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"You have no right to tell me how to live my life! You left me!" I screamed."Things happen and life moves on, Lila! Act like an adult!"He yelled back. Seven years ago the Lanes left their summer home in Florida and just disappeared without no goodbye. Until now seven years later and Lila just graduated from high school. But things aren't the same anymore but why would it be? Lila isnt exactly a kind to forgive and forget either. With all these new changes coming with the Lanes coming back will things could Lila learn a new lesson and put things behind?

Romance / Drama
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Schools Out... Forever!!

I slowly watched the clock, counted down the minutes till I get to leave this hell for good. The smell of dusty books, the sound of chalkboards screeches, long boring lectures, and most importantly the bossy know-it-all teachers will be gone. Forever. That's right it's my last year at Howard's high school. 2:04 that means 16 minutes and 34 seconds. Its a countdown that seems like it will never come.

"Mrs. Bradley are you going to answer the question or not?" My English professor who is like 80 asked looking at me with narrow eyes glaring . Dang I would be dead if looks could actually kill because she would be stabbing me hundred of times over and over again. "I'm sorry, I was not paying attention. What was it that you asked?" I asked her politely and everyone laughed. You see i am not that kind of student who will just pay attention when it does not interest me. I mean how can anyone who is a senior with such little time. I mean why is she still even teaching after we took our final last class."Oh never mind. Jeremiah can you answer why Shakespeare is known as a legendary writer?" She looked at him with a pleading look that basically said please know it. "Ms. I do not know it but you know who will? Siri, so hold up let me look it up." He answered pulling out his phone. Now that was brilliant! I made a mental note to keep that in mind to use.

"You guys are hopeless. This is so easy and basic that I am ashamed to even be teaching you guys! I taught you this from the beginning of the school year and you guys don't remember? Just cause it's almost Summer and you gu doesn't me you guys still aren't in school now." She sighed turning around to sit in her desk. This mean the last 8 mins and 21 seconds will be ours since her sitting in her chair is a sign of giving up.

I turned around to a poke, "Almost time to say goodbye to this place forever." Ellie smiled proudly. Don't get me wrong I'm going to miss it but I can't handle this place anymore. To many bad memories. "Your telling me, I have been counting down the days to this since the first day of school. Although sleepover tonight at my place?" I laughed knowing it has always been our routine to sleep over my house on the last day of school. However when we have sleepovers there is more that most the time more events follow that usually gets us, well mostly me in trouble. Not with my mum, well kind of, but thats after the cops show up "Of course." She replied laughing knowing that we might run into trouble tonight. Man I just hope its Larry the cop because he always lets us off the hook.

See Ellie has been my friend since 1st grade when she stood up for me when I was getting bullied by some now pom-pom waving hoes. Since then the two together is catastrophic. We are the girl version of bonnie and clyde, well since Bonnie is a girl the only one that would have to change would be Clyde but you get what I mean. If not then it means that we are partners in crime, we always get in trouble no matter where we go. Ellie ran her hands through her long dark purple hair.

"3 minutes 12 seconds." Ellie hit her head on her palm and grunted. Like always the last three minutes went my even more slow. Finally after a lifetime passed the bell finally rang, we have actually graduated. All the pranks and all the fights are forever gone, over. I looked at Ellie and smiled widely with a laugh and got up and booked it to met our other friends Jack and Michael by my Mustang. As we ran out all I heard was, "Lila! Ellie" in a screaming voice. We had to go out with a bang you know? Therefore we put gorilla glue on her chair during when she left for one of her daily bathroom breaks during towards the end of our class then had a timer which was to go off at 2:30 (the time we get off). The timer released about 3 gallons of individual sparkles in a confetti gun under her desk.

