Tempting Darkness

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"Look at me." He demands. She hesitantly complies and looks into his deep eyes. "Your mine." His face slowly starts to come closer. "Why?" His deep voice asked. "Why did you defend that fucker?" He was furious and Kat could tell. "He was just flirting." She answered with a whisper.  "Flirting with my mate." He snapped.  With out warning his lips attach to Kats neck.

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The sun and moon.

Light and dark.

"Good" and "evil".

Helios and Selene.

That's how people of the sun would describe the God's.

The Moon and the sun.

The night and day.

The free and the corrupt.

Selene and Helios.

That's how the people of the moon would describe the Gods.

Two different perspectives, two different religions, two different Gods. One, the god of the sun loved by most, and the other the goddess of the moon loved by few.


Hello, welcome to my book! This is a concept I had a dream about and I thought it was cool so I'm making a story.

Anyways there's a few things I gotta go through before you jump right into the book, so bear with me.

First off the gods in this story will not be based off the Greek gods Helios and Selene, I'm just using their names.

Words you need to know the meaning of in this book.

Luna: What the people of the Moon call a High Priestess of the goddess of the Moon. (We are not talking werewolves here.)

Ganymede: what the people of the Moon call a high priest of the goddess of the moon.

Solis: What the people of the Sun call a high priest to the god of the sun.

Selene: The goddess of the Moon.

Helios: The God of the Sun.

Moths: A derogatory term for the people of the Moon. It means they're nothing but pests.

Sunny: A derogatory term for the people of the Sun. It's basically calling them weak.

Setting prayer: A prayer the people of the Sun perform as the Sun sets.

Rising prayer: A prayer the people of the Sun perform as the Sun rises.

High Prayer: A prayer the people of the Sun perform when the sun is at its highest.

I really hope you enjoy my story. So without further adieu let's just get right into it. :)))


The worshipping Temple was almost too hot to withstand, as the the young girl's face was dripping with sweat. Kat was too bored and hot to even listen to anything to what the Solis was saying, not that she was worried about it.

She had been in this temple for a grueling half an hour and she had another hour to go, shes not very excited about it.

It was exactly mid day when the sun is at its highest and when Helios was at his strongest, or so that's what the Solis says.

Kats mother, brother and father sat beside her listening intently to the high priests words, and she was stuck wondering how they could do it so easily. They were more connected to the sun.

Maybe it was about time she should turn to listen in to what the old man is saying.

"Remember loyal people of the Sun, we shall never side with 'Moths' they are evil people of the Moon. If we were to do that, Helios would not be happy with us."

Many people in the crowd nodded in agreement. The people of the Moon or, Moths, are hated. They worship the goddess of the Moon, Selene, who is told to be extremely vile, and violent.

Moths are born in darkness and are rarely seen. They have no rules, which comes with stealing and killing. Normal people of the Sun are not told alot about them, only the highest of Solis's know the ultimate evils of the dark.

All they really know that Selene is the enemy of Helios, and they have fought many times.

Rumours spread, and Kat has heard many terrible and evil things about people of the Moon, causing her to hate them as much as the rest of her people.

But she has a secret fascination with the night sky and Moon, she has spent many nights looking out her window into the darkness, not that she would ever tell anyone. If she were to do that, she would be hated just like the Moths are. She has never really felt drawn to the Sun like her family is.

The minutes went by slowly but ultimately they went by, and Kat was happy to finally be leaving the unbearable Temple.

"Father? May I go into town now?" Kat asks as she adjusts the skirt of her white dress.

"You may, but you must be home an hour before sundown, and don't stay in that damned Forest, it's no place for a girl like you." Said her stern father.

Of course, people of the Sun were forbidden from being out past sunset. If they were to that it would be going against the word of Helios. Moon light is evil, it's told that it can possess people with its power.

Kat walked until she was out of sight of her family, then she started running. It was 'un lady like' to run, so she had to do it in secret.

She loved running and she was quite good at it. Her long, brown, hair swayed behind her as ran into the forest. The sound bare feet thumping against the grassy floor was beautiful to Kat.

She lied, she wasn't going into town, she was staying in the forest. The coverage of the trees were the closest thing to being out at night, so staying was an easy decision.

She came to her favourite tree. It was a huge aged maple with winding branches covered with moss. She grabbed one of the branches and hoisted herself up.

Getting into a comfortable position, she watched the shadows of the trees move from side to side.

Relaxed, sleep was so close, when she suddenly heard yelling and laughing from the distance nearing.

She sat up and was about to get down, but saw the source of the noise. It was a bunch of boys about her age, 18, walking towards her.

She decided to stay in the tree.

Thankfully, the boys have not noticed her yet. But no doubt they would soon.

As they got colser one unfortunately spotted her. "Hey! What do we have here?" The one yelled getting the attention of the others.

There are four of them, all with big smirks on. "What is a girl like you doing in woods all a lone? Especially in a tree." Asked the tallest one.

He had blond hair, the most desirable colour for the people of the Sun. And with striking brown eyes.


Kat didint know how to answer. This is considered strange, especially as a girl.

"Just napping." She says without thinking.

All the boys burst out in laughter. Kats cheeks burn, damn her loose tongue.

"That's not very lady like." The tall one laughed.

"Well it's better than sleeping on the ground." She grumbles.

"Your not wrong." He says. "Why don't you come down here?"

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