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First Love Spring

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The first time they met each other, it was because of a fight and the second, the boy wanted to apologize for hitting the girl accidentally. And then, after that, the many pages of Kate's first love.

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End Start Love

Kate had thought herself to be a rather normal girl though a little on the paranoid type so she had long decided to not get involved with any bad students. It got broken since a somehow scary guy approached her because of one of her friends.

But then again, Aiver, the scary guy, was actually a nice and cool guy that just wanted to know Angelica, her friend.

She only told him what she knew that wasn't much personal. She was not used to talking to someone so she seemed like she was making any sense. She left it like that and never again talked to the male.

However, she didn't think that she would get in contact with another bad student, a real juvenile delinquent just after a few days from that.

She was simply walking in the corridors in search of her best friend, Nicky, when two males had broken into a huge fight, fists, kicks and all. It made Kate froze in fright. Well, technically, she couldn't escape since she was in the middle already.

"Eek!" she dodged a notebook that was met to hit the first guy and thanked her reflexes, which proved to always save her in times like this. She walked backward to run away from the brawl but with how the two males didn't notice her and had kept on fighting, she didn't have much choice than to stay put.

She was glancing for some place to get away from the fight that she didn't notice that the other male was coming at her direction. Her reflexes couldn't do much anymore when a fist was connected to her face.

"Ouch!" she fell to the ground and touched her head. That was one powerful punch and she was getting dizzy already.

The guy, that hit her, seemed to have finally noticed her presence and blinked in confusion, narrowing his eyes to the girl. "What the hell? Were you trying to stop me?" he asked angrily, not knowing that Kate was simply an innocent by passer.

The other guy had used this opportunity to run away and this caused the first guy to glare harder at the poor female. "Damn, he got away," he cursed darkly before turning to the fallen girl. "This is your fault, you know. You shouldn't have stick to other's business, especially mine."

That was how Nicky found her scared friend on the floor being glared at by some student, who looked like he would kill Kate. It wasn't a surprised when the first thing that she thought was someone was bullying her friend and her actions were surely justified.

"Hey, you! Who are you to bully Kate?!" Nicky stepped in between the two and protectively shielded the smaller and younger girl. "Just because you look hot and handsome doesn't mean I'll forgive you for hurting Kate!"

"Bullying?" the boy sneered daringly and looked almost disgusted. "Yeah, right! That girl just stepped when I was getting back some guy. It was her fault for trying to interfere in the first place. Damn, now, I have to look for that bastard again..."

Kate frowned, finally able to think a little clearer and she stood up slowly. "I wasn't going to interfere. I was just passing by when you two started fighting. I was caught in between and got punched by you," she explained with a sigh, feeling her head was still in pain.

The comment caught the guy off guard and made Nicky glare harder at the guy, who now looked uncomfortable. Before he could say anything, Nicky was first to let out her thoughts.

"Now, whose fault is it?" she stepped forward and was about to hit the crap of the delinquent when Kate stopped her body and dragged her away, leaving the guy staring at them. "Kate! Let me have him! He needs to get what's coming from how he hit you! You didn't even do anything wrong! Hey, Kate!"

"Nicky, please just let it go and help me go to the clinic," Kate said tiredly and kept on dragging her friend with all her might, which wasn't much with how her head was hurting. "I'm feeling a bit dizzy and I think I need to rest."

"Oh my god!" Nicky gasped in awareness and quickly stopped struggling from her friend's hold. She helped her friend walk, fearing she might collapse in the corridors any minute. "Are you okay? Do you feel like collapsing? Where did that guy hit you?"

With how her mind was progressing, the only reply Kate could give was, "My head hurts but I don't think I'll be collapsing. Let's just hurry to the clinic."

Her friend frowned at that and made way towards the clinic without question. Nicky opened the door and helped Kate to walk inside. Mostly immediately, the school nurse had focused on them—particularly the tired girl.

"Ah, Kate, here again, I see," Mr. Frank said unsurprised and ignored the best friend, receiving a glare from said best friend. He let the usual patient sit on the chair and examined her. "Let's see, you don't seem to have scratches on you. You appearance looks okay, too. So what is it that is hurting?"

