So close and yet so far

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Chapter 15

Chapter 14

Few days later:

We had arrived at our new flat. It looked gorgeous. I couldn’t believe that thy had done all of this in less than a week. My room was A-mazingg!!!

My parents insisted that they pay for the apartment and buy everything that is necessary for the apartment. Iris objected but they told that they wanted to show appreciation for wat they were doing. After arguing like for 30 minutes she gave in and they were satisfied.

My dad had called his agent and found an appartment with 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitched, a living room. He showed us pictures of the flat and we liked it.

We had immediately gone shopping for furniture, clothes and other stuff. My parents love Ikea so well we got all the furniture from there.

Our parents left us alone and went home. There we were sitting in awkward sience. He was atleast I was texting Max.

“umm You might want to clean up the mess. Max is coming over,” I say to Axl not even looking athim but at the mess he had made in the living room.

“Why is he coming over?” he ased standing up and staring at me.

“Because I asked him to come over to help me unpack and shift my boxes,” I say looking at him as if he has gone mad.

“You coud have asked me to help you, baby.Max doesn’t deserve you. Something about him doesn’t feel right” he said coming close to me.

My heart beat accelerated, I tried swallowing my saliva, I was watching in horror as he came towards me. I was trying to move back the wall stopped me from it. My legs became like jelly. He ran his hand through my hair and held my neck as if he was going to kiss me. I tried to keep myself away from him but he was like magnet attracting me towards him. just then someone rang our bell.

“No Axl. Nothing is wrong with Max. If there’s something wrong with someone, it’s you,” I say pushing him away and walk towards the door.

“Do not call me baby, unless you mean it,” I say before opening the door for Max.

“Hi darling,” he said, kissing me and handed mee a cup of coffee.

“Yes it has two spoons of sugar in it,” he says before I coud ask him. I smile and I kiss him to thank him.

Axl cleared his throat reminding us that he was there.

“Oh hi Axl, I didn’t notice you standing there,” Max says sarcastically.

“Yeah right,” Axl replies walking away.

“What an ass hole,” I say leading Max to my room.

We spoke, sang and finished arranging my room. It was 8:30 pm and he decided to leave.

I close the door behind me and I heard a giggle. But I ignored it. I swear I heard it again. This time it was coming from Axl’s room.

His room’s door was slightly open and I see a blonde sitting on Axl’s lap and kissing him. She was naked. What no, I didn’t see her body I only saw her back. Geez you guys.

I was hurt again. My tears started flowing out of my eyes without even asking me first.

I think Axl saw me because he stopped kissing her but I just close the door behind him and go to my room.

I cry, not because he was sleeping with Lilly but because he didn’t care if I was mad at him.

I can’t do anything about it so I just close my eyes and try to fall asleep.

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