Learning From Sin

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Abuse Of Power

I chewed on the end of my pencil as I watched the teacher write questions on the board. I was in the room physically but my mind was somewhere else, on someone else. I couldn’t stop thinking about Sin and what happened yesterday. Since I couldn’t avoid him, I was trying to think of the best way to not make things awkward between us.

I decided this morning that I would try being friends with him. If I can be friends with Maya and still focus on my mom, then maybe I could do the same with Sin

The only difference was Maya hasn’t buried her cock in me before. I groaned, there’s no way we can just be friends. There was just way too much sexual tension between us. With just one look he has my panties dropping to the floor.

When it was time for lunch, I couldn’t remember a thing the teacher taught us today. I dragged myself through the line frowning at our food options. Why couldn’t they just feed us pizza? Why are they always trying special stuff?

I grabbed an eggplant sandwich frowning. I made my way to our lunch table. “I think they’re trying to kill us.” I told Maya and Claire as I sat down.

“Who?” Claire asked.

“Whoever sends us this lunch. Don’t they know we’re high school kids and not health crazy adults? Don’t they know we want greasy food!” I ranted. I slid the sandwich away from me, glaring at it. Claire picked it up sniffing it, before taking a small bite.

I laughed when she spat it out. “That’s fucking horrible.”

“Language Ms. Smith.” Ms. Lanchester scolded her as she walked by. She was one of the coolest teachers in our school, and one of the youngest. When she first started last year all the boys used to lust after her. Now only the freshmen did.

“You know swearing is my first language Ms. Lanchester.” Claire smiled innocently at her.

She laughed, “Well maybe we need to work on that.” She winked before walking away.

“God, I want to be like her when I grow up. Sexy and full of confidence.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “You’re already like that Claire.”

She flipped her hair. “True, what am I saying?”

“Well I don’t like her. She gave me a D last semester.” Maya shook her head.

“Looks like she wants Sin to give her the D.” I frowned as Claire pointed over at her. She was standing next to Sin, laughing extremely hard at something he was saying. I doubt whatever he just said was that funny. Anything that came out of Sin’s mouth was corny. My eyes narrowed as they headed out of the cafeteria together. How did I miss him before? I didn’t know he was even in the cafeteria. “Wow she moves fast.”

“Shut up Claire.” Maya bumped her.

Her eyes widened as she looked over at me. “Though I don’t see Sin being into her, even if she’s hot.” I raised an eyebrow at her. Was that supposed to make me feel better?

“It’s fine, I don’t care who he’s into. We’re not together.” I told them. Was I trying to convince them or myself?

“Riiiiiight, is that why you’re smashing that poor eggplant?” I looked down at my tray to see I was indeed squeezing the life out of my eggplant sandwich. Did I care that Sin was talking to another female? Yes, yes I did. Was I going to do anything about it? No, because it was none of my business.

“I don’t think she’s his type anyways.”

“I don’t think he has a type.” I rolled my eyes.

“You’re his type.” Maya winked at me.

“Did you know my mom invited him over last night? For dinner?” I asked her. I swear that woman vowed to use her last days to embarrass me. The whole morning she would not stop moaning Sin's name in a high pitch voice. It was extremely disturbing to hear your mother moan out your ex lovers name.

She started laughing. “No way! Why the hell didn’t I think of something like that?”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Because you don’t need to think of doing something traitorous like that. My mom has officially been disowned. Either one of you want a new sister to move in?”

“How’d it go?” Claire asked, an eager look in her eyes.

“It was decent.” No way in hell was I telling them what happened. Its bad enough my mom knows.

“Decent enough to get back together?” There was excitement in Maya’s eyes.

“Maya.” I gave her a warning stare.

She sighed, “One can only hope.”

“Did he cheat on you or something? Is that why you guys broke up?” Claire was clearly confused.

“No, it’s nothing like that.”

“Then why?” She pressed.

“Chill out Claire, she’ll tell you when she’s ready.” Maya interrupted.

Claire frowned at her. “Do you know the reason?” Maya didn’t answer. “Of course you do! Because you guys tell each other everything, always leaving me out.” She stood from the table.

“Where are you going?” I asked her.

“Away from you two.” She glared, storming off. Although I felt bad, there was no point in going after her. Claire was stubborn and would calm down only when she felt like it. She was wrong about us leaving her out. It was just easier for Maya and I to talk to each other. We’ve known each other since we were five. We didn’t meet Claire until we were twelve. So naturally we had more of a bond with each other.

“I think we all need a girl’s night out.” Maya suggested, I agreed with her. As much as I didn’t like partying, I think a girl’s night out would do us all some good.


“How dare you say the movie was better!” Ms. Lanchester laughed.

“It’s just my opinion, you can’t kill me for it.” Sin held his hands up in surrender. She laughed some more, slapping his arm. As much as I tried to ignore them, it was hard to do when your locker was literally six feet away. They’ve been flirting non-stop since I showed up. Didn’t she have a class to teach?

“Maybe not this time.” She smiled at him. I rolled my eyes, slamming my locker shut. Sin caught my eye as I headed for his room.

“Good afternoon Ms. Winter.”

I glared at him, pushing pass to enter the room. He’s going to flirt with her in my face then greet me like nothing happened? I think not!

I fumed as I made my way towards the back. “Actually Ms. Winter, do you mind sitting up front today?” I stiffened as I heard his masculine voice.

I turned around slowly, making sure to show the annoyance on my face. “Why?”

“Why don’t you just do what he says and stop acting out for attention?” I looked down at the person that spoke. Rachel was sitting in her seat glaring daggers at me.

I smiled sweetly at her. “Why don’t you dress less like a slut and act like you came to learn?” Someone coughed. I looked up to see Sin trying to hide his laughter.

“Ms. Winter, we don’t tolerate that kind of language in this class. That’s detention.” Are you kidding me?

“Did you not hear what she said to me?” I raged.

He raised an eyebrow. “Talking back? Another day of detention.” I growled, giving him the finger. “Make that three days, want to go for four?” Want to go for my foot up your ass? He smirked, like he knew what I was thinking. I took a seat in one of the chairs up front to the far left. “Now was that so hard?” I glared at the floor. Why was he using school to torture me? I’m sure somehow this is abuse of his powers. “Now that there’s no more interruptions, I would like to get class started.”


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