So close and yet so far

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

As soon I reach our new home all I could say was, “Wow”. It was 6 in the morning and I was sleepy until I saw this house, sorry, my new house.

The house, sorry, my house was breath taking. It was huge and looked really pretty even though it had nothing. I felt like I was home. There were plants and greenery everywhere and I immediately loved it.

“Mom, where’s my room?” I ask as soon I get in. My mom and dad were telling the movers as to where to put our things.

“First floor, in the hallway on the right,” she said.

I immediately ran up to my room and saw the hallway on my right. My room was the only room there. So I had the entire hallway to myself. I go in and open the door, sorry, my room’s door.

Holy fuck, it was huge. I had a window through which I could see everyone who would enter my house. I could even sit there. I had like 2 other windows and I wanted to go check it out, so I go over and see that I can look into someone’s room.

That person’s room was messy and the room’s décor was all in the shade of dull and blue.

The second window had the view of the back of my house. It was a boring sight.

I look for the closet and my heart almost fell out. Holy Cow! It was huge. There were so many sections and partitions that I could put all my clothes in there and still some place would be left.

I was excited to see my washroom. Yes! I said my washroom. Anyways, I wasn’t surprised when I saw it. I was surprised when I saw a Jacuzzi in it. Oh my god! This was the best day of my life. I had the kind of room, washroom, closet and house that everyone would see on a TV or video when a famous person would give them a house tour.

I was honestly so excited that I ran down stairs and asked the entire pack of mover’s people to get my entire things to my room first.

After 1 hour, kidding 10 minutes they were done getting al my clothes and shoes.

I had the entire day to set my things up but first I had to go shopping for curtains, wardrobe covers, pillow covers, comforter, pillows, and towels, well everything except for clothes and shoes.

I had nothing since my parents told that we would donate everything we have now and buy new stuff there.

I anyways was buying new clothes and shoes here. My mom, dad and I went for shopping. First we went to Ikea and started selecting our furniture. Well mainly only my furniture as my mom had ordered online from Ikea and it was already delivered at my house. I didn’t trust the quality of online stuff so I insisted on buying it when we go to Canada.

After like 2 or 3 hours I had got all the furniture, and other stuff you get at Ikea.

Next we went Holt Renfrew Ogilvy where we went shopping and went to the nearest departmental store for stuff.

By the time we came home it was 3 in the afternoon. We had brunch in a nearby restaurant.

By the time we came home, I had already got my furniture so I went up to my room to show the delivery guys as to where to put my furniture.

After the left the furniture, I started arranging my room.

And I was done. I see the time and it was 8 at night. That’s when my mom called me for dinner. I run downstairs and see the living room, kitchen and the rest of the rooms were neatly arranged.

It looked really pretty and cosy now. My dad setting up the food we had just ordered. I had asked for salad while my parents ordered sushi.

My mom was in the shower when dad and I started talking about random things.

When my mom finally came, we started our dinner.

“So Lexi, are you comfortable in this house?” my dad asked.

“Yes dad. Thank you for asking. My room, washroom, closet, hallway, this house everything is AMAZING!” I say excitedly.

“I knew that you would like it here,” my mom said. I smile at her and eat my salad.

“And also Lexi, get ready tomorrow. We are going to meet our neighbours,” she said and I nod at her.

“And one more favour. You have to make your cookies now. You know how much people loe your cookies so can you please make them tomorrow?” she said.

I look at my dad and he nodded.

“Sure,” I say finishing my salad and I immediately stared making my cookies.

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