Learning From Sin (Book 2)

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Schools and Showers

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My eyes snapped to Sin's in a panic, "What the hell do we do!?" I whispered.

He took a hand through his hair. " I'll open the door, you hide." Hide? Hide for what?

"Why would I hide? I'm pretty sure she knows I'm in here. Plus you can't open the door with that on display." I waved my hands at the huge bulge in his pants. No way was she going to miss that. Stevie Wonder wouldn't miss that. I hopped off the desk pulling my panties up.

"Fine, open the door." I took a deep breath, walking over to the door. I was hoping she would've left, but the shadow on the other side said otherwise.

I pulled it open. "Yes Ms. Griffin?" Sin spoke from behind me. I felt something poking my butt, which could only mean he was using me to hide his boner.

"I was looking for Ms. Winter here, some students said they saw you leave with her. I take it you've already talked to her about her actions?" Susan Griffin was the meanest principal I've ever known. I tried to stay out of trouble as much as possible my whole four years of attending here, so I'd never be face to face with her like I am now. She was an exact replica of the wicked witch of the west. Or was it east?

Sin cleared his throat. "Of course."

She smiled at him,"I knew I made the right decision hiring you. Always on top of your game. " I almost gagged, was she flirting with him? She had to be about 100 years old.

"Got that right."

She focused back on me. "I still need you to come down to my office and make a statement." I rolled my eyes."Without the attitude."

I beamed at her, "Of course ma'am." Sin started poking me harder. Wow, was he really getting turned on by this? Gosh he's weird.

"Also Sin while I'm here, we're a little short staffed on chaperones and I was hoping you could help out Saturday?" Please say no, please say no.

"No problem ma'am." Ugh.

"Thank you, Ms. Winter I'll see you in my office." She finally turned to walk away.

I turned on Sin. "No problem ma'am," I mocked him."What happened to seeing a movie!?"

He grabbed my arm pulling me back inside the classroom. "I'll make it up to you, in more ways than one. " He winked.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Trying to bribe me with sex?" I copied his words from earlier.

"Is it working?" He watched me from his desk.

"No it's not, I can't believe you're leaving me by myself. " I sat in one of the desks in front of him. He started shuffling papers around.

"Who said I'm leaving you by yourself? You'll be there."

"Uh no, I'm not going."

"You answered like I was asking a question, it was a statement love. Now you better start heading down to the office before the wicked witch of the north comes looking for you." He chuckled."I can't afford to get caught with my dick still hard. Only way this boner is going down is if you leave."

I sighed getting up from my seat. "This isn't over." I called over my shoulder.



"How come I never get to drive my car?" I pouted from the backseat. Maya was up front because she called shotgun while I was brushing my teeth. Cheater.

"Let's be real Blaire, I don't even know how you got your licenses in the first place."

Sin laughed, "She drives like a blind folded walrus." I glared at the back of their heads. I can't believe they're teaming up on me right now. What did I ever do to them? "What's our first stop?"

I pulled my notebook out of my backpack, looking over it. "Um, Kovu University." He punched the name into the GPS.

This school was one of his picks, so it had to be close. "We're right around the corner from it." He announced.

I frowned as we pulled up to the school. I already see too many kids from high school here. A definite no. "We should just keep driving."

Three Hours Later...

"Finally the school I've been waiting for!" Maya jumped excitedly out the car the moment we pulled up to Weston Prep.

"Calm down, it's just a school." I closed the door behind me. Sin walked next to me, frowning at the school. Ever since we pulled up he's been quiet. "You ok?" I bumped him with my shoulder.

He sighed, "As much as I hate to say it, I think you'd love this school."

He got all that from just standing outside? "How do you know?"

"I looked more into while you were sleeping, they offer everything you want. Plus the campus is nice." We looked around at the bright green grass and the college kids lounging on it. They looked happy and carefree.

"Of course she'll love this school! That's why you have to come with me blaire!" Maya spun around in a circle. She was ecstatic about this place. She hasnt stopped smiling since she got out of the car.

I looked from her smiling face to the frown on Sin's. Maybe I would like this school, but can I handle living so far from Sin? Being with him has strengthen me in ways I never would've imagined. He fills the ache in my heart my mom left. What would I do when he's not around to hold me at night? Would I be able to comfort myself? "Let's just finish looking around. I'm hungry and want to go home."


"Hey thats mine!" I smacked Sin's hand away as he reached for one of my fries. He's been in a good mood since we left the school. Although I didnt really care what college I got into, I must say Maya was right about Weston. The place was phenominal, the people were friendly and the lunch looked delicious.

"Anything that's yours is mine." He slipped one into his mouth. Since Weston was pretty far out we didnt have to hide our relationship.

"I wish Chad was here." Maya sighed.

"Why didn't you invite him?" I asked, popping a fry in my mouth.

"He's out of town, family emergency."

Sin laughed, "Family emrgency? Is that what he told you?"