We reached the parking lot as I screamed "We are out! No more of this hell hole!!!" We reached Jack and Michael and talked about our summer plans this year. Our last Summer together after we all head off to college.. Turns out Jack and Michael are going to go visit some family in North Carolina near the ocean for most the Summer starting in two weeks. Jack and Michael are twins however thankfully not identical. Aye nothing against identical twins just I would not be able to remember who is who! Jack has blonde hair and light green eyes with tan skin. He's also athletic and you can defintely tell. He plays football, baseball, and soccer. Jack is going to college here in Florida about an hour south of where we live on a scholarship for sports to become a police officer. His brother Michael has light brown hair with blue eyes. Like Jack he has tan skin and a nice facial structure. Michaels more of a bad boy out of the two of them though. He is going to college at a community college near Jack for maintenance and manufacturing. They both also have very nice shaped and fit bodies with like no fat. All the girls melt when they see them but they like only being really friends with Eli and I. HAHAH SUCKERS.

I knew Ellie is going to New York for a month or so to go visit her dad with his new family and visit some art schools around the surrounding states of Florida. Eli and her dad get along really but who blames her not wanting to be with him hince he cheated on her mother. What am I doing tho? I get to stay in this little town of Oceanville and figure out what I even wanna be that makes me happy. Everyone knows what they are doing in life then there's me. Nothing just ever really excites me honestly well besides kids but im not about to change who i am.

I hugged Jack and Michael goodbye since they had to get some packing done, we said see you soon then got in our cars. Ellie hopped in the passenger side of my beautiful mustang with the top down then sped off. We reached the street my house is on and noticed there was no car in my drive meaning my mum is gone. We walked walked in and saw a note posted to the door:

Dear Lila,

Im going to be gone for 2 weeks for a business trip in Kentucky, please behave. Yes that means no more parties and no cops, please. I promise it is not hard to be good.

I love you


"So you know what that means right?" Ellie smirked. "Yes i do!! Endless sleepovers and of course trouble. Its not like she doesnt even know me or us." I smiled wickedly. "Party, this Saturday at 9 pm." I finished, starting planning the party. One last hurrah before we all disband so it has to bet the best one we planned yet. LOTS of booze of course and pot. We have four days since it is Tuesday so just enough time.

Plopping down on the couch I turned on Netflix while Eli decided to go to the bathroom, "You okay in there its been 10 minutes!" I yelled. She hasn't been in there that long buts its taken a while. She comes running out, "Sorry i have been stalking the family that has a moving truck in next door." I ran to the window and looked to see a moving truck with people moving stuff into the house. Thats weird because never once have I saw a for sale sign up although the house has had no one come in there for the last seven years. "Thats weird, remember the Lanes? The family I use to hang out with all the time in the Summer?" I looked at her with a sad face.

The Lanes were my second family expecially with my mum always having to be gone in the summer for work. They always came down in the Summer since we live on the beach, they come all the way from North Dakota. I remember the day I first met them, I was in 1st grade:

- seven years ago -

"Li! Where are you?!" I heard my mummy call for me but I continued to hide behind this bush next to my house. I got in trouble at school today for throwing a booger at Mikes face for picking on me for my drawing of a Hippo and saying that I look like one. "Hello?" I jumped up screaming to see an older guy with these bright blue eyes. "Sorry I scared you, is everything okay?" He asked curiously. I nodded my head yes and signaled him to shush with my finger. My mother walked back inside and I explained what happened at school only for him to start laughing. "Hey meanie!" I pouted crossing my arms. "Never! Oh yeah Im Levi." I introduced myself and then was swayed into going inside to go talk to my mum.

Of course there was more events but long story short I became friends with his brother Jai, pronounced Ja-eye, while playing in the ocean the day after and everyone became close. They haven't been back though for seven years, not one trace of them or sign but I grew up and learned not to let it affect me.

Took Eli a minute to remember but then it click, "Oh yeah! Now I remember." We looked back out the window and just watched all the furniture move in as the people walked out. "Hey doesnt that look like Mrs. Lane?" Eli spoke up and I immediately looked to where she was pointing and stared. The women does look like it but older but then she came into the sun and I sighed recognizing the face,"Yes, Eli it does look like her because it is her. It looks like the Lanes are back and possibly here to stay."

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