Learning From Sin

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Prom Night

I stared at myself in the mirror. I must say, I do clean up well. The short front stopped mid thigh and the second layer flowed on the floor around me. It had an open back and the top part was made of lace while the rest was silk. I paired it with some nice black heels.

I stood in the bathroom mirror applying my makeup, just as there was a knock on the door. “Coming!” I rushed out the room to the door. It had to be Maya and Claire, even though I told them not to pick me up. I pulled the door open. “Didn’t I tell -” I stopped short, seeing Sin on the other side. “What are you doing here?” I took a step back.

The look in his eyes had me worried. “Sin?” His eyes traveled from my chest down to my toes. I watched as he took in a sharp breath.

“Blaire,” He stepped into the house, closing the door behind him. The air between us sparked with sexual energy. “You look...” His hand slid between the valley of my breast, down to my stomach. He wrapped an arm around my waist. “Like you’re not leaving this house anytime soon.” He pushed me roughly against the wall.

The wall was cool against my back. “We need to go.” From the look in his eyes I could tell my protests were going on deaf ears.

He grabbed my neck, bringing my lips to his. He kissed me hard, tongue instantly sliding into my mouth. I bit it trying to get him to stop, but it only seemed to encourage him more. He pressed me harder against the wall, wedging his leg between mines. I moaned feeling how excited he was. I was practically sitting on his leg as his tongue explored my mouth.

His kiss was wild and untamed, like a lion devouring his meal. He shifted grabbing my legs, he lifted me wrapping my legs around him. He pressed his crotch into me, making me moan into his mouth. My hands went to his shoulder, to keep myself up. I could feel my heels digging into his ass, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Pulling away to catch my breath he started placing kisses down the side of my neck. His right hand made it’s way down my body, pushing my dress to the side. “Sin, we’re going to be late.” I tried to talk some sense into him. But even I noticed the lack of conviction in my voice.

“So be it.” He ripped my panties off. Holy shit, I didn’t even know he had them. That was one of my favorite pairs. “Unbutton my pants.” He demanded.

My hands slipped from his shoulders, down his chest and to his pants. Sin placed kisses on my neck waiting. I reached his pants undoing the belt.I pulled it through tossing it to the side. My fingers fumbled slightly as I undid his buttons. I slipped my hands inside looking for my favorite toy.

My hand closed around him giving it a squeeze, pulling him through the hole. I took my time stroking him. “Blaire,” He growled out, showing he was no longer being patient.

I aimed him at my entrance, he pushed in hard when he felt my opening. I moaned, hands flying to his shoulders as he pulled all the way out of me, before slamming back in. “Oh, yes!” My back rubbed up and down against the wall. I hope I don’t ruin my dress.

“Fuck,” He grunted out. He started to pick up speed. I held him to me as he fucked me hard against the wall.

His hands switched from my waist hooking under my knees. He pushed my legs further apart moving in and out of me. I could feel my orgasm building up. “I’m going to cum.”

“Cum for me baby.” He started thrusting deeper. My walls clenched making it hard for him to move. He cursed just as stars exploded before my eyes. I released his name with a scream, feeling my juices flow out of me.

He gave one last hard thrust, filling me with his sperm. I was breathing hard as he placed me on the floor. I could feel the sweat rolling down my back. He stepped away from me buttoning up his pants. I strengthed my dress out taking my fingers through my hair. “I hate you.” I glared at him.

He smiled, brushing a piece of hair out of my face. “No you don’t.”

I pouted,“You made me late, Maya is going to kill me.” I walked towards the room to get another pair of underwear.

“No one told you to look so damn good. I don’t even want to let you leave the apartment. ” I walked back out glaring at him.

“I’ll see you at school.” I pushed pass him opening the front door.

“I don’t get a goodbye kiss?” He asked from behind me.

“No!" I slammed the door shut.


“What the hell took you so long?” Claire asked when I found her sitting at a table. Maya was on the dance floor with Chad.

“I um, couldn’t find my shoe.” I told her lamely. I took a seat next to her, reaching for a piece of her cookie. I popped it into my mouth, looking around for Sin. He was driving behind me the whole way here, but when I pulled up I didn’t see him anymore.

“Are you looking for a certain someone that seems to be looking for you at the front door?” She smirked. I looked towards the door. Sin stood there with Ms. Lanchester next to him. She seemed to be talking about something but Sin’s eyes were scanning the room.

I smiled at him when they landed on me. He excused himself from her, making his way over. “Ms. Winter,” He smiled down at me.

“From his reaction I take it he’s already seen your dress. Which makes me believe you didn’t lose a shoe.” I blushed, she was right on the nose.

“Ms. Argo,” He greeted her, not at all effected by her words.

“Hi Mr.Rivera.”

“Blaire! You finally made it.” Maya walked excitedly over to us, Chad trailing behind her.

“Hey man,” He greeted Sin.“Hi Blaire,”

“Sup Chad.” I smiled. They were such a cute couple. From the corner of my eye I spotted Ethan watching her from across the room. The poor guy, he completely cut us off the moment he found out Maya had a boyfriend. Now he just watches her from afar like a creep.

“What took you so long to get here?” She asked.

