.”

“You still should have notified us first.” Daniel growled.

“Well excuse me, I was a little preoccupied,” the man on the phone snapped back.

Daniel shook his head, “what do we do?”

“Daniel, I need you to head to our military base in Virginia, you’ll be safer there. A nationwide warning has already been issued to all surrounding alphas, you are all to stay out of the feral wolf’s way. Don’t try to stop him, reason with him, or try to fight him. Run and hide if anything, a lot of people will die tonight.”

“How much time do we have?”

“None, he’ll be there very soon, if he isn’t already. Issue an evacuation if you still can, or hide the pack in the underground bunkers, but you and the girl must leave immediately!” That’s the last thing he says before he hangs the call.

Leave?! I can’t leave!

Daniel grasps my hand and hurriedly drags me out the door, everyone has already dispersed in a panic. “Where are we going?”

“Did you not hear him?! We have to leave!”

“I’m not going anywhere! My dad will wonder where I am if I don’t come home!”

“We’ll figure all that out later, but right now we need to go!”

“But-I-but! Let’s bring him with us then, I’ll think of something to make him come with us. I can’t just disappear on him! I’m all he has! He’ll have a heart attack if I don’t return! I don’t want to get you and your family in trouble!”

“You’re worrying about the wrong things. I’ll explain everything to him later, once I have you safe, but now is not the time. You can call him later, we don’t even have time to pack.”

Running through the streets I see everyone rushing around in a panic, filing into what looks like an underground bomb shelter, the men trying to get to the women and screaming children inside first.

The whole thing was setting me into an attack, I felt my airways tighten, and my muscles slacken with weakness. Seeing everyone so fearful, made everything so much more real. These creatures that were stronger and faster than a regular human, and they were terrified!? What chance did anyone have!?

It didn’t help that I had trouble keeping up with Daniel’s long frantic strides.

After my third stumble, Daniel sweeps me into his arms and breaks into a run. We were nearly out of the small town, approaching the vast woods when a loud commotion could be heard behind us.

A loud thunderous roar that shook my whole body the core unleashed itself through the night.

Oh god, we’re too late! He’s here.

Then the screaming started, blood curdling screams, and there were so many!

“D-Dan-Daniel are they?” I couldn’t even finish my sentence. Daniel just looks down at me, his eyes sad and panicked. “We have to help them!”

I have no idea how we were going to do that but the thought of just leaving them behind, while I made it to safety was too much for my conscience. This was all happening because of me after all, my existence is a curse.

Daniel stops just as we’re about to enter the woods, he lets me down on my shaky unsteady feet.

“All the trees you need to follow are marked with green ribbons at the highest branch, use your phone’s flashlight to guide you. Once you get to the decoy house, the combination is 7814, take my car. I’m going to buy you as much time as I can.” He says and presses his lips to mine, I can taste my own salty tears.

“What’s the combination?”

“S-seventy eight one four?”

He nodded.

“I love you,” he whispered, before running at lightning speed toward the commotion.

The way he said it, it broke my heart into a million pieces.

Staring at the woods in front of me, I take off running… in the opposite direction, after Daniel.

I run and run but my stupid human legs aren’t fast enough. My ragged breath is a wheeze and my lungs feel like they’re on fire. I stopped once I grew too lightheaded and my vision became hazy, taking deep inhales from my inhaler.

Not waiting for my rapidly beating heart to calm, I continue running haggardly towards the terrifying uproar.

I finally reached a clearing, at least it was turned into one. All the houses nearby lie in pieces, as if a massive explosion had gone off in the area.

Along with the collapsed houses, lay broken bodies littering the floor, some buried under the debri.

I stared at them numbly, horrified.

This can’t be real.

A sight even more horrifying, was the enormous black wolf two times the size of a horse, it’s eyes a vibrant red, it’s teeth were long, jagged, and stained red, they poked out of his mouth looking like razors instead of teeth.

Hundreds of shots of tranquilizers and what looked like bullet holes littered his whole body.

He was surrounded by so many wolves, if I thought the wolves were huge, it was nothing in comparison to this thing.

Even with these masses of wolves trying to bring him down, even with being cornered, nothing could hinder him. He was a blur, wolves went flying at the swipe of his paw.

Out of nowhere I see a golden wolf pounce out of the trees, he soars high and lands swiftly on Keenan’s back. He sinks his teeth into Keenan’s flesh, but Keenan’s hardly phased.


Leading the attack, the others follow, trying to take chunks out of his underbelly.

Keenan shakes him off, sending Daniel flying several feet into the air till Daniel comes crashing down on one of the remaining houses.


The minute Keenan’s feral wolf set his bloodthirsty sight on Daniel, it was like something even more violent was triggered within him. His black hair raised up and his hungry bloodlust eyes did not leave Daniel’s form for one second, even as the others attacked him from behind.

