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Scarlett Sky meets Chris during a vacation and they share a moment of love, days of hope and years of longing... Fifteen years later when they meet again, they are Dr Scarlett Finney, a Paediatrician and Christopher Rodriquez, the CEO of ARC INDUSTRIES... The path of thorns, those fifteen years, their PAST, crumbles and dawns them that nothing in those fifteen years can be changed, forgotten, erased… They share their tears of pain, sadness, misery, haunting and solitude… In a most unexpected way when the past gets connected, do they still long for each other? Will everything be as they hoped? And... Love???

Romance / Drama
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"I can't... I can't believe that you are just going to be a memory hereafter." He said, devastated and falling down on his knees near her tomb. Frustration building up, he punched the ground. The blood oozing out reminded him the past that kept haunting him but the rage kept him going further. Pulling out his shades from his pocket, he wore it and walked out to see the press assembled. The chauffeur opened the door for him as he walked past everyone to get into it.

The chauffeur kept looking at him through the rear view mirror as he drove and when he noticed, the chauffeur gave him a first aid box.

"Will it stop hurting?" He asked removing the shades. His voice choked.

The silence remained and the answer was just in it... Silence!

"Where have you all gone?" She whispered sitting in the corner of the room. Thinking silently about everything happening, she suspended her feelings and started getting back to her routine.

She regretted the past. It could have been a more beautiful one. A happy one.

"It was a beautiful memory that can never happen again." She said caressing the photograph hanging on the wall. With a teary eyed smile, she blew a kiss and walked out of the room.

'I miss you.' She said looking at the sky with a sob. Her puffy eyes kept looking here and there unable to realize the situation she is in. The mobile slipped from her hand as she heard the footsteps behind. She picked it up and handed it over, hugging and weeping as it is was over forever.

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