She frowned, "Is that not the truth?" Oh boy.

Sin just contunied to laugh, "This is hilarious."

"Blaire! Make him tell me." Why does she think I have any type of control over him? I can't even get him to stop eating my fries.

"The only way Blaire will get it out of me is if she's naked and on top of me." I blushed.

"Ew! Why would you tell your little sister that!?" Maya groaned.

He rolled his eyes, "Don't act like you didn't know we're fu-" I kicked him under the table.

"Something is genuinely wrong with you." His mouth lifted slightly.

"Can you guys hurry and eat? I dont think I can last much longer with the two of you givng googly eyes to each other."

I threw a fry at her. "I was not giving him googly eyes!"

"You was definitly givng me googly eyes." He leaned over, placing a kiss on my cheek. "The same googly eyes you give me when my cock is in your mouth." He whispered in my ear.

Maya groaned. "Now you're whispering dirty things to each other? Look at her face!" She must be talking about the hotness I felt on my cheeks.

Sin leaned back over. "I didn't say anything to her. Who knows what's going on in that filthy head of hers?"

"Sure you didn't." She rolled her eyes.


"I'm going to hop in the shower." I grabbed a pair of his boxers and one of his T-shirts, making my way to the bathroom.

"You do know you have your own clothes, right?" He raised an eyebrow, watching me from the bed.

"Anything that's yours is mine!" I yelled from the bathroom. I loved throwing his words back in his face. I turned on the showeer testing the water, before stripping out of my clothes and getting in.

The water felt amazing as it ran down my back, I sighed in content. I jumped when the shower door was slid to the side. "Well isn't this a lovely surprise." Sin smiled at me.

"How is it a surprise when you knew I was getting in the shower?" I moved back against the wall as he started to get in. "What are you doing?"

"Just trying to get clean love." He grabbed my loofah, squeezing soap on it. "Come here," I walked up to him, biting my lip at what was to come next. The hand that was holding the loofah rested on my chest. He wiped from left to right, before dragging it down between the valley of my breast. My nipples instantly hardnened. He let his hands slide over them. "Why is your heart beating so fast?" He asked.

"It's not." It was.

"Right..." He continued covering my body in soap. His hand started traveling lower, I braced myself, placing my hands on his shoulders. The moment his hand slid between my legs I moaned. He watched me, moving his hand back and forth. The loofah felt amazing rubbing against my clit.

Almost too soon he pulled his hand away, moving it to my backside. "Turn around," I did as he said. He slid his hand across my back, cleaning every inch of it.

"I thought you said you were trying to get clean, not that you were cleaning me."

"Hmm?" He pulled me close to him, so that I was now standing under the shower water. He watched the soap run down my body, a look of lust in his eyes. In a flash he dropped down to his knees in front of me, as the water fell around us.

"What-" his mouth disappeared between my legs before I had time to protest. He grabbed my leg bringing it over his shoulder as he latched on to my pussy, diving his tongue in deep. I cried out, gripping his hair as he rolled his tongue back and forth agaisnt my hot core. "Sin," I moaned, trying to pull him up. I wanted him in me now.

He removed my leg from his shoulder standing up. "You're so impatient, I hardly got to taste you." His let his hand slip between my legs the moment I lifted my leg up, wrapping it around his waist. He grabbed my leg with his hand to keep me up, gripping his cock with the other. He aimed it at my cock hungry vagina, before pushing in slowly. He raised my leg higher as he began thrusting in and out of me.

My breasts were bouncing from the momentum, I gripped his shoulders. He brought my other leg up and I locked them both around his waist. His hands gripped my ass as he started to go faster, pressing me against the shower wall. "Oh fuck," I moaned.

He leaned froward, taking my bottom lip between his teeth. "I love the look on your face when I'm fucking you." I threw my head back, the pleasure taking over my body completely. He started placing kisses down my neck, ramming deep into me. "Am I making you lose control love?"

"Yes!" I don't know if I was answering his question, or screaming in pleasure. My nails ran down his chest as I started to come apart. Sin, always knowing when I'm about to come, thrust himself deep in me and waited. My walls clenched around him as I offically lost control, coming undone around him.

He let out a grunt, and I felt his cum shoot in me. By now the water was cold, but I was way too hot to care. I was breathing hard when he finally placed me back on my feet. My legs wobbled a bit, making me blush. I smacked his chest. "I was supposed to be getting clean! Not dirty."

He grinned at me. "You weren't complaining before." he stepped out of the shower, drying himself off. I got out next and he wrpped a towel around me.

"Don't ever join my shower again." My hair was sticking to my forehead. I dont know how he found me attractive when I looked like a drowned rat right now. I kept the towel around me walking back to the room.

"You know, I didnt hear a word you just said. All I can think about is all the leg im seeing right now. And I think I want them wrapped around me again." I screamed in surprise as he picked me up from the back, tossing me on the bed.

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