So close and yet so far

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Chapter 28

Chapter 27

“Man, why does this happen?” I say looking at my car. It stopped working again. This was like the 3rd time in a week. Frustrated I kicked the tire and sit down. “How will I go to Uni for my Art class? No one except us art students have class today?” I thought to myself.

Just as I thought that Axl comes down and looks at me. “What are you doing here? Don’t you have a class to attend?” he asked walking down the stairs. Axl and I have been friends. Well Friends-with-benefits. We have been nice to each other ever since we hooked up in Hunter’s party. We are just like the people who mess round when we want to and not date. This was a lot easier. No commitments so no disappointments or fights.

“I do and this car decided to not work, again,” I say kicking the tire again.

“Calm down Lexi, I’ll drop you,” he said extending his arm for me so that I can stand up and take it.

“But you do not have a class…..” I say dragging my sentence biting my bottom lip.

“It’s fine. It’s not like I have a meeting with the president,” he said taking his keys out.

“Sure,” I say going to his car and I wait for him.

“Lex, over here,’’ he called me over to the garage.

“Whoa, I didn’t know that you had this,” I say pointing at his bike. It gave me a vibe of a bad boy.

“Yeah I just got it from my dad like yesterday,” he said handing me a helmet.

“Lex, make yourself comfortable,” he said as I sat behind him and before I could say, “Yeah I know that this isn’t the first time on these fast bikes but still,” he says and I put my arms around his waist.

I liked the way the wind was brushing past me. I enjoyed bike rides. It felt like it was who I am. I enjoyed the ride and leaned into Axl, he did smell good o be honest.

“You smell good,” I screamed because he wouldn’t have be able to hear.

“Thanks,” he screamed back and we reached the Uni.

“Thanks for the ride Axl,” I say getting down. I removed my helmet and swayed my head left to right. It looked too cheesy like the one in movies. And everyone there just looked at me with their mouth open wide. I just flipped my hair to the side and walked to my class. I directly went to the restroom to check my hair and makeup.

I honestly had no clue that there will be so many people in class. I was like late for class and as I entered the place I sit in is taken by some blonde.

“Hey, hi, you are sitting in my place,” I say tapping on her back and she looks at me. it was Lilly.

“Oh shit I’m sorry, I don’t see your name on it,” she said giving me a puppy look and everyone’s head snapped up from their canvases to look at me snap at her..

“I am so sorry Lilly. The slut class is not here, this is the arts class,” I say fake concerned and I enjoyed the look on her face. She was the reason why Axl and I broke up and why I was almost killed.

“You bitch,” she said getting up from my place and walking away.

“That was good,” a girl next to me says and I look at her, trying to remember if I know her.

“I’m Quinn Stewart,” she said smiling. Her face was really pretty. He was attractive.

“I’m Alexis Winston but call me Lexi,” I say taking my seat in front of my canvas and arrange my brushes and paints.

We had a still life class today and were supposed to paint a fruit bowl which was placed in front of us. I concentrated and did my best. I really like arts so well I love doing what I do.

“That’s pretty good,” Quinn said after I was done with my painting and was giving it some final touches. Hers was absolutely amazing.

“Thanks, yours is stunning,” I say my eyes growing wide. We left our canvas in our place and left the class because the teacher was supposed to grade us.

“Ms Winston, can I talk to you,” the teacher, Ms Price called me and went to her. I was scared thinking what wrong thing id I do.

“Lexi, you did nothing wrong don’t worry. We have an art fest coming up which is conducted by our school every year and I want you to take part in it, especially,” she said stressing on especially.

“Ok ma’am sure,” I say looking at her. I was happy that she had confidence in me that I was god enough to be qualified for it even though I came here late.

“Ok, then you will be given a stall where you will do portraits of people live and give it to them and you get paid for it,” she said writing something in her dairy and I nod. “Take this folder. This has all the details and everything else you need to know about the fest and your stall,” she said handing me a folder labelled “Alexis Winston”.

“Thank you ma’am,” I say putting the folder in my bag and turn to leave.

I was walked out of the school towards the parking lot. Everyone had left so I had to walk back to my flat since I had no ride. As I was walking someone grabbed my hand and pulled me behind the pillar and started kissing me. I push that person away and I see Jordan looking at me and smirked.

“What the fuck, let me go Jordan,” I say pushing him away but he caught my wrists and pulled me towards him. His grip got tighter and I knew that bruises will be formed on my hand.

“Let me go Jordan, you are hurting me,” I say thinking that his grip will get loose but that just made him tighten his grip. Why did I even come to Uni today?

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