Learning From Sin

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“Blaire! We haven’t hung out in forever babes. Let’s do something?” I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling as Maya’s voice came through the phone. I finally made it into the house after silently crying in my car for five minutes. Why was doing the right thing so hard? Was I doing the right thing? I missed Sin a lot, now I couldn’t help but feel like I was losing him. “Helloooo?”

“Um, yeah sure.” I replied.

“Great, I’ll pick you up in ten minutes.” I frowned.

“Pick me up for what?”

She let out a loud huff. “Just know I’m on my way.” Then she hung up. Did I miss something? I don’t remember making plans with her. I sighed pulling myself off the bed. Can’t a girl mope in peace? I decided to just wear what I had on, no point in dressing up.

Walking down the hall I stopped at my mother’s door, giving a soft knock. “Mom, I’m heading out for a bit.”

“Blaire honey, would you mind coming in for a second?” I pushed the door open stepping in. “Yeah?”

She sat up, beckoning me forward. “I have a favor to ask you.” I tried to keep the frown off my face as I took a seat on the end of her bed. She looked terrible, these past two days have not been kind to her. I was starting to worry. She can’t even get out of bed now without my help. I couldn’t help but worry that her time was close. As much as I tried to deny it.

“You know you can ask me for anything mom, what is it?”

“Well Carol and I were supposed to serve breakfast with the church on Friday, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.”

I nodded, “Do you want me to call her for you and cancel?”

“Actually, I was hoping you’d go in my place.” I groaned internally; she knew how much I disliked Carol. The woman was full of nothing but judgement whenever I was around her. Carol was Maya’s auntie, and she was not the best person to keep for company. I don’t know how my mom can stand being around her. She practically tortured us as kids when she used to babysit. I will never like that woman.

“Mom,” I whined.

“Blaire, I’ll feel bad if I cancel. This means a lot to her.” She knew I was going to say yes. I was just hoping I could get her to change her mind.

I gave her a strained smile. “Of course I’ll do it.”

“Thanks Lovebug.” She smiled. I swear she was the most manipulative person I knew. “Didn’t you say you were leaving?” she asked as I continued to stand there. Wow, got what she wanted and now she’s kicking me out.

“Yeah, I’ll be back soon.” I waved at her as I closed the door.

“Oh, Mama Mia!” Maya sang as I walked up to the table she saved for us. We decided to grab some smoothies at our favorite local café ‘Jim’s World’. I rolled my eyes, I was dumb enough to tell her about my pregnancy scare. I’m sure she secretly calls me baby momma behind my back.

“You know you’re annoying, right?” I took a seat across from her.

“You know you’re going to have my brother’s babies, right?” she smirked.

I narrowed my eyes at her. “I believe that’s my decision.”

“Is it? If we’re talking about the same guy, then it’s definitely not.”

I leaned back in my seat. “Is that so?”

She nodded. “In fact, he called me yesterday asking if he still had my blessing to date you. Which makes me wonder, does he even know why you guys broke up?”

“I didn’t tell him.” During the breakup I just told him I needed space, not really giving him a reason. I ran off before he could guilt it out of me.

She frowned at me. “Blaire, he at least deserves to know why. He’s so confused on why you suddenly dumped him. He thinks you’re upset about the age gap.”

I bit my lip. “You really think I should talk to him?” After the little fight we had earlier I doubt he was going to answer any of my texts or calls. Especially if he was busy with Monica. “Maybe I’ll tell him tomorrow.”

“Non-sense, there he is right now.” I shot around in my seat to look where she was pointing. Sin walked into the café alone, a tortured expression on his face. He didn’t look like his normal relaxed self, and I knew it was all my doing. “God he’s acting like a zombie. Go talk to him now!”

“Maya, I don-”

“Sin!” She cut off my protest.

He looked over at us. His face brightening up slightly when he spotted me. “Didn’t expect to see you guys here.” His eyes kept shooting to my face as he spoke. Maya was right, he deserved some clarification. There was no reason to make him think it was because of his age. I couldn’t care less how old he was, besides he barely looks twenty-one. Who could even guess that he’s twenty-four?

“Blaire here was just telling me that you guys needed to talk.” She stood up from her seat, ushering him in it. “I’m going to run down the street really quick.” Then she left us alone.

My palms started to sweat as he took a seat. “So, what did you want to talk about?” he broke the silence first.

“Where’s Monica?” I asked.

He raised an eyebrow. “I canceled coffee with her. The girl I want wasn’t ok with that, so neither was I.” I blushed at his words. He canceled their date for me? Well he did say it wasn’t a date in the first place.

“That’s nice.” I looked around the café, my eyes landing everywhere but on his face.

He sighed. “Tell me what’s on your mind Blaire.”

“I didn’t breakup because of the age gap.” I blurted out. I had to remember to keep our conversation low. We were out in public and he was now my teacher. The last thing I needed was someone from school questioning why we were at a café yelling at each like a married couple.

