So close and yet so far

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Chapter 19

Chapter 18

“Yes! Yes, yes, and yes!” she said jumping as he put the ring on her finger.

They kiss and looked really happy.

“Tell me James, what made you realise that you wanted me back?” Iris asked him, as they parted.

“A very important person came up to me today and made me understand the value of you. She asked me to give you a second chance. She made me realise that I was still in love with you,” he said looking at me and Iris got to know I was the one who asked him and brought sense into him.

“Lexi darling, you are such an angle. Thank you so much,” she had hugging and kissing my cheek.

“It’s ok Iris. Seeing all of you happy is enough,” I say smiling.

“I want to ask you something Lexi,” she said holding my hands and I nod.

“Will you be my bridesmaid?” she asked and I jumped around happily. I love being a bridesmaid. I was never a bridesmaid.

“Yes!” I reply hugging her and my parents hug me later telling that I made a right thing.

“What is happening Lexi?” Hannah asked holding my hand.

“Pumpkin, your dad is coming home,” I say looking at her and she got so excited. I just stood there smiling s she hugged her father and kissed him. I was really happy that I brought this family together.

“Lexi darling, go change, we are invited for dinner at Axl’s,” my mom said as we go home.

I call Axl up and asked him where he was.

“I am busy Lexi. I am in a lecture but I will make it to dinner,” he said ending the call before I could say anything.

“Sure,” I say going up my room. I was actually upset that he had ended the call before I could say something.

“Be ready in an hour or so,” my mom screamed from the living room and I replied a “sure”.

I go to my room and I still had clothes in my closet. I missed my room, hallway and everything else. I missed the way I was talking to Axl through our windows. I missed my bathroom, mainly my Jacuzzi. I didn’t have one at the flat. I sit in the Jacuzzi for like half an hour or so and then get out.

I take a shower and come out and dry myself. I play my favourite songs playlist on spotify.

I first apply lotion on my body and choose my dress. I wore it started doing my makeup. It was getting really hot in my room so I go and open my window. The one near my table, where I could look into Axl’s room.

I didn’t expect anyone to be there. But I saw some shadows. As blonde and some guy kissing. They both part and I see their faces.

It was Axl and Lilly.

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