Learning From Sin

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Giving In

Within seconds he had my legs wrapped around him as he carried me to the bedroom. I didn’t protest when he smashed his lips to mine. By how excited he felt I knew it would go on deaf ears anyways. He slid his tongue into my mouth as he held me close.

He kicked the bedroom door open with his foot, setting me on the floor. I frowned, until he started tugging on my jeans. “Off.” He demanded.

I unbuttoned them stepping quickly out of them. He tossed them to the side placing his hands on my hip. I didn’t need to be told what to do next. I jumped up securing my legs around him once again.

He placed me softly on the bed, climbing on top of me. He pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it to the side. I ran my hands across the hardness of his chest. With a body like this there’s no way he doesn’t work out. “You’re always so touchy, do I rub my hands across your chest?” he asked.

I shrugged, “No one’s stopping you.” I leaned up pulling my shirt off. When Sin noticed I was wearing a bra that snapped in the front, he instantly got to work undoing it. He made sure his hands grazed my breast for every button he unsnapped.

He pushed it back slipping it from around me. “Is that so?” One of his hand came up to cup my breast. His hand was hot as he squeezed and kneaded it. Every now and then he would flick my nipple, igniting a fire in my core. “Sin,” I moaned as he planted kisses down the side of my neck. I knew it was a bad idea to give into him, but I couldn’t help myself. He was just too tempting.

“You can do better than that Blaire.” His tongue flicked out against my nipple, before traveling lower. Leaving a trail of burning heat as he dragged it across my stomach. My legs clenched in anticipation in the direction he was going. Oh, please don’t stop.

He placed a hand on my thigh, pushing my legs apart. “As much as I want to taste you, I can’t wait any longer.” I watched as he removed his slacks and boxers. His hands reached for my panties. “Panties on or off?” he asked me.

I groaned. “It doesn’t matter.” I leaned up reaching for him. He was hot in my hands as I stroked him. It’s been so long since I touched him like this, I forgot how big he was.

I lifted my legs up as he slid my underwear down, I guess he decided he wanted them off then. “Try not to cum so fast, I want to enjoy this as long as possible.” Without warning he slipped a finger in me, I jumped at the sudden invasion. “Seems like you’re ready.” He popped his finger into his mouth, watching me as he sucked my juices off. Why does everything he do have to look so sexy?

I rolled my eyes as he angled himself at my entrance, rubbing himself up and down my vagina lips. “I was born ready.” He wasn’t even in me yet and I already felt like I was ready to cum. This is a fight I’m not going to win.

He smirked down at me, pushing forward slightly. My walls instantly clenched as the tip penetrated. “It’s ok if you come first, I’m not stopping once I’m in either way.” His hand wrapped around my leg, securing it in place around his waist. He let his hand travel across the smoothness of my leg. “it’s like you knew you were going to be under me today.” I took a deep breath as he leaned forward, slipping all the way in. My hands gripped the sheets as he started to fill me. Holy shit, I really did forget how big he was.

“Fuck!” I arched off the bed. Sin took that opportunity to place my titty in his mouth. He sucked on my nipple, tugging it between his teeth. Shit, I really was going to cum first if he kept this up.

“Damn, fucking damn.” He looked down at me with nothing but love in his eyes. Which was quickly replaced with lust when I rolled my hips, trying to get him deeper. He leaned down pressing his lips to mine. “I love you so damn much.” I brought my arms around his neck trying to pull him closer. He pulled away, gripping my hips. “but I’m going to fuck the life out of you.” He pulled out, rolling me onto my stomach. I bit my lip at his words, feeling the effect of them between my legs.

He grabbed my hips, lifting my ass into the air. I placed my face on the pillow waiting for his next move. I didn’t have to wait long. He thrust fast and deep into me from the back. I made a fist into the sheets, struggling to hold myself up with how hard he was pounding me.

My head snapped back as he wrapped his fingers in my hair pulling. The pain and pleasure I felt was intense. He was never this rough with me when we had sex, strangely I loved it. He had one hand on my hip and the other in my hair as he slammed into me over and over. I was definitely going to feel this in the morning. I moaned pushing against him, trying to meet his thrust. But he was on a private mission I clearly had no information about. “Sin!” I cried out. It felt like he was splitting me in half.

He grunted behind me. “Much better.” All you could hear was the sound of flesh hitting flesh. My arms gave out beneath me, no longer able to withstand the pleasure. He let go of my hair as I fell forward, but didn’t let up. He shifted behind me, bringing one of his legs up placing his foot next to my leg. He squeezed my ass picking up speed. Damn he really is trying to make me cum first. This isn’t fair.

I screamed out as my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. Wow, I didn’t even know I was close. Sin stopped moving, burying himself in me as I found my release. I could just imagine the satisfied look on his face. He pulled back, sliding out of me. He pressed down on my back making me lay flat on my stomach. I tried to catch my breath as he laid next to me. His arm disappeared, seconds later I felt him slip two fingers into me. “I hope you don’t think we’re done.”

His fingers left my pussy sliding across my thigh. He gripped my leg pulling it back over his thigh. I felt him trying to slid his cock in, but he was struggling in this position. I reached down between my legs placing my hand on his penis, guiding him to my hole. I held him there as he pushed in, letting out a moan. He moved my hand away replacing it with his. Rubbing my clit as he slid in and out of me.

I moaned, watching him slid in and out of me. His hand came up cupping my breast as he planted kisses on the back of my neck. “I’m just getting started.” He whispered in my ear.


I watched as she slept next to me, snoring slightly. Her face was pressed into the pillow, mouth opened an inch or two. She looked like a well-rested angel. I’m sure she was exhausted from me keeping her up all night. My heart swelled with love just watching her. She may think this was a new feeling for me, but I’ve loved her since the day she waso born.

As much as I understood her reasoning for wanting to stay away, I couldn’t have that any longer. Not after last night. She was mine and it was about time she realized that.

I slipped out of the bed grabbing my cellphone. I closed the bedroom door quietly as I walked into the living room. I held the phone up to my ear as it rang.


“Maya,” I greeted her.

“Sin! So how’d the talk go? Did she tell you?”

“Indeed she did.” I sat on the living room couch.

“And what are you going to do about it?” I could hear the excitement in her voice.

I smiled. “I have an idea.”

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