So close and yet so far

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Chapter 27

Chapter 26

“Emily, come on,” I say dragging her out of my room because the guys were waiting outside for us to come so that we can go to the party together.

“Geez, calm your shit down,” she said walking towards the hall.

“Whoa Lexi, this whole experimenting thing is amazing,” Ethan says kissing my cheek.

“Thanks man,” I say grinning at him. Everyone in my group knew about it.

I was dressed in ripped jeans and a lace, sleeveless top and a black bag.

I sit on top Ethan because not everyone can fit in one car and Emily obviously sits on Austin.

“Are you Netflix? Because I could watch you for hours,” Ethan whispered into my ear and I laugh. His pick-up lines were funny.

“Guess what I’m wearing?” I say looking at him.

“Hmm, perfume that smells really good,” he says and I hit his arm playfully.

“Thank you but that’s not the answer I was looking for,” I say leaning back on his chest.

“Alright, I give up,” he says after staring at me for long enough to know everyone detail in someone’s body.

“The smile you gave me!” I say grinning like an idiot and he grins back too.

“God you two cheesy people, shut up,” Joshua said trying to be serious but he started laughing.

We arrive at the location and I spot Hunter and go up to him.

“Hunter, hi,” I say going behind him and he turns towards me.

“Lexi, you made it,” he said hugging me and I hug him back.

“I brought my friends if that is fine,” I say pointing over to them standing near the car.

“Sure no problem and you look stunning,” he said to me before turning to my friends, “GUYS COME ON INSIDE,” he screamed because the music was loud.

I spent like 30 minutes talking to random strangers and we danced. I sipped my strawberry lemonade vodka. I love that drink, don’t judge.

“Guys who want to play some game come on,” Hunter announces and I and my friends follow him. I grabbed my drink first before going upstairs.

“Ok so why not merge spin the bottle and dares? Like you spin the bottle and whoever it lands on, you pick up a chit and do the thing written on it with the person who span the bottle,” Some dude says and we all nod in agreement.

Hunter spinned it first and it landed on me. He grins as he pulls out a paper out of a bowl.

“Kiss for a minute shirtless,” it said. Everyone hooted at it and I shrugged my shoulder and looked Hunter. I signalled him to start.

We take our tops off I felt like as if my eyes would pop out. He had a great body. Without wasting any moment we kiss for a minute. His kiss was good. I am not going to lie.

“Time’s up,” everyone screamed and we broke apart. I was still smiling at the kiss.

“Lexi, spin the bottle,” some guy whose name was Q said as I wore my shirt and I spin it.

It lands on Axl and I reached for the paper in the bowl.

Let the members of your group put whipped cream on your body and your partner has to lick it off,” it said and Q got whipped cream. They all decided to put in on my navel and they did.

“Lexi you sure?” he said as he goes down.

“Just do it,” I say and I felt his lips on my navel. It kind of felt nice. Yeah I know that it’s weird but well….. It was turning me on. I didn’t want him to stop.

“Done,” Q says after Axl had liked all the whipped cream that was all over my navel. Why was it over so quick?

“Come with me,” I say taking Axl arm and going to one of the rooms nearby.

“I know that we broke up and stuff like that but you know we can still do stuff without dating,” I say my voice turning to a whisper. I do not know what has gotten into me but I was surprised.

“Like have sex and stuff without……. Dating?” he asked raising his eyebrows up and I nod.

“I don’t know Lexi,” he says and I regretted asking him that and I look down. I felt him come towards me slowly and I look up and felt his lips on mine, “How about we start now?” he whispers huskily. I was actually turned on.

We peel our clothes off and kiss more vigorously.

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