"My head," she answered quietly and stiffened when the male touched her head gently, not at all used to such close gestures from other people, excluding from her friends and even then, she was still awkward about them. "I-I er...f-feel dizzy."

The nurse nodded at her, "Well, it's certainly not a fever. Did you get hit or something? I can feel there's a slight bump in your head."

"Oh, that's right! I still have to pay that bastard for hitting you!" Nicky's outburst was the only answer he needed to know that his patient was hit by someone or worse—was bullied by someone.

He noted that Kate paled at her friend's words dramatically and sighed, already knowing that the girl was paranoid of what would happen if her friend would do that or that she was afraid she would be in trouble. It amazed and amused him how his patient was so paranoid at almost everything.

It was partially the reason why she was in the clinic every single day at least once a day. Mostly, her injury would be the scratches she got from school cats or cuts from scissors or any pointed objects. It was a good thing she wasn't clumsy or else, her injuries would probably be worse.

Mr. Frank narrowed his eyes, going back to the topic. "Who is it?" he asked seriously. Well, it was really a serious matter for him as a nurse but it was actually more on his fondness to Kate than his profession.

The two female exchanged looks. Nicky seemed to have no idea of the person's name while Kate had someone in mind and they arguing about telling or not. The dizzy girl sighed and nodded in defeat while her friend grinned.

"I think he's the rumoured delinquent who is in a gang with Aiver," she answered slowly and timidly. "I think his name is Raven from what I've heard in the rumours."

"Relying on rumours is not a good habit, Kate," Mr. Frank muttered, strangely relaxing at the name before standing up. He grabbed a bottle of cream in his cabinet and applied it to the girl's head, earning a slight hiss of pain. "Anyway, you can stay in the clinic for now until your dizziness lessens."

"Okay, Mr. Frank," smiled Kate slightly as she went to a bed as the nurse finished applying the cream with Nicky following worriedly. She felt a little better and smiled in reassurance to her best friend, who relaxed at this. "You should probably go back to class now, Nicky. I'll be fine."

"But—" she got a glare that dared to say otherwise from the normally passive girl and let out a small nervous laugh. "Hehe, Math is the next class, right? Yes, I should probably go back now. I need to write the lessons that you missed, too."

Kate smiled in triumph as Nicky left though she spared a questioning look to the male nurse if she could sleep for some moment and got a nod. She gradually closed her eyes and faintly heard someone open the door and talk to Mr. Frank before she fully fell asleep.

When she woke up, she was surprised to see familiar pair of eyes looking down on her and the owner sitting to a chair near her bed.

"You're awake," the male, who hit her, commented dryly and Kate almost screamed in fright, only stopping herself when she noticed the school nurse was there. "And had gotten some rest."

Mr. Frank smacked his head and glared in disapproval, "Don't go talking like that in front of Kate, Raven! Jeez, Kate is the paranoid type. She'll be thinking that you're here to finish her off or something."

"Um, Mr. Frank," Kate looked back in forth the two males and bit her lips nervously, trying to not go to the thoughts of how the school nurse and the delinquent were together and would probably beat her up. She didn't need those thoughts, thank you very much. "Err, you two know each other?"

"Yes," the nurse nodded. "He helps out in the clinic once in a year if he hit someone accidentally. I try to stop him from fighting but it doesn't really work so I'm sorry you got caught in it, Kate."

"Tch, it isn't even your business, old man!" the newly named Raven growled out in anger, causing the only girl to flinch at the thought that he would hit her again. Again, the nurse glared at him.

Kate already had one thought to the situation. She needed to run so she turned to the nurse for a polite farewell, "Mr. Frank, I think I should go back to class now. I have spent too much time in the clinic."

Before the older male could answer or anyone could comment, she had already stood up and fixed her bed. She bowed and turned to leave but her left hand was grabbed harshly.

Raven glared at her, "Hey, who told you that you can leave yet?"

"Er...um," the paranoid and alert meter of Kate was going up high and at this rate, she would explode from fear and would hide from the world again. She had done that five years ago and it was the worst year in her life.

