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'Does he know who I am?' He asked, slipping his arms around my waist as he nibbled on my ear softly as I poured water onto the coffee granules.

'I don't know. I don't think so.' I admitted, my voice small. 'I don't care what he knows, but I don't want your mum to find out.'

He turned me around to face him, his eyes searching mine. My breath quickened as he stared at me, his breathing matching mine.

'I don't care who knows. But if it matters to you, it matters to me.'

I wasn't sure what to think. Last night had been intense, and so much fun. There was no way we could carry this on though, surely?

'If your mum heard we spent the night together she would murder me. I've known her eighteen years Dalton, since you were eight.'

'I know, I remember.' He said quietly, as he moved away from me.

'We just need to forget it happened.' I said as I held out the coffee to him. He stared at me, a look of confusion on his face before he nodded.

'If thats what you want.' He shrugged as I smiled with relief. He understood that it had to remain a secret. I watched him drain his coffee quickly before collecting his jeans from the floor, dressing quickly.

'Are you going?' I asked with a hint of sadness in my voice. I had hoped maybe we could've had time for one last bedroom episode, but he nodded his head.

'I am. I've served my purpose.' His voice was cold and I blinked as he opened the front door, letting it slam behind him.

I stood in stunned silence, staring at the door as though it could reveal answers to me if I requested it nicely. I rinsed out his coffee cup, before carrying mine upstairs with me. I saw the bed, the imprint of his head still on the pillow. I pulled back the sheets and climbed in, burying my face into the pillow he had slept on. It held his scent so well, and tears pricked my eyes as I realised he must've felt used. That's not what happened here at all, but I could hardly have a relationship with him could I? I drifted back to sleep, where a man with startling blue eyes danced with me to music only we could hear.

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