So close and yet so far

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Chapter 21

Chapter 20

“Thank you so much Lexi. I really appreciate what you did for my mom and dad. Thank you,” Axl said putting his hand on my thigh as we left for our flat.

“No big deal,” I say punching his hand away.

“Lexi, what is up? You are ignoring me since dinner. What happened?” he asked as he continued to drive.

“Nothing,” I say glancing out of my window.

“Lexi, what is it? What is bothering you?” he asked pulling the car over.

“Well I am letting you free,” I say looking at him. He looked confused.

“I am letting you go and conquer Lilly,” I say. As I mention her name, everything I saw comes back rushing to me. My tears welled up in my eyes.

“Lexi, I do not want Lilly I want you,” he said calmly as he held my hand

“It didn’t look like when you were EATING HER FACE!” I scream. I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“What are you talking about Lexi?” he asked acting innocent.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about when you do. I caught you cheating on me Axl. You lied to me saying that you had a lecture when you were hooking up with Lilly. I am tired of this. You told that you would end whatever was happening between the both of you. You could have told me if you didn’t want to end things with her. I would have let you go,” I say as hot tears flow down my face.

“Lexi, it is not what it looks like. I really like yo-,” I cut him before he lies any further.

“Enough Axl! I am done with you using me. I am tired of this. When I am with you I want you to be 100% with me. You were dishonest. I can’t stay with you” I say rubbing tears off my face.

“Lexi, you do not understand. I wasn’t-,” I cut him again.

“No Axl, I will not listen to your lies again. You used me. You played me. I gave you my everything. But you threw it all away. I was holding on because I hope things will change, which is perfectly reasonable, but I can’t change a person. I can’t change you, and I can’t change your situation. I can only change myself and the situations I choose to be a part of. You choose to let this nonsense continue and I’ve tried to understand and ignore it, but I can’t anymore. If you wanted to move on, you could. If you wanted to change the dynamics of your relationship with this “Blonde”, you could. I was about to tell you that I love you tonight but you…. congratulations. You nailed me too,” I say getting out of the car.

“Lexi, come back. Where are you going?” he asked, getting out of the car.

“I thought that you liked me. I thought that you changed but some things never do. You will always be a player and an arse hole who keeps breaking people’s heart,” I say getting away from his grip, walking away.

“I almost forgot. This shouldn’t stay with me when you don’t like me anymore. I hope no one in life does the same to you, because you won’t understand but it’s painful,” I say coming back to give him the bracelet he gave me.

I walk away before he could say anything. I knew this street. I was crossing the street without thinking where I was going. I was too upset to notice what was happening.

Everybody screams around me and I lift my head to see a car coming towards my way. I just stood paralyzed in the middle of the street. The car was coming towards me in high speed and before I knew I was flying in the air. Suddenly, I fell down and my whole body ached.

People surrounded me. I tried opening my eyes but I couldn’t. I just fell asleep. I had a feeling that this was the sleep from which I would never wake up from.

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