She had thought that nothing else but discrimination of her peers in her social status would make shut from the world. She was actually a lot more cheerful five years ago but it all changed when everyone had known she was the daughter of two powerful and wealthy figures in the world. Only Nicky had stayed.

Everyone else treated her like she was an alien and some even bullied her. It was worse when the kidnapping happened and so she shut herself to her room and never went out, even to eat. No one was able to convince her otherwise. It took the near death of her mother from worrying to get her out of the room.

Anyway, it was apparent that Raven could enforce a fear to Kate which made her want to live as a shut in again. She would definitely want nothing to do with him.

"Raven," Mr. Frank glanced warning at the male, who glared in restraint but none the less, removed his hand.

Raven stared at Kate and frowned, scratching his head, "Sorry about hitting you. I really just have something to settle with the other guy. You should have said something if you were there! I didn't really notice...also, sorry for yelling at you."

"Er, it's fine?" Kate nodded in uncertainty and fearfully as she replied, which seemed more of a question than a reply. She bowed in goodbye and left the clinic.

She doubted that she would meet with Raven again.

'He's my classmate!?' was the only thought that registered to Kate as she saw Raven answer one of the question their English teacher had asked on the board.

Raven was too quiet in class and was not the type to raise his hand. He was also in the back row and she was in the first row since the seating arrangement was by height.

No one could blame her for not knowing really. It wasn't like she was the type to memorize every name in class, too. She didn't listen to the introductions of the students in the first day as well and if she did, she had already forgotten about them.

She noted that her friends were glaring at him and felt a headache already even when it was just the first period.

And she was right. The subjects that followed were in the same cycle, Raven being called and answering the questions and her friends glaring at him. It made her anxious of what would happen or if her friends would get in trouble so she kept an eye out of the situation. She didn't want a fight to happen.

It was break time which she feared the most so as soon as their teacher left, she went to her friends to calm them down. She was grateful that her friends were of the same height. Their seats were near each other.

"Nicky, please sit down," she sighed, seeing her best friend stand up with an enraged expressions. "If you do anything to Raven, then someone might tell and you'll get suspended."

Nicky whined, trying to pout to get her way, "But Kate!"

"No means no, Nicky," her mind was fixed though her heart wanted her to do something to Raven. She had felt an intense glance and had seen him looking at her in the corner of her eyes. It certainly made her feel frightened.

However, she ignored what she was feeling and simply ignored the male. It wasn't like she would need to interact with him if they were classmates. There was no way the two would even speak to each other in the first place.

Or so she thought.

Kate stared at Raven uncomfortably as he glared at her threateningly. They had been assigned to be in cleaning duty and so far, it was a disaster. The male didn't have the patience to do these kinds of stuffs and the girl was making it worse when she kept on flinching in fear at his presence as if he would hurt him.

"I'm not trying to hurt you! Why are you so scared of me?!" Raven snapped in irritation and got a more fearful reaction from Kate. Deep annoyance filled his eyes and he sighed heavily. "Tch, this is just the worst."

'I should be the one saying that!' the girl wanted to scream but mostly, kept the thought to herself. She wanted to live longer, thank you very much.

The delinquent looked around, inspecting if there was anything out of place in the classroom and nodded in approval when nothing seemed amiss, saying a little calmer, "So what's next in the list?"

"W-we n-need t-to err...clean animal cages in the back of the school," she stuttered anxiously and bit her lips when she received a death glare from her companion. "If you want, I can just do it on my own."

Kate didn't really want to be alone with Raven and her friends had the same thoughts. It actually took awhile for her friends to leave her alone with Raven. Mostly, it was because they had to go to their clubs.

"The animal cages are in the back, right?" Raven ignored her suggestion and started moving, making Kate follow him.

She nodded silently at the question and wondered why the guy didn't say anything about her suggestion. It was actually a good one since he didn't want to do any cleaning in the first place. She wondered why he was still even here. He could have just skipped it.

They went to the back of the school and Kate immediately went to get the materials for cleaning the cages. It was the first time she had been on cleaning duty. Mostly, her previous partners left her to do all the work and it was rather difficult since some needed someone with high height.

She looked for the soap for cleaning and sighed heavily when she saw it was on the top cabinet, which she couldn't reach.

