Bound By Her Bump

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Eric Ivan James was amazed by her beauty, strength and confidence and he prayed for for her to get pregnant with his child and hopefully be his wife. Annie Davis was shocked when she was told she had been inseminated with the wrong sperm which of course belongs to a billionaire who insists he wants to be in her life and the baby's life if she falls pregnant. She didn't know how to react when her Doctor broke the news to her. "Should she run away?" Of course not, who doesn't know how powerful Eric Ivan-James is? She was so damn sure he will look for her. She couldn't help but wonder why destiny was playing a huge prank with her life. Or if she gets pregnant and lie to him that the insemination failed, he will never know about her baby right? Arrghhhh, life can be so hard at times. Instead of running away from the truth and telling lies upon lies, She decided to live by the truth and just go with whatever life throws at her even though it means getting tied to a billionaire and sharing custody of her child. Eric Ivan-James on the other hand had good intentions. He wants to be there for his child and his or her mother but what Annie didn't know is that he had fallen deeply in love with her even before he met her in person. She ended up being the woman of his dreams, the one he couldn't live without, his other half........

Romance / Erotica
Omolade Ayisat
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Annie and Ella made random jokes while cleaning the kitchen. The two of them have been best friends as far as they could remember and now they see themselves as sisters. Annie cannot imagine her life without Ella in it and the same goes for Ella who has always wondered what life will be like if Annie wasn’t her best friend.

“Thanks for the food Ann, you’re an amazing cook,” Ella said loudly before crashing on Annie’s favourite couch.

“You’re welcome, Sis,” Annie replied loud enough for Ella who was in the living room to hear.

She walked out of the kitchen with two glasses of Ella’s favourite fruit juice.

She handed Ella a glass before taking a seat opposite her.

It was almost nighttime and they had spent the whole Sunday at Annie’s house.

Annie is a very beautiful and independent woman. She’s twenty-seven, She’s a Beautician and currently owns a beauty parlour called Ann’s Home. Her beauty parlour offers different types of beauty services like hair styling, makeovers, nail services which include manicure and pedicure, spa services, waxing and other beauty treatments. She has quite a large number of customers who patronize her so one could say that Annie runs a successful business.

Alongside being the owner of a beauty parlour, Annie is also a part-time YouTuber. She started making YouTube videos out of boredom and it turned to something she cannot do without. She is known for uploading amazing contents on her channel and that makes her subscribers yearn for more videos.

Being a vlogger made Annie a little bit popular and she never fails to advertise her business on her YouTube page which is one of the reasons why her beauty parlour is always flooded with customers especially on weekends.

Annie’s Dad passed away when she was nine years old. Her mother, Angela remarried and now she has two younger siblings, Claire and Jayden; they are twins and they are Fourteen years old. Despite the age difference, Annie had always loved her younger brother and sister.

Annie decided it was time to break the news to Ella. Before doing so, She took a sip of her juice and heaved a sigh.

“Is there anything bothering you?” Ella asked concerned.

“I want to tell you something Ella and please don’t get mad at me.” Ella nodded in understanding, encouraging her to continue.

“I want a baby and I’m having him or her by Insemination,” Annie said nervously.

“Please tell me you are joking” Ella replied in shock trying to process what Annie said.

“I mean, I’m aware of your previous relationships which ended badly, especially this last one which left you broken. You’re still young Annie and I’m sure you’ll find someone who will cherish you and you guys will be able to build the family of your dreams.” She persuaded.

“How did you even come up with this weird idea?”

“I came up with the idea because I’m ready to start a family and since the men I’ve been with proved me wrong to be the man of my dreams, I’m ready to start this journey being a single mother.”

“Are you sure Annie? Raising a child alone comes with a lot of responsibility.” Ella said, trying to talk her out of her crazy idea.

“I’ve thought about this Ella and I’ve made up my mind.” She replied with so much determination in her which makes Ella doubt if she can talk her out of it.

Ella approached Annie and crouched before her.

“Is it because you feel lonely?” She asked as she took her best friend’s hand in hers.

Annie chuckled “Well not really, but Mom is always enjoying with her husband. Claire and Jayden are now in boarding school so I don’t see them regularly. You are always busy at work and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that you spend most of your weekends here with me. Honestly, I’m ready for this new phase of my life. I can’t wait to have someone who looks up to me for everything and love me as much as I love him or her.”

Ella sighed, “This is hard to take in. I had always believed people who opt for this insemination thing are people in their thirties and you’re just in your late twenties. You’re my sister and I have no choice but to support you. I’ll always be here for you and my future godson or goddaughter even when you guys don’t need me.”

“Thank you.” Annie smiled and Ella pulled her into a sisterly hug.

“So when will you be doing this insemination stuff and how does it work?” Ella asked as she pulled away from the hug and took a seat on the arm of Annie’s chair.

“Tomorrow Morning,” Annie replied which earned an ugly stare from Ella.

“I visited my doctor about a month ago. He ran a series of tests on me, I’ve been on medication for two weeks now and the insemination is taking place tomorrow. I know I should have told you a long time ago but I didn’t because I was still trying to process the whole idea and I was afraid of how you were going to react.”

“Should I come with you tomorrow?” Ella offered. She wanted to be there for Annie hence she wouldn’t mind ditching work the next day to give her best friend all of her support.

“That will not be necessary Ella, I will be fine. Besides, I don’t think your Boss will be comfortable with the idea of you not showing up at work on a Monday morning.” Annie replied with a smirk which earned a groan from Ella.

Ella works in a big company owned by a Billionaire. The owner retired and appointed his son to take over and since then Ella never fails to complain about how frustrating Dylan is which made Annie wonder if her best friend was crushing on her Boss.

“Dylan is not a problem Annie. I can take an excuse from him.”

“You don’t have to Ella. I’ll be fine. I will let you know how it goes.” Annie replied and Ella nodded.

“I assume you’ve told your mom. How did she take the news?” Ella asked.

“Not well at first but she ended up supporting me but I know she would have wanted her grandchild to be conceived naturally and not the way I’m opting for.”

“It will be fine,” Ella assured and her face lit up suddenly.

“I guess I should start preparing myself for aunty duties, I will spoil your baby rotten Ann.” She said and they both chuckled.

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