Learning From Sin

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Good Morning

I decided to upload a short chapter for Easter! Hope you guys enjoy Happy Easter! P.S- unedited


“Why must I wake you up every morning?” I sighed loudly as my mom peeked her head into my room.

“What are you talking about? I’ve been up this whole time.” I replied.

“Then why are you still lying in bed?”

I sat up. “Maybe I didn’t want to show you all of my goodies.”

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t forget I’m the one that gave you those goodies.”

I scoffed. “You think- " My hand flew to my mouth as it suddenly filled with puke. I shot up from the bed rushing to the bathroom. Leaning over the toilet I emptied the contents of my stomach. I heard footsteps, and then my hair being lifted.

“Please tell me this isn’t what I think it is.”

I looked up at her frowning. “What?

“Blaire,” she took a deep breath. “have you been using protection?”

My eyes widened. “I’m not pregnant mom!”

“Are you sure? This looks a lot like morning sickness to me.” I felt my heart drop into my stomach. Is this what it was? Was I having morning sickness?

“It must just be a bug or something. I’m on the pill and we use condoms!” I argued. There’s no way I’m pregnant.

She shook her head at me. “Honey sometimes those things don’t work, and condoms break.” I stared shakily at the floor. Oh no, oh please no. “I think we need to get you a pregnancy test.” I dreaded hearing those words from her mouth. A pregnancy test? Did I really need a pregnancy test?

“Mom I- “

“It’s better to be safe than sorry Blaire. I’m going to run to the store right now.” She left me on the bathroom floor completely shaken up. There’s no way I can be pregnant. We were being careful! I tried to remember the last time I had my period. Today was Tuesday, so it would’ve been… I gasped, I’m two weeks late! I felt my lip quiver; I could be pregnant. I haven’t even finished high school and there’s a chance I’m pregnant? And what about Sin?

Oh man, we’re not even together and there’s a possibility I could be carrying his baby. What if he wasn’t ready to have kids? Hell I wasn’t even ready to have kids! We both had our whole future ahead of us. I wanted to travel the world after graduation. Would I instead be staying home to take care of a baby? Would I be a single mother? Would Sin leave me?

I heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom. “Here, you know how to do it right?” I looked up as my mom stood over me.”

“What if I’m pregnant mom?” I asked her, my eyes watering.

She squatted down in front of me. “Then you’re going to be the best damn mother out there.”

“What if Sin doesn’t want a baby?”

“Then I’ll rip his balls off and feed them to the neighbor dog.” She smiled. I gave a shaky laugh. “Now man up and pee on this stick.” I took the package from her, opening it. My hands shook with nerves as I sat on the toilet holding the stick.

Once I was done, I shook the extra pee off before placing it on the counter. “It’ll be ten minutes before we know.” She said, reading the back of the box. Ten minutes, that’s all it took for my life to possibly change. Ten minutes to know if I was carrying Sin’s baby or not. Ten life changing minutes.

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