She stretched her hands as far as it could go and tiptoed to reach the soap. She tried to jump but it was still useless. She was rather focused in what she was doing that she didn't notice Raven watching her.

"What are you doing?" he asked with a raised eyebrow and looked strangely when the female yelped in shocked as if she had forgotten his presence. It was the case since Kate was used to being alone in cleaning duties.

She nervously looked back and forth the soap and the tall male and replied, pointing at the soap, "I was trying to get the soap for cleaning. It's over there. I can't reach it."

"I see," Raven moved towards her, causing her to sink in fright and grabbed the soap without problem because of his tall height. "You could have just said so. We wouldn't have wasted time."

He gave the soap to the frozen girl and looked for the equipment needed for cleaning, "Are we going to need a broom or something?"

Kate looked at the soap in her hand. She was still surprised that the other had helped her, even when she didn't ask. She nodded at the question and briefly bemused that it was strange. A delinquent would help her in cleaning but a star student wouldn't.

The two cleaners couldn't clean the cage as the animals—the rabbits—were still there. They were too afraid of Raven that they were hiding. Kate immediately acted on this in fear that the guy would kill the small animals. She gave him a carrot and told him to hold it out.

Slowly, one black rabbit came to Raven and looked between Kate and Raven before biting the carrot. It made a small smile form to the delinquent's face. Afterwards, the other rabbits came out of their hiding.

Kate was just relieved that there was no blood loss or anything killing of the animals. She was pulled out of her paranoid thoughts when there was a tug on her skirt. She looked down and saw a small—smaller the usual—white rabbit came to her.

She remembered this particular rabbit. It was a rather rabbit scared of anything and it always hid behind the only black rabbit in the cage. "Here you go," she gave a small carrot that she had in her hands and watched gently when the rabbit ate it.

"That's amazing," Raven surprised her by speaking and she blushed in question at the sudden praise. "The rabbits didn't seem to fear you like they do to me and you were able to get them to come to me, too. You're pretty awesome."

Kate shook her head, trying to keep her blush in control, "It's nothing. Anyone can do that if they have food for the animals."

"I still think it's amazing," Raven smiled brightly and for the first time, Kate noticed that if he wasn't frowning or glaring, he was a rather handsome guy. "Thanks for the help."

"I think I should thank you," Kate smiled at him for the first time, surprising him and she softened her eyes. "You helped me in cleaning."

Kate had decided from the start that she wouldn't be involved with bad students and Raven was a bad student but she thought that he was better than the other students, who never helped her in the cleaning duties even though they were paired up with her.

Only her friends helped her out and now, Raven did, too. She was grateful that he was her partner.

The other days were ordinary. They never talked to each other or hung out or anything but Raven had stopped glaring at anyone. He still kept mostly to himself but at least now, there was a calming atmosphere in him.

Kate didn't think it was because of the cleaning duty but her friends—especially Angelica—liked to think otherwise. The only one, who spared her the embarrassment, was Miya, her only normal friend. Nicky, though, was not happy at the prospect.

"Are you going to the library, Kate?" Patty, another friend of hers, asked in curiosity. "I thought that today is not your duty to guard the library..."

"The president asked me to guard today since one of the members had called sick," she explained. She was in the library or reading club and there was a rule that they would help the school librarian every now and then by being a temporary librarian.

Nicky pouted childishly, "Ah, I have a practice with my club so I can't join you. Sorry, Kate!"

Miya, Angelica and Patty were guilty to not join, too, as they had practices as well. They knew that the library was not visited by students often and they feared Kate would be alone. It had happened one time and they didn't want a repeat.

"It's fine! I can just read there to keep myself busy," Kate smiled and shook her head. She looked at the time and fixed her things. She waved, "Anyway, bye guys!"

She went to the library and sighed when she noticed that there was no student again. It seemed like she would be alone in her duty again. She sat at the chair of the librarian and waited patiently for anything amiss or students going to return their borrowed books.

After some moment, she was getting bored so she stood up and looked for a book to read. She found one but it was on the high shelf. She sighed, cursing her height and tiptoed to get the book.

A hand suddenly appeared and got the book. She turned around and was surprised to see Raven here. He didn't seem like the type to read books or even be in the library.

