So close and yet so far

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Chapter 20

Chapter 19

I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I immediately close my blinds. Felt like someone had stabbed me in my chest repeatedly. He promised me that he will end things with Lilly. He lied to me saying that he was in a lecture when he was cheating on me.

I can’t stand anymore. I try sitting on the bed but I just slip and fall on the floor. I can’t believe that he cheated on me.

“Lexi, come on. Let’s go,” my mom called from downstairs. I run to the restroom to wipe off my tears and wash my face. I quickly apply light makeup. Everyone would know that I cried so I put my fake glasses on and rush downstairs.

“You are looking pretty, honey,” my dad says kissing my forehead.

“Thanks dad,” I say as we enter Axl’s house.

We greet everyone and sit at the dining table.

“Hannah! Come here,” I say making her sit next to me. She is such a sweetheart.

“Lexi why are you sad?” she whispered, after poking my shoulder.

“No Hannah. I am not sad. Why are you asking?” I say cupping her face.

“Because you always call me Pumpkin or Muchkin but today you called me Hannah. You always smile but now even though you are smiling, it doesn’t seem real,” she said looking at me with concern. I have to admit, even though she was small, she was way smarter for her age.

“I was sad because I didn’t see you but after I saw you now, I am very happy Pumpkin,” I say kissing her and she smiles.

I shouldn’t let Lilly and Axl ruin my night. I mean it does hurt and bother me but I will not let it ruin my night. It was special because James and Iris were back together.

Axl comes down and I immediately look next to me to see if that seat was empty but Iris was sitting next to me. The only place that was left was the one in front of me.

“Good Evening everyone,” he says sitting down and he smiles at me but I just turn away and talk to Hannah.

“So what was the special thing you wanted to tell me mom?” he asked.

“Well Axl, I am engaged,” she said showing the ring.

“With whom?” he asked surprised. I can’t believe that he didn’t know. I mean he was in the same house when this happened he should have known. Oh well, he was busy eating Lilly’s face out. How would he know?

“Axl dad is coming home,” Squeaked Hannah with delight.

“What. Why, I mean-,” he stops as he understands what was happening.

“Oh my god. You and dad are getting married soon. I can’t believe that you guys are getting back together,” he said hugging his dad and holding his mom’s hand. He was really happy.

“Let’s make a toast,” James says lifting his glass up and we all lift ours too.

“I would like to thank Lexi who is the reason that Iris and I are together now. If she wouldn’t have confronted me about my feelings, this wouldn’t have happened, so to Lexi,” he says and everybody clings their glasses.

“No James. You guys did love each other but didn’t know how to say it. I just pushed you guys. This night is about the two of you, so – to Iris and James,” I say lifting my glass up and we cling it together.

“Well let’s change the toast. To- my mom, dad and my girlfriend, Lexi,” Axl says lifting his glass up and everyone clings again. After what he did he still considers me as his girlfriend?

He tried holding my hand from across the table but I take it away acting as if I wanted to set my hair. He tried calling me by hitting his feet to mine but I just pull my feet backwards.

I was mad at him. He doing all this won’t change a thing.

After dinner, we come out so that we can leave. I try turning on my car but it just won’t.

“Dad my car isn’t working,” I say and he comes over and checks it.

“Darling, why don’t you leave it here so that I will send it for servicing in the morning,” he says after checking it.

“But how will I go back?” I ask getting out of my car and giving him the keys.

“Why don’t you go with Axl? You both live together don’t you?” he asked asking Axl to drop me off.

Please say no. Please say no. Please say no. Please say no.

“Sure no problem Adam,” he says smiling at me.

That bastard.

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