A snarl so viscous ripped from his throat like the crack of a whip.

The remaining wolves tried creating a barrier between them but Keenan just ran through like a bowling pin.

Sobs racked through my body, knowing this was the end.

This was all my fault.

I should have listened to Keenan and stayed away from Daniel.

Keenan’s actions never made sense to me, but I knew he was here because of me… he was here for me.

I feel so useless.

I recognized Trey’s greyish white wolf charging for Keenan, trying to stop him from getting to Daniel.

Together they attacked Keenan, both trying to reach his throat.

Where was Felix? Did Keenan get to him already?

The remaining wolves retreated, even they knew all was lost.

What do I do!? What do I DO!? What can a human do!? I can’t fight that! How do I stop him!? Just then, Keenan kicks Daniel hard against a tree, before turning to Trey.

He wastes no time, clamping his teeth around Trey’s neck, he bites down hard, the crunch of bone was unmistakable. Trey’s body falls from Keenan’s mouth, nearly beheaded, chunks of flesh and fur still lodged in his large teeth.

A devastating piercing scream rang loud through the dead air before I realized it was coming from myself.

My knees gave way and I fell to the ground, hysterical.

I didn’t even care that my scream could have possibly alerted Keenan, that he could be heading towards me now to kill me next.

How could he do this? Daniel was on him again with a vengeance, I could only watch petrified and hopeless but at last it seemed like Keenan was taking some damage. Daniel fought with a ferocity I’d never seen before, they tumbled through the woods together, slamming into trees or houses, crushing and destroying everything in their wake, blood spilling everywhere.

But I could see that Daniel was getting weaker, worn out, his golden mane soaking with blood, almost entirely saturated.

With a powerful swipe of his paw, Keenan racks his claws savagely on the underside of Daniel’s belly, blood came pouring out like a waterfall, his intestines even spilling with.


Without thinking, I charged, to do what? I don’t know, but I have to save him!

I’ll die with him if I have to. I just hope my dad can forgive me.

Keenan clamps his mouth around Daniel’s neck, about to tear out his throat.

“Keenan!” I scream, my voice hoarse and strained, I’ve never called him by his name before.

To my surprise, it works, Keenan freezes at the sound of my voice, before locking his soulless black eyes with mine.

“Keenan stop! Please stop this!” I don’t have much time, I can see the life draining from Daniel right before my eyes.

“If-if you let him live, I’ll-I’ll go with you… if you let him live, I’ll be yours.”

Forgive me Daniel, I’m so sorry.

We stared at each for a moment, must have been seconds but it felt like years. I don’t even know if he could understand me, if any part of him was reachable.

Especially with how they said feral wolves can’t be reasoned with, that they have no conscience or coherent thoughts.

They say you don’t come back from going feral.

Still, my eyes implored him, yes I was absolutely terrified but more than that I was desperate.

To my brief relief, Keenan let’s Daniel go, it takes everything in me not to run to his side. Instead I watch Keenan’s massive wolf warily. I can’t control the violent shaking of my body as Keenan draws closer to me.

Keenan stood mere inches away, his bloody hot breath blowing in my face. I shut my eyes tight to keep from looking at this nightmare, waiting for him to tear my head clean off.

I gasp and take a few steps back as I see Keenan’s wolf begin to morph and distort.

I could only stare at the sight before me in revulsion and horror, this thing before me was a mixture of man and animal. His eyes were now pitch black, teeth and claws still elongated, blood covering every inch of his body.

But his face, his face was still that of my tormentor.

I scream as he snatches me into his bloody arms, my body crushed against his chest, feet dangling off the ground. He buries his face in my neck, inhaling deeply, a rumble from deep in his chest shakes me.

I struggled against him but it was like being trapped on all sides by a concrete wall.

I could feel his razor sharp teeth scrape my skin, my eyes widened as realization of what he was about to do hit me.

“No!” I screech, trying to jerk my head away but it’s too late. The next thing I feel is a sharp pain in the dip between my neck and collarbone, I scream but no sound comes out. This felt nothing compared to Daniel’s marking, Daniel was careful and gentle. Keenan’s taking was violent, even worse was the fact that besides the initial sharpness, a feeling of pure bliss entered my body. All pain washed away, as if something had finally clicked into its rightful place, something that wanted to be righted all along. Consciously I knew this was wrong, but my body did not allow me to feel that, or was this the bond I’d heard so much about? This felt right, as if his arms was where I belonged all along.

I was disgusted and in disbelief with myself.

Then the dizziness returned.

The moon spun above me and my head lolled to the side.

The last thing I heard was a deep ominous growl and his coarse inhuman voice declaring “mine” before the world went dark.

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