"Here," he said, giving the book to her. He seemed a little nervous as he looked around the place. "There doesn't seem to be anyone else here. What are you doing here?"

Kate blinked at the question. "I'm on librarian duty," she answered simply and stared pointedly at him. "What are you here then? You don't look like the type to read books."

The male scratched his head and told her honestly, "I was looking for some place to sleep. The roof was off limits so I thought the library would do."

"I see," she nodded in understanding. Most of the males did that in the library so it didn't surprise her that much. She went back to her seat with Raven strangely following. She looked at him and shrugged. "Well, you can sleep anywhere you like. Don't move the chairs too much. I'll have to clean them up."

Strangely enough, Kate had found herself being less afraid of Raven as days went by. They often saw each other in the rabbit cage and they had been in a rather comfortable atmosphere.

"Then, I'll sit there," Raven smiled, pointing at the chair near hers and she blinked in confusion but didn't object. He sat on the chair and closed his eyes. "Goodnight..."

Kate stared at him for a minute before reading her book. She was too caught in what she was reading that she didn't notice when an extra weight went to her left shoulder until she felt slow breathing near her left ear.

She almost jumped when she realized that Raven's head had fallen on her shoulder. She kept herself still as to not wake the other up. She stared at the sleeping male and blushed red at the situation she was in. She kept on reading her book to keep herself busy and try not to think of the embarrassing position.

When Raven woke up, he jumped with a bright blush as he realized he was sleeping on Kate's shoulder. "Sorry! I didn't notice!" he said, bowing and Kate just waved it off. It wasn't his fault. He was just sleepy.

"It's fine. I didn't even notice it, too," she lied naturally. She didn't want to talk about it so she would rather lie and be down with it. "Are you going to go now? It's already an hour since you were here..."

He looked at the wall clock, seeing it was 5 o'clock in the afternoon before staring at her, "How about you? Are you leaving now? It's getting pretty late."

"No," she shook her head, wondering why he was asking. "I'm still on duty."

Raven sat on the chair again and leaned comfortably. "Then, I'm staying, too," he grinned visibly.

Kate stared at him in peculiar eyes and smiled. It was probably the start of their friendship and they had talked about everything. They didn't notice how the time passed and Raven even walked her home.

It changed the normal days of the two. They had talked to each other more, even in class and they sometimes hang up. They had even eaten lunch together.

Though, there was a little falling out when Kate had seen Raven fought with other males in the corridors. She had totally forgotten that Raven was a juvenile delinquent, who often fought with older students.

She had avoided him for days and it irritated Raven. He had cornered her one day and seeing her scared of him again made him sad.

"Five minutes," he had said dejectedly. "Just give me five minutes to tell you why I'm fighting them then you can run away from me. I won't bother you, too. Just give me five minutes."

She nodded at that but kept a distance, which made Raven's face fell into depression.

"They were the one to attack first and I knew I shouldn't have fought back but they kept on coming back. They kept on taunting me and it was getting hard to control myself. It was also sometimes for payback since they kept on bullying my younger sister. They had even insulted my brother and my single mother!"

"I know it's not a good thing but I just really can't stand people like them...bullies," his voice was regretful at the fights he had shown Kate but it was hateful at the people who he fought. "I hate them."

She had been quiet at the explanation but she had understood her point. Even she wouldn't have done nothing if it was about her family and friends.

"Just try to lessen it, okay?" she finally said and she looked straight at her best male friend. "I don't like fighting but I can understand why you do it. Also, please just take care of yourself, okay? I don't like seeing you hurt."

Raven had stared at her blankly. "You would accept me, even when I fight?" he asked almost in disbelief, receiving a reassuring smile.

"Of course. You're also my friend."

That talk officially made them closer than ever.

They had started to trust each other more of their secrets, Kate with her shut-in and kidnapping experiences and Raven with his leaving father and fighting issues. Kate was also the only person other than the school nurse, who Raven allowed to mend his wounds after a fight.

Kate's friends were rather worried at the newfound friendship, mostly Nicky but had calmed down when they realized that Raven was not hurting Kate and was actually taking care of her. He even went with her to the library every time it was her duty.

