So close and yet so far

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Chapter 25

Chapter 24

“I am sorry Axl. I just want to know one thing, did you cheat on me?” I ask wiping more tears off my faces.

“No Lexi. I never did and I never will. There is no one else but you,” he said and I believed him. I didn’t want to know what happened. I just wanted the words, “I didn’t”. Everyone got emotional again and go “Awe”.

I immediately hug him and kiss him. God I missed the taste of his lips.

“I love you Lexi. I always have and I always will ,” he said and everyone goes “Awe” again.

My mom, dad and his mom and dad come over and hug us.

“But,” he says and everyone goes quiet. All the celebrations stopped.

“What?” I ask him confused.

“We can’t date,” he says looking away from me.

“Because we are a mess together. I hurt you when we were together and I never want to do that to you,” he says before I could ask him why. He said that he loved me and this is what he says?

He walks away and asks a girl to dance with him and she agrees.

I can’t stay there any longer. I walk away and sit in my car. My parents let me because they knew what I was going through. He moved on so quickly so I decided I should too. I didn’t find the reason as to why I should be the one sulking. I mean he rejected me; I should go and enjoy life so I go back to the wedding.

I drank the champagne and wine there. Well a lot to be honest. I leave because that wasn’t enough to get me drunk. I tell my parents that I am going back to my flat and I change my clothes quickly but I go to a bar instead. I took a cab knowing that I will be drunk.

“Shots please and keep them coming till I say,” I tell the bartender and he agrees. I finished like 10 shots or so and I still wasn’t drunk. Like what the fuck.

“Hi,” some says next to me and I look at him.

I was hoping that would be Axl but fate had something else written for me.

A guy who was super-hot was looking at me. He had green eyes and brown hair.

“Hi,” I say. I had my senses. Why would I blow up a hot-guy talking to me? I know that I love Axl but if I cannot be with him then what’s the point? I am trying to move on.

“I’m Toby,” he says taking a seat next to me.

“Alexis but call me Lexi,” I say smiling at him.

We spoke and spoke. It was a good distraction. I really enjoyed his company.

“I want to get to know you more,” I say grinning and added a wink.

“Same,” he says and the next thing we know that we are in the washroom making out.

“Hey why don’t we go to my place? It’s close,” I say between our kisses.

He drives to my flat according to my direction. I was sitting behind him in his super-hot bike. I got a vibe of a bad girl and I enjoyed it. All my life I have been a good girl but now I wanted to change. I wanted to enjoy life.

As soon as we reach our flat, I find it locked so I ring the bell. In the meantime Toby and I make out and the door opens. A confused Axl looks at me.

“Toby this is my roommate,” I say taking him to my room, not pausing to let Axl ask me anything.

Well not giving any details but we had sex. It was hot just like him. We both discussed that this will be a one-time thing and we enjoyed the night.

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