So close and yet so far

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Chapter 18

Chapter 17

A month had passed by since both of us have been dating. My parents knew and his mom knew. His dad left them 2 years ago. Their whole family was still disturbed by the fact that he has left them.

We have had a couple of dates and sleepovers.

I knew that I had him no matter what happened. He told that he had told Lilly that they were done because he met someone else.

Today I was going to meet Axl’s dad. I have met him before because I insisted that Axl and I meet him. I was going alone today to meet him. I had to put some sense into his head.

I ring the bell of his house and I wait for a minute.

“Hello who is this?” he asked from the intercom.

“Hello Mr Scott, I am Lexi. Axl’s girlfriend,” I say reminding him that we have met.

“Oh yes of course I remember you dear, come on in,” he say ending the intercom and opening the door for me.

“Thank you and nice to meet you, Mr Scott,” I say smiling.

“No problem dear and call me James,” he said signalling me to sit on the couch and I sit.

“Hannah is at her mom’s house dear,” he replies thinking I have come for her.

“No James, I have come to talk to you,” I say sitting at the edge of the seat and he sits too.

“Ok,” he says waiting for me to talk.

“This is about Iris. I know that you guys have been divorced for like 2 years but she still is very much in love with you. She told me that it was completely her fault because she became too bossy and possessive. But that’s all because she loved you. She is very shaken. She was dating a businessman earlier but she broke up with him because he was nothing like you. He gave her what she wanted. He gave her money and all the materialistic possessions she wanted but she wanted you,” I say pausing to look at him. His eyes softened.

“Why don’t you give her a chance? Hannah and Axl need you as their father. Iris says that she regrets everything she did to you. She regrets letting go of her love. She still gets upset if someone mentions anything about you or about happy couple. Can you give her another chance? Please, can you do this for me,” I ask but he remains quiet.

“But she was the one who didn’t want me. She let me go. I have moved on,” he said taking a sip of water from his glass.

“So you are telling me that you have never thought about her in the past 2 years? Not even once? So you are telling me that you are ready to love someone just the way you loved Iris?” I ask and he lowers his gaze.

“I love her, I still do but-,” I cut him before he continues.

“No buts. You love her James. Go get her before it’s too late. When the time is lost, you can never get it back. Do not spend the rest of your regretting that you never took the opportunity that you could have Iris back in your life,” I say going next to him.

“Go get her,” I say hugging him and he hugs me too.

“Thank you so much Lexi for talking some sense into me,” he said grabbing his coat before running out of the door.

I just stood there happy with what I just did. I had brought two people together. I was proud. I wanted to see how James would take Iris back so I sit in my car and drive too.

I reach there and didn’t find James, I turn around and find him standing there with a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolate. He knew that no one could say no when they are given a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolate.

“Iris, come out,” he called out and a surprised Iris along with my parents and Hannah come out. I swear my parents are spending way too much time with Iris than they spend with me. It looks like as if they don’t work at all. But then I remembered, today was Saturday so they had a day off.

I pick Hannah into my arms and we watch.

“James, what are you doing here?” she asked surprised.

“Iris I was an idiot to let go you when you asked me to. I let you go when you asked me to instead of supporting you. Now that I have come back to support you, I will never let you go,” he said giving Iris the flowers and chocolates and went down on his knee.

“Will you Iris Anderson, will you marry me again and be Iris Scott again?” he asked. I held my breath. I think everyone did.

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