So close and yet so far

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Chapter 14

Chapter 13

I woke up in the morning and I went to my house because I saw my parent’s car. Well I brushed and got ready before I left. Duh!

“Good morning mom and dad,” I say cheerful entering the house.

“Hello darling,” my dad said kissing my cheek and mom said good morning.

“Mom and dad I have something to tell you guys,” I say and they come and sit on the couch.

“It’s really important. It’s about my future, I-,” I was cut before I could finish my sentence.

“You are pregnant? It’s ok baby. We will support you. But just tell me when did this happen? In London or in Canada. Do you know that baby’s father? Does he know? Please tell me that he knows,” my mom asked holding my hand, “What will you do with the child? Will you keep it or abort it or give it up for abortion. I do not want you to abort my grandchild-,” I cut her before she could continue any further.

“Mom, stop it. I’m not pregnant. It was nice to hear that you will support me but I’m not. Geez,” I say hitting my forehead.

My dad bursts out laughing and my mom gives out a “oops”.

“Listen mom and dad, I was thinking why not move closer to my Uni? Like as in move out and rent an apartment so that I can focus more on my studies?” I say waiting for the answer “NO”

“Sure honey. We’ll help you find a place by tomorrow,” my dad said smiling and my mom nodded.

“But one condition, you have to live with someone,” my mom says and my dad agreed with her.

“Mom I can live alone. I’m not 5 but 17. Come on,” I say throwing my hands in the air.

“Look honey, we want the best for you and we don’t want you to get hurt. You are the only thing we care about right now,” my said as he voice broke. She was about to cry. I couldn’t bear to watch her cry. My heart would break

“Ok fine but with whom?” I ask wanting to know what was going on their mind.

“Well Axl lives with his mom and we know him pretty well. You two are friends so we can ask him to stay with you,” My mom suggested. What the hell mom! I wanted to strangle myself then and there. Living with Axl after what he did? No way.

“What do you think Lexi?” my dad asked, hopeful.

I have never said no to my mom or dad because they mean everything to me and I am the only one left for the. The death of my brother and sister brought us together and we have a bond which is not a family bond but something else that keeps us together. I didn’t want to disrespect their decision so I say, “Your wish dad,” smiling like everything was fine.

“Ok darling I will talk to Iris and let you know,” they say going over to Iris’s house. Well I follow them too because they asked me to. I get in and greet IRIS and I was immediately hugged near my knee.

I thought that my blood would stop flowing and I look down. I see Hannah hugging my knees.

“Pumpkin, how are you?” I ask picking her up in my arms and kissing her cheek.

“Lexi I am so happy that you are here! I have something for you,” she said dragging me to her living room. Her colour pencils and papers were all scattered on the coffee table.

“Look what I made for you,” she beamed handing me a paper. My heart filled with happiness. She had drawn a picture of her and me and lots of hearts saying “I love you Lexi”. I was surprised she had got my spelling right.

“Love you too Muchkin,” I say bending to her level to kiss her and she hugged me tight.

“Love you more Lexi,” she said giving a smile that melted my heart.

“Not more as I love you,” I say picking her up and twirling her around the room. She screamed with excitement.

“Lexi, come here for a minute darling,” My dad calls and I ask Hannah to stay there and I went to the kitchen where all the elders were sitting in the dining table.

“Honey, are you fine with this decision? I mean you and Axl living alone?” Iris asked.

“Yeah sure no problem,” I say smiling. Of course I do have a problem. I can’t even stay in the same room as him right now and they expect me to live with him? How can I?

“Axl, come down here,” Iris called out for her son and he came down in a minute.

“Well look Lexi here wants to live closer to the Uni so that she can focus on her studies so she’s moving. Her parents don’t want her to stay alone,” she paused to look at his reaction. He just kept quite she sighed and continued, “So all of us want you to go and live with her. In that way you can study without any distractions,” his mom completed.

“Can I talk to Lexi first?” he asked pulling me outside. I didn’t push his hand away because my parents and his mom were there.

Once we were out I push his hand away.

“Lexi are you sure about this?” he asked looking at me.

“I don’t care. It’ll just be live the way we are now. You will be in another room and I will be in mine just the living room, hallway and the kitchen will be the common place for us,” I say showing attitude. Come on after what he did, I wanted to show him that he actually hurt me after what he did.

He just looks at me with narrowed eyes and I walk back inside. Everyone looked at us expectantly.

“Mom I will live with Lexi,” he said sounding excited. Why the hell was he excited?

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