So close and yet so far

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Chapter 26

Chapter 25

“Bye Toby,” I say as he left. And I go back in with my kind of long t-shirt on. Axl comes out of his room and I didn’t bother to cover my legs. I only had my panty on. Instead I go and make coffee.

“Coffee?” I ask and look at him. He just looks at me confused.

“Lexi why are you doing this?” he asked taking a chair and sitting.

“I am being nice because I am making coffee or myself too,” I say actually not knowing what he was talking bout.

“Not abut coffee Lexi. This,” he said looing up and down my body, “Whatever you are doing. This is not you,” he says.

“Well I cannot be stuck with you forever when you and I can’t stay together. Since you have moved on its time for me too so I am moving on and I am also tired of being a good girl, good daughter and stuff. I want to live. So I am experimenting myself. I want to see what I can do and what I really am,” I say going into my room.

I take a shower and get ready for Uni.

I felt like wearing something short so I wore jeans and my crop- sweatshirt. I let my hair down and curled it. I looked good. I take my car out and go to Uni.

Everyone looks at me. This wasn’t who I used to be. I let them look at me and I walked away and go to Emily.

“Lexi. Is this is even you?” she asked looking at me, up and down, holding me at arms length.

“I am so done being a good girl. I am experimenting things,” I say winking at her

“Oh but you look good,” she said linking my hand with hers and we walk towards the rest room to check our makeup.

She knew what happened between Axl and me because I told her everything when I was sitting in the car and she was now happy that I am moving on. I go to my Math class and see Axl there. I just ignore him and sit next to someone else who looks hot.

“Hi I am Lexi,” I say sitting next to him.

“I know, I am Hunter,” he says smirking.

We spoke throughout the math class.

“Hey I have a party today. Will you come?” he asked as I get up from my place.

“Sure. Text me the details,” I say giving him my phone number.

Tonight’s party is going to be hell lot of fun.

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