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I woke to the sound of a cup being placed gently beside me, a heavy weight sinking onto the bed making me open my eyes in alarm.

'Morning, sleeping beauty.' The voice made me shiver with delight as I sat up on my elbows to see the vision that was Dalton Emery. He wore a crisp white shirt under a navy suit, his hair slicked back fresh from a shower. I immediately reached out for him and he smiled, leaning forward to press his lips against mine.

'I have to go to the office, temptress.' He muttered as he kissed me again, the incredible scent of his cologne driving me wild with desire. 'I have left you a key on the side, for the door and the lift. If you want to get out of bed that is. I won't complain if I come back and you are still in it.' He smirked then and I bit my lip as he shook his head. 'I have to go Lydia, I'm already late. I have two meetings then I am coming back, okay? If you need me, call me. Help yourself to anything.'

I fell back against the pillow happily as he stood, his hands on his hips as he took a long look at me.

'Fucks sake. I need to go.'

He turned and jogged down the stairs as I giggled to myself. He was quite taken with me, it seemed. I heard my phone beep as I frowned, wondering where I had left it in the throws of passion last night. I found it under a pile of clothes to see it was Karen calling me. My heart thumped in my chest and I dropped my phone like it was on fire.


What was I supposed to say? I bit my nails anxiously as I watched the screen flash, the guilt gnawing at me. I saw the voicemail icon light up and I groaned, my hands on my face.

Coffee, coffee first.

I reached for the coffee Dalton had left for me, and sipped it, feeling my veins ignite with the caffeine. 'Fuck thats good.' I murmured as I slid off the bed, padding downstairs to the incredible view I had spied last night. It held a breathtaking view of the cityscape, and I stared out at it, knowing somewhere out there was my Dalton.

Wait, what? My Dalton?

I shook my head as I walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge with interest. A packet of spinach and ricotta parcels sat on one shelf, with a tomato based sauce beside it. A couple of bottles of chilled champagne lay above it, then there were bacon, eggs and peppers on the top shelf.

'Wow, Dalton.' I whistled as I inspected the champagne. It wasn't cheap, that was for sure. So what was he celebrating?

I wandered around the apartment a little more until I had to face the inevitable. The voicemail. I flopped back onto the bed as I lifted the phone to my ear, Karens voice spilling through the airwaves.

'Right, theres no man in sight to eavesdrop. I demand to know who you were with last night you little harlot you.' She giggled as she continued, 'Are you still with him? Was it that good? Ring me, I need details. Love you!'

I groaned as I sent a text to Dalton.

Your mum wants to know who I was with last night..'

It wasn't really his place to be worried, but I really didn't want to lie to her any longer. The more I evaded the truth, the harder it would be to explain eventually. But what exactly could I say? Hey Karen, I spent last night fucking your son, and yes it was amazing?! Nope. But I had to admit I was getting feelings for him, the more time I spent with him. I didn't want to be away from him, but I was worried about a plethora of things that could go wrong.

'You don't need to respond straight away. Give it some time. Speaking of last night.. Wow, Lydia. I can't stop thinking about you.'

I smiled as I slipped the phone onto the bathroom side, eyeing the shower with a huge grin on my face, memories of last night surfacing. I pressed a button and the shower came to life, like rain falling onto the glass that was still smudged from the antics of last night. I climbed in and showered, grateful for the hot water. I washed slowly, deciding that I needed to invest in a shower like this immediately. If I stayed living in that house, that is. My thoughts took a gloomy turn as I felt the sadness penetrate my happiness, images of the hurt in Nates eyes as he had stared at me and Dalton that day. I still hadn't heard from him, and I felt like we needed to sit and have an adult conversation. Divorce was inevitable; even if it weren't for Dalton I would not want to be with Nate at all. I climbed out of the shower, brushed my teeth vigorously and ran my brush through my hair before placing it on the side. I hoped Dalton wouldn't mind my stuff in the bathroom. I didn't want to appear assumptive. I tugged on fresh underwear, spraying deodorant before rooting in my bag for my light skinny jeans, pulling on a dark yellow sweater that skimmed over my bum nicely. I pulled my damp hair into its usual messy bun before applying some make up. I gazed at my reflection and decided I would do for today. I had to say I had a glow to my cheeks that I had not seen in years. I felt...happy. I decided to go for a walk as the weather looked reasonably dry, so I grabbed the key Dalton had left me and slid on my leather jacket and boots. I slid my phone into my back pocket and my bank card into the other, just in case I saw something I liked. I pressed the button for the lift and waited stupidly, until I realised you needed to turn the key to enable to lift to come up this far. I exhaled with annoyance as the doors opened to reveal a stunning young woman with caramel highlighted hair swept into a side quiff as she beamed at me. Her eyes were a stunning turquoise and I realised I was staring.

'I've never been up this far! Floor thirty two, wow. Do you live here? I have seen the hottie you share with, wowzers.'

I blinked as I laughed nervously, pressing the ground button and waiting again for the doors to close.

'I think you use that little key to make it go back down.' She offered kindly as I jumped, jamming the key in the lock awkwardly.

'Thanks.' I breathed as she nudged me, making me stare at her in alarm.

'So is he single? Your roomie?'

I blinked a few times before I shook my head.

'No not really. its complicated.'

She pouted as she slid her arms across her chest, sighing.

'He's gorgeous. She's a lucky girl. I don't think I have ever seen her though. Ooh, this is me. Have a good day!' She chirped as she got off at floor seven. I sat wondering how she had ended up at my floor, but then realised she had nothing with her so she must've been visiting another floor. How bizarre, she had a crush on Dalton? Unbelievable. I was relieved when the door opened, the glossy lobby stretching out before me. I pushed through the doors and breathed in the fresh air with relief. Finally I was invisible.

I began to walk down the street that was fairly quiet, and I walked down leisurely, my eyes drinking in the magnificent buildings that surrounded the apartment complex. I noticed a theatre complex not far down the road and I was impressed to see there were three in total- the Crucible Theatre, the Studio, and Lyceum. I pushed my hands in my pockets and walked on, finding some quaint little cafes and bars along the way. I came across the sign for the train station which told me I could get trains to York, Leeds and even London should I so desire it.

'Are you trying to make a quick getaway?'

I whirled around to see the piercing blue eyes gazing at me with amusement as I smiled.

'You're early.'

'Are you disappointed?' The wind blew his hair into his face and I watched as he pushed his fingers through it, remembering what it felt like under my fingers last night.

'No.' I mumbled as he reached for me, pulling me towards him roughly.

'Then come here.'

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