The lines on his forehead deepened as he frowned. “Then why?”

This wasn’t going to be an easy conversation. This was definitely the conversation you had behind closed doors. “Can we go to your place and talk?” I looked pointedly around the room.

He nodded getting up. “Just let me get my sandwich to go.” I stared numbly at the table when he walked away. Was it a smart idea to go to his apartment alone? Most definitely not. But I needed to clear the air with him.

My phone chirped, I pulled it out looking at the text message.

From Maya:
Remember to use a condom! I’m too young to be an aunt. See you tomorrow!

Wow she left me? I knew she wasn't just running down the street.

To Maya:
Way to throw me to the sharks.

From Maya:
The only thing that would make Sin a shark, is that I’m very sure he wants to eat you. ;)

I blushed looking at her text. “You ready?” He stood next to the table, staring down at me. I snapped my phone shut, hoping he didn’t see it.

I nodded. This was going to be interesting.

We pulled up to his apartment and my nerves shot through the roof. I can’t believe I’m back here, and alone with Sin. I looked over at him as he stared out of the window. “Should we go inside?” he turned to ask me, I nodded. He grabbed his sandwich getting out of the car, I followed. I stood next to him while he unlocked the front door. I surveyed our surroundings rubbing my hands together. I jumped when I felt his hand touch my shoulder. “You’re shaking,” His mouth lifted slightly.

“It’s just a little chilly out here is all.”

He looked up at the sun blazing down on us, then turned back to me. “Right,” He grinned, pushing the door open. “Do you want something to drink?” he walked into the kitchen.

My fingers wrapped around the ends of my hair nervously. The memories I had at this place, warmed both my heart and the little demon between my legs. “No I’m good, thanks.” I walked into the living room taking a seat on the couch. He joined me seconds later holding two glasses of water.

“Alright, tell me what’s going on.” I took a deep breath, here we go.

“Like I mentioned before I didn’t breakup because of the age gap. Its just that, my mom is sick. I feel like I need to just focus on her, and I guess I should’ve explained that to you in the first place.” It was silent for several minutes, I looked over at him to see him staring intently at me.

“That’s the reason?” he grinned at me, I frowned.

“That doesn’t seem like something to be happy about.” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Of course it is,” he shook his head. “I was thinking the worse.”

“I don’t see how…” I was genuinely confused about his reaction.

“Do you remember when you were twelve and scrapped your knee?” ok random question.

“I’ve scrapped my knee plenty of times, how will I remember just one?”

He smiled at me. “This was on your birthday.”

Like a punch to the gut the memory came to me. I knew exactly what he was talking about.


How dare she say I can’t have an apple? It's my birthday! I kicked a rock as I walked around the side of the house. If she won't get it for me then I'll just get it myself.

I stood under the apple tree contemplating my next move. If I just grab a hold of that branch, I can swing myself up easily.

Deciding that was the best plan of action, I jumped up. My finger tips barely grazed the branch, I frowned. Giving another huge leap, I caught the branch. I grinned in satisfaction.

Suddenly my finger slipped, I screamed as I lost my grip falling to the ground. I winched as my knee scrapped against a sharp rock. I pulled my leg up to see the damage. My mom was going to kill me.

“What did you do?” I looked over my shoulder to see Maya’s older brother Sin walking over, a frown on his face.

“I just fell is all.” No way was I telling him what really happened. He’d probably tell my mom.

“Let me see.” He bent down grabbing hold of my leg, examining it.

“It’s just a little scratch that’s all.” I tried to pull my leg from his grasp.

“Something you could’ve avoided had you not tried to climb this tree.” He grinned at me. He knew!?

“I just wanted an apple.” I pouted. He reached into his pocket to pull something out. I was shocked to see it was a band-aid. He ripped the paper off placing it gently across the cut on my knee.

“You could’ve just called me and I would’ve gotten it for you.”

I frowned. “I didn’t know any one was around.”

He stood up from the ground, helping me to my feet. “Doesn’t matter if I’m around or not, just call and I’ll be there.” He ruffled my hair making me glare at him. “I’ll always be here for you Blaire, even if you don’t want me to be.”

Flashback over

My cheeks flushed as I thought back to his words that day. It was after that incident that I developed my crush on him. Sure he was just helping his little sister's friend out, but I couldn't control my young feelings. "I’ll give you the space you want, as long as you know I’m not giving up. When you’re ready I’ll be waiting for you. I’ve waited years to be with you, I can wait longer.” I looked down at my hands, wondering how I got so lucky. “Although, since I’m not sure how much time you’re going to need. I can’t let you leave without hearing you scream my name, while I claim what’s mine.” My eyes widened as I looked over at him, seeing the cloud of lust cover his eyes. Oh shit.


Whew guys I had a terrible scare! I was going over the chapter and realized I didnt upload the rest of it before I deleted it! Had to undo a lot of shit on word to get it back! the horror. Anyways hope you guys enjoy :)

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