Now, it leaded to a teasing section from the girls about the relationship. They had noticed it was too close to be just as friends. They had a talked about love for the first time, too.

"Are you sure you don't like Aiver like that?" Patty had asked, starting the conversation.

Angelica frowned at her friends who looked like they didn't believe her, "Jeez, girls. Isn't it really weird for me to just think of Aiver as my friend?"

"But you can't blame us for wondering about it, Jelay," Miya joined in teasingly. "You two act more like couple than real couples! It feels like every time we interrupt the two of you, we're being a third wheel!"

"And don't act like you didn't think about it, too!" Nicky added as a matter-of-fact. "We know that sometimes you think of the 'what if's, too, right?"

"I guess I do but," Jelay quickly shook her head and went to change the victim. "Anyway, how about Kate and Raven? Aren't they getting close, too?"

"Woah," Kate put her hands in the air and blushed furiously. "Don't put the question on me! And aren't Patty and Aiver's brother—Rick, right?—seem to always be together?"

And really, it was a disaster. She had been asked about her closeness to Raven again and Miya and Nicky went all awkward with Patty's last question. It was a good thing that Angelica put a stop in the conversation. Seriously, love conversation was not something she's good at.

Of course, Kate knew that she was falling for Raven. She was not going to deny it or be oblivious to it like Angelica but she just didn't know what to make out of her feelings.

She knew she liked Raven very much and she knew he might like her a little but what if she was wrong? She had thought of all the possibilities of her confessing and none of them were any good due to her paranoid self.

She had tried to talk about like to Raven and it made her more scared at the outcome.

"Hey, do you have someone you like?" she had asked suddenly and almost killed herself for how pathetic she sounded.

Raven didn't seem to notice her turmoil and had looked in the sky, "Yeah, there's someone..."

"I see," Kate had felt crying at that time. He had someone he liked. She didn't know the name but she didn't think it was her.

"And you?" he had asked, still not looking at her.

She had let a lovingly smile at his direction even with the pain in her heart but he never noticed since he wasn't looking, "Yeah."

That was how their conversation stopped. She never got the chance to confess nor did she want to. She was too terrified at what would happen. She didn't want to confess if their friendship would be destroyed.

She was okay with being rejected but not being friends with him anymore made her heart ache. That's why she never confessed. She kept all her emotions in.

They had different classes now. Kate had noticed right away that they weren't classmates anymore and it made her sad. It had gotten worse when they didn't have time for each other anymore.

She was close to wanting to be a shut-in again but then, she realized that with how she kept her emotions in, she was worrying others. It made her think of her mother almost dying so she stopped.

She had tried everything to get cheerful again and then, she tried on dancing again. In the past when she was in grade school, she always danced. It made her express herself so she started dancing again.

It made her more cheerful and more energetic. She had started talking to everyone in her class and she had started to get out of her shell. She wasn't anti-social anymore and her friends had been happy for her since she was happier that way.

She only had one more thing to do.

"Kate?" Raven blinked in confusion, seeing his friend waiting for him the gate. There were no more students since Raven was the only one who walked back home late. "What are you doing here?"

She smiled brightly and gave him the pendant he had given in the past, "Here. You said that if ever I find out about love, then I'll give it back."

"So you found out about love?" he asked, sounding strangely drained before smiling at her. "Well, who's the lucky guy? The same guy that you like before?"

"Yeah," Kate held out his hand, closing her eyes for a second and she opened them again to stare at Raven with affection. "I love you, Raven."

Before he could answer, she let go and turned around, "And good bye."

It was time for her to move on. Their story was just a short one but at least, their paths still crossed. Her confession was so late in many ways but it was better late than never.

She didn't need a reply. She was no longer a child. The memories of her first love, she should probably close it and lock it away. She didn't want to live in the past. She was going to move on.

A hand stopped her from completely leaving. She turned and saw Raven still looking at her with a particular look.

She didn't want to think of what those eyes were conveying because she already decided she would let go of her first love, that she would just be rejected.

Still, Kate wondered if she just had the courage to cross those last ten centimetres, would their situation be different.

Would she have caught Raven?

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