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Well, everyone, this is my first story and this story is all about a man whose dream is to work as an army officer in the Indian military, He also has a love story. He has a special connection with his father. And there is an interesting fight in the last.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

I was sleeping on my bed in my bachelor house.

The alarm rang at 7:30 a.m.

I woke up and noticed that my room was completely messed up.

I went to the wash basin.

While I was brushing I looked out of the window and noticed that it was a busy street.The employees were rushing to their offices and children were going

to their schools .Then my phone rang ,it was a message.I washed my face and gargled.Then I picked my phone which was beside the bed.

It was a message from Vaishu.Reading the name I realized that it has been a long time since I met her.

I read the message,it said that even she was missing me from a long time and want to meet me at the lake today at 7:00 p.m.

I felt happy that even she missed me alot and I couldn’t wait till 7:00 p.m.But I had to.

It was evening,

I got ready and came by the lake at 6:45 p.m. and I was eagerly waiting for her.

Meanwhile I was looking at my surroundings,there was a temple and the lake was beside it.The evening pooja was going on.

Vaishu came at 7:15 p.m.(she came by car)

she was looking simple and beautiful even without makeup.

We didn’t have any conversation and I rented a boat from the boatman who was my friend.

I roar the boat till the middle of the lake and stopped for a while, I saw her adjusting her silky hair,she was looking pretty.

The evening pooja has finished and the devotees left the deyas in water,there were many depas.It was a moonlit night and there was cool breeze.

The deyas fled and came around the boat

she looked at the deyas.

when I saw her , I could see the light of diyas in her dark black eyes , the light of deyas made the lake attractive.

She slowly kept her hand on my palm,I sensed that and saw her,I felt she want to tell me something and I moved close to her and even she came closer to

me,I understood what she wanted to and at that moment I couldn’t control myself that moonlit night,that cool breeze and that lit were forcing me to and we


I could sense that ,she missed me alot and even I did.

I slowly came back,we smiled and I roared the boat back.

I paid the rent to the boatman

She said that she would drop me at my house.

While we were going to my house she said two important things to me

1- next month our college friends will be going on a trip to manali and even I am going with them

2- tomorrow I will be meeting Vaishu’s father at the ship party and tell him about our love.

Well I am literally scared about the second one.

We reached my house .

I said good night and went into my house.

I was thinking about that moment.

I didn’t change my dress, i fell on the bed and thinking about that moment and also about tomorrow and I slowly slept.......

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