So close and yet so far

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Chapter 16

Chapter 15

2 weeks have passed. Max and I have been in a good relationship. He knew things about me even before I told him. I was suspicious, how could he know?

I was coming to the flat from Emily’s room. The door was open so I just push it and going inside. I drop my keeps near the key holder near the shoe rack and I take out my shoes.

We had 2 doors. One was the one near the stairs and the other was the normal one. It was safe. The door was open too so I push it open to get in. There were dim lights in the living room so I turn the bright light on and I saw Lilly stand up. She was in her bra and panties where as Axl still had his pants on.

I can’t believe that they were doing it on our couch. I liked Max but have no clue why this was hurting me so bad. I don’t know why do I care I Lilly and Axl hook up. It just hurts like as if someone back stabbed me. I just run out of the flat and go and sit in my car. I didn’t know what else to do.

Axl came running up to me and holds my wrist before I could get into my car.

“Lexi, I am so sorry. I know that I shouldn’t have done this. I am sorry,” he said leaning towards me.

He placed one of his hand on my thigh and the other was brushing my hair. It felt good when he did that. My body became hot just by his touch. He leaned in and we kissed.

I tried pulling away but it was like as if my mouth was hot glued to his.

“What the fuck is going on?” someone screamed next to us and we broke apart to look at him. I saw Max staring at us in horror. He tried walking away but I held his wrist.

“It’s not what it looks like,” I say, pleading.

“Sure. This is what you always do don’t you. You just go around breaking people’s heart don’t you. First the teacher and then me,” he said getting into his car and I follow him and sit next to him in the passenger’s seat.

“Max, how do you know about the teacher? I haven’t told you about him. There is no way that you would know this. Emily was the only one here in Canada who knows this and she wouldn’t have told you. How could you know this. It’s not possible,” I say looking at him. his face was terrified.

“…. Unless you were stalking me!” I exclaim. “You were weren’t you. That’s how you knew everything about my likes and dislikes even before I told you.”

“Yes Lexi I have been stalking you since the day you came to my school. You looked hot and I wanted you. I didn’t know where you went or lived so I started following you.Then it became an obsession,” he said smirking and I slapped him hard.

“You piece of shit. What the fuck? We are over. You creep,” I say trying to get out of the car.

“You cannot leave like this darling,” he said pushing me back to my seat and tried forcefully kissing me. He tried taking my clothes off.

“Help,” I managed to scream as I hit the window repeatedly hoping someone would come. I had no hope but was hoping.

Axl comes and broke the car’s window and opened the car door. He punched Max and removed his jacket and gave it to me to cover my torn shirt up.

We call the cops and they arrest him under staking case. I was shaken to death.

“Lexi, are you alright?,” Axl says knocking on my door. I went straight to my room after that incident.

I don’t reply. Axl opens the door and comes and sits beside me. I was crying.

“I can’t believe he did that. He stalked me and tricked me to date him. I am so sorry, I told that something was wrong with you and not with him. Also thank you for saving me tonight,” I say as he pulls my head to his chest so that I can rest there. He smelled so damn good.

“It’s ok,” he says stroking my hair.

“I m so sorry that I have been mad at you an I never told you why,” I say closing my eyes.

“Well can I ask you why?” he asked calmly.

“It’s because I liked you and well you just kiss me and hook up with that blonde. I really care about you Axl. I tried distracting myself from you by dating Max and look what happened. You took me for granted you used me,” I say crying. I pull away from him and wipe my tears “Nothing can be done now. You are a player and that blonde-,” but I was cut by him

“Please listen to me before you say anything else,” he says, pleading. And I just keep quiet.

“ 3 months before you came I had a girlfriend since 5 months. I really loved her not like her. She came up to me and told that she was pregnant with my child and I was happy. My joy seemed no bounds. I was ready to become a father. But she didn’t want to keep it. I begged her to keep my child. She refused and when I told that if she gets the child removed, we were done. I thought she loved me so she wouldn’t do that but she aborted my child and we were done,” he said wiping a tear off his cheek, “It took a really long time to get over her. I gave up on love and started hooking up with that “blonde” Lily. She knows that this is just hook ups. I gave up on love and dating until you came. I really liked you since the day I saw you and now I can’t have you too.”

I felt guilty. I never knew so much was happening. I look at him and stare into his eyes. It was filled with sadness. I promised myself that I will never let those eyes get sad again and I kiss him.

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