So close and yet so far

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Chapter 22

Chapter 21

Axl’s POV:

I ran after Lexi. I can’t leave her. She is my whole world. She crosses the street but suddenly she stops and a car just hits her.

My heart stops right there. I ran up to her to see if she was alright. She had fainted. I called the ambulance and got in it with her. I tried waking her up but she just never did. I admit her to the hospital and I wait outside. Her and my parents have arrived. They were devastated.

Hannah kept on crying. Hannah and Lexi were very close. My dad was crying too even though he had only met her twice or thrice. That was how nice she was. I spoilt everything for her. I didn’t deserve such nice person.

“Alexis has lost a lot of blood on the way. We need someone who has the blood group of O+ve or O-ve,” the doctor says and without thinking any further, I decided to give my blood.

“Axl Honey, are you sure?” her mom holds my wrist and she asks me.

“Yes Andrea. I am very sure,” I say and follow the doctor.

“Thank you Axl,” her dad told as I go inside. I saw Lexi, sleeping there, looking so pale an dead. I did this to her. I will never forgive myself for this.

They make me lie down and take my blood. I just hope that she will be fine.

“She had a deep cut on her forehead which caused a lot of blood loss. Her collar bone is broken and she has had internal bleeding,” the doctor says coming out, “But the good news is that she is out of danger.”

I couldn’t control my happiness. I knew that she didn’t want to see me so I immediately leave the hospital and go to Ethan’s house.

I told him everything. “I screwed up, man. She told me that she loved me,” I say crying. Guys cry too. We are human beings.

“But tell me did you actually cheat on her?” he asked coming closer to me.

“No. Lilly was in love with me. She tried getting back to me and kissed me. But I pushed her away and told that I loved Lexi. I lied to Lexi saying that I was in a lecture because she would worry if I say that I was with Lilly,” I say looking up.

“It’s ok, man. If she loves you she will come back to you,” he reples but he doesn’t know anything.

“No Ethan. She’s Lexi. I have been heartbroken twice by the woman I loved. Why can’t I have a happy ending? I deserve love. When I met Lexi, I thought that she was the one but I screwed up,” I say, not knowing what to do.

“Trust me she will come back to you,” he says as I get up and go back to the hospital. I practically saw everyone from my Uni standing there and hoping that she would be alright. I ruined her life.

“Axl, your mom and I have decided to postpone our wedding till Lexi’s completely healed,” my dad says coming up to me.

“James, no. you can’t do that,” Adam says coming up to us.

“No Adam. Lexi meant everything to us. She was like our daughter. She was the main reason James and I got back together. I would not want to get married without Lexi being my bridesmaid,” My mom says wiping a tear of her face. Lexi was important to everyone and I ruined it.

“I am very sorry Adam, Andrea, mom and dad. I am the reason Lexi is like this,” I say confessing. I don’t care if they will hate me for the rest of their life but I had to do this.

“What are out talking about Axl?” Andrea asked sweetly. I knew that that sweetness in her voice would disappear when I told her the truth.

“I am the reason for Lexi’s condition. She thought that I cheated on her and she was mad at me. She got down from my car and started walking without looking where she was going and she got hit by the car. The truth was Lilly, the girl Lexi thought I was cheating on her with loved me and tried kissing me but I pushed her away saying that I love Lexi. I am very sorry,” I say ready for them to pounce on me and tear my limbs.

“It’s OK honey. It wasn’t your fault. It was Lexi’s too. She didn’t listen to your explanation and walked away. It was good to hear that you loved her,” her mom replies hugging me.

What? They didn’t kill me. She was still sweet to me even after what I did to Lexi. Even though she was the only one left or them they forgave me. That’s how nice her family was.

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