Learning From Sin (Book 2)

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Being my best friend's brother wasn't enough, now he's my teacher. Was I going to be a good girl? Or would he need to teach me a lesson? "We cant." I moaned as he placed an open mouthed kiss onto my neck. He pushed his papers to the side lifting me onto the desk. "We can." He sucked on a part of my neck he knew was sensitive. I moaned, arching up against him. "Anyone could walk in." This was a losing battle and I knew it. But I needed him to stop, because I knew I wouldn't be able to.. "I locked the door." His hands rested on my thighs, pushing my dress up. "Sin," I don't know if I was protesting or begging for more. "Blaire." His hands reached the hem of my underwear, and I knew the battle was lost.

Romance / Erotica
Queen Vega
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Good News or Bad News?

What?” I asked Maya in shock. Did she know about this? Sin the new math teacher? How the hell was I supposed to avoid him now? Not like I could skip math class every day. This was not good.

“He hasn’t started yet; he’ll be starting tomorrow. I didn’t want to tell you because…” she trailed off. I knew why, because we broke up. But still a warning would’ve been nice!

“Because what?” Claire looked at us both confused. Even though Claire kind of caught us, she still has no idea Sin and I were a thing. Well was.

“How did you find out?” Maya asked her instead of answering.

“Really? The whole school knows. Everyone knows how hot Sin is. He’s basically the hottest guy in town!” Not only do I have to see him, but now I’ll have to watch horny teenage girls flirt with him all day. Great.

“I wouldn’t go that far. He’s definitely not the hottest guy in town.” Maya grumbled. I’m sure she was referring to Chad.

“Whatever, you’re just saying that because he’s your brother. Anyways I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Claire strutted off, a huge grin on her face. Why was she so happy about this? Does she still have a crush on Sin?

“So how are you and Chad?” I smiled at the blush that covered her face.

“He’s amazing! Who knew dating an older guy would be so great?” I gave her a pained smile. “Oh, right you would.” She finished sheepishly.

“I didn’t know you guys were dating. I’m glad you’re happy.”

“He asked me to be his girlfriend yesterday.” She smiled. “You could be happy too you know.”

I shook my head at her. “I have to focus on my mother.”

She sighed. “Do you want to come over later?”

“I can’t.”


“No Maya, my mother needs me right now. Please understand that.” I slammed my locker shut, heading to my next class. Why couldn’t they understand? If their mother was diagnosed with cancer, I would give them the space they needed. Walking in I slid into my seat, laying my head on the table. I was ready for this day to be over.


“Sin called again.”

I placed my back pack on the kitchen table taking a seat. “Well you wouldn’t have to worry about that if you didn’t give him the house number.” I raised an eyebrow at her. She was leaning against the counter sipping a mug of tea.

She walked over taking a seat across from me. “Blaire, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I’m dying soon, and you’re going to need someone to take care of you.”

I felt the moisture gathering up behind my eyelids. “I can take care of myself just fine.”

She sighed. “That may be true, but you’ll also need someone there to help you get through this.”

“I have Maya.”

“Friendship is good, but the love from a partner is better.”

“Why are you so set on us getting back together?” I finally demanded, fed up. It's not like we’ve been together for years; it was only a couple of days. Did she expect us to get married? For all I knew he was just using me for fun.

“I feel it's my fault you guys broke up, and that shouldn’t be the case. The only time a couple should breakup is when they’re ready. From the way Sin has been trying to contact you I can tell he wasn’t ready.”

“It’s not your fault.” I lied. I didn’t want her to feel like she ruined my relationship. It was my decision to end things with Sin, not hers.

She reached over placing her hand on top of mine. “I just want you to fix things before it’s too late.”

“Too late?”

She pulled her hand away standing up. Although she wasn’t getting any better, she could now do a lot of things on her own again. “Sin is a handsome young fella, I’m sure he has many options. If you keep pushing him away, you’ll push him right into the arms of another.” She walked out after that.

I thought about what she said. Sin with someone else? Did I want that? I didn’t like to think that he’d so easily replace me. In fact, it was a terrible thought. Him sharing his bed with another, or making them breakfast after a night full of fun. But if that’s what he needed to do to get over me then so be it. We were done, he could do as he please. But why did the thought still hurt? I cursed my mom for putting these thoughts in my head. I needed to go for a run.

I went upstairs changing into a pair of leggings and tank top. Rushing back down the steps I went out the back door, heading for the forest.


“Blaire get up!” I groaned, rolling over in bed. I hated waking up early, I can’t wait till I’m done with high school. I shot up in bed. Oh shit school! Sin is supposed to be there today. Maybe I could fake sick and not go?

“Mom, I don’t feel so good.” I called out to her.

“Don’t even try it.” she responded. I narrowed my eyes at the door, she didn’t even let me add the fake cough yet.

I sighed getting out of bed. How was I going to face him? It's been days since I even seen or spoken to him. Now I’m forced to sit in a room with him for an hour? This wasn’t going to end well.

I grabbed a T-shirt and some skinny jeans going into the shower. Once I got out, I decided to put my hair into a ponytail. I knew Sin liked when my hair was down, that’s why I went for a ponytail today, and maybe for the next few days. Grabbing my car keys I headed down the steps. “Bye mom!”

“Have fun Hun!”

“I can’t do this.” I banged my head against my locker door. The moment I walked into the school today there was nonstop talking about Sin, or should I say Mr. Rivera. The female population was going crazy over him. I’ve never seen so many girls dress up in my life, just for school.

Maya pulled my head back away from my locker. “You can, plus it’s not like he can talk to you in the middle of class. He has to keep it professional.”

“As if that’s going to stop him.”

She laughed. “Wow you make him sound like some kind of pervert.”

“I can’t go in there Maya!” I had ten minutes left before math class started. I skipped lunch because the butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t stop. I was freaking out. I was fine up until lunch time. I haven’t seen him all day which made it easier to not think of him. Even with all the gossip of him going around. Apparently Rachel, the schools slut and captain of the cheer leading squad, has called dibs on him. Who calls dibs on a teacher? She's warned every girl to stay away from him insisting that he was hers. Good luck with that.

She grabbed my arms pulling me to face her. “What are you so afraid of? It's just Sin.” Just Sin? She had no idea how much he was not just Sin. He was the man of all my wet dreams. The only guy I could think about.

But she had a point, what was I afraid of? We were at school, not like he could confront me mid lesson. I took a deep breath. “You’re right.”

She grinned. “That’s my girl,” I cringed, remembering Sin telling me those exact same words. “Now get in there and kick some ass!” she shoved me towards the classroom door. I peeked through the window, seeing him nowhere in sight. That’s good, I can sneak in and sit in the back before he gets to class. I opened the door, taking note of all the females sitting up front. Even better, they can block me from his view. I rushed to the far back taking a seat. I pulled out my notebook and pen knowing I wouldn’t be able to focus on the lesson today.

The classroom door opened followed by a voice I knew all too well. God why did he have to sound so hot? “Good afternoon class.” I could feel his stare from the front of the room. Even in the back he was able to spot me. I didn’t dare look up.

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