“Apparently she couldn’t find her shoe.” Claire smirked.

Maya’s eyes went from me then to Sin. “This isn’t the first time you’ve seen her dress? Dammit Blaire! We told you he couldn’t see you until the dance!”

“He showed up out of nowhere!” I defended myself.

“Yeah I’m sure.” She rolled her eyes.

“I have to go pretend to care about the other students, I’ll be back.” He leaned down to whisper in my ear, then walked off.

“Ugh, I wish we didn’t have to be here.”

“Well you are, so let’s go dance.” She grabbed my hand pulling me up from the chair.

“I don’t want to dance.” I frowned as she dragged me to the center. I looked back, spotting Sin watching me from across the room. His eyes followed my every movement, making me roll my eyes.

Maya started twerking on me, making me laugh. “Come on Blaire, have some fun.”

I grinned, joining in with her. I threw my hands up spinning around. She grabbed my hands doing a bad tango with me. I was smiling so hard my cheeks were starting to hurt. It felt nice to let loose, I’m sure my mom is smiling down on me right now.

We danced for several songs until I decided I needed a break. I sat down at the table trying to catch my breath. “Here,” I looked up, Sin was holding a cup of water out to me.

“Thank you.” I brought the cup to my mouth.

“Are you done dancing? I think I’m going to lose my temper if I hear one more comment about how fuckable you look tonight. ” The water flew out my mouth as I spit.

“What?” I asked in shock.

He grinned. “You have more fans than you think.”

I shrugged,“Well they missed their chance.”

“Damn right they did.” He took a seat in the chair next to me. I wanted so badly to lean over and kiss him. “What you thinking about?”

My eyes met his.“I want you to take me home.”

His eyes got dark. “Now is not the time to tease me love.”

I sighed, leaning back in my seat. “Maya won’t let me leave anyways.” She was still dancing, the girl had way too much energy.

“Good, you’re stuck here until I leave.”

“Mr. Rivera, I’ve been looking all over for you.” Of course I have to deal with her now.

He cleared his throat, “Did you need anything?”

She looked down at him. “I was hoping you’d save me a dance?” My hand clenched into a fist on the table. That’s it!

“Didn't you say your girlfriend was coming here? I remember the first time I met her, she was so sweet.” I turned to him smiling.

“You have a girlfriend?” She asked him.

I turned around in my seat to face her. “Oh yes, and she’s gorgeous.”

“Oh,” Her eyes saddened. “Well I hope to meet her one day.” She smiled at the both of us. “Well I’m going to make sure nobody has spiked the punch.” I waved at her as she walked off.

“Good riddance.” Sin laughed.

“I’ve never seen you so jealous before.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not jealous.” The music switched to something much slower.

“Uh huh,” He got up from his chair, holding a hand out to me. “Dance with me?” I looked around nervously.“It’s OK for a student and teacher to dance together Blaire.”

I took his hand and he lead me to the floor. Maya was now slow dancing with Chad next to us. He grabbed my hand, making me do a small twirl. He pulled me to him, placing his hands on my waist. “You really do look beautiful tonight love.”

We swayed from side to side, keeping a lot of space between us. “Are you saying I look ugly every other day?”

The left side of his mouth lifted. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.” I pinched his arm.

Someone bumped into me from behind, making me fall against him. “Really Blaire? Coming on to me at school?” He smirked down at me as I righted myself.

“Shut up.” I was so ready to go. “I’m going to leave.” Maya was just going to be mad at me. These heels were killing me and I was getting sleepy.

“Alright, I’ll meet you at home soon.”

“Tell Maya I said bye.” I left him on the dance floor.

I kicked off my heels sighing in relief. Changing out of my dress I slipped on one of Sin’s big T-shirts climbing into bed. Tonight was fun but I was dead tired. I switched on the TV getting comfortable.

I groaned when I felt the bed moving. I opened one eye watching Sin get into bed. “What time is it?”

“A little after midnight.” He stopped, frowning at me. “I don’t like how far away you are.” I rolled my eyes, sliding over to him. I turned around pressing my back into his chest. He wrapped his arm around me sighing. “Much better.”

“You’re such a baby.” He pinched my thigh.


“You know his birthday is coming up, right?” Maya asked me, scrambling eggs in the kitchen. Sin was gone running errands, so I invited Claire and Maya over.

“Really? He hasn’t said anything.”

“Maybe he thought you already knew.” I shrugged.


“Or maybe he doesn’t want her to make a big deal out of it.”

“When is his birthday?” I asked.

“In two weeks.” Another year added to our age gap.

“Should I be planning a surprise party?”

“Sin hates surprises.” She shook her head.

“Well I’m sure I’ll think of something.” I had two weeks to come up with something, no need to rush.

“I’m sure the best gift would be you.” Claire giggled. I think she might be on to something.

“You guys don’t have any bacon? Barbarians.” Maya yelled from the kitchen.

“You could’ve ate before coming.”

She gasped,“Is that how you treat your guests?”

I rolled my eyes. “Can you really call yourself a guest as much as you come over?” She scoffed, going back to cooking. That’s what I thought.

“I’ll think of something great to get him.”

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