So close and yet so far

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Chapter 29

Chapter 28

“I heard that you hook up with Axl without dating and are experimenting things, so why don’t we hook up. You will be doing something new,” he whispered into my ear and I turn my head to the opposite side.

“Why are you doing this Jordan? What have I ever done to you,” I say as tears fall down my cheek. He was kissing my neck my attempts to punch him away wasn’t successful but I kept trying I tried kicking him but he held my legs together with his legs.

“You are hot and I want you. When you first came you were hot and sweet but you experimenting things is hot and ho. You are making me go crazy for you. I want you Lexi,” he said as he took a break from kissing me and looked into my eyes.

“You do stuff with Axl so why don’t you do it with me too? I am sure that I am better than him in bed. Let’s tr-,” that’s all he could say before being dragged to the ground and getting punched brutally.

I needed to sit down to register what all was happening. First I got a ride to Uni from Axl, had my class, discussed with the teacher about my stall, getting almost raped by Jordan and getting saved by Axl. Yeah it was Axl who was beating the shit out of Jordan

“You dick, If she doesn’t want you just fucking let her go. If I see you anywhere near her next, I swear I will kill you,” Axl screamed into Jordan’s ear as he punched him even more.

“Axl, leave him. Let’s go. He got enough,” I say trying to pull Axl away. But he just swayed my hand away and punched Jordan hard on his nose and it started bleeding.

“AXL, ENOUGH. LET’S GO,” I screamed because Axl became a monster when he was angry. I had to get him away Jordan before he killed him. he looked at me and stood up.

“Remember this Jordan. Next time you come anywhere near Lexi, I will not hesitate to kill you,” Axl warned and shot him a death glare and we left the parking lot. He didn’t let go off me. I could see that he was hurt but his arm was strongly wrapped around my waist.

“Lexi, are you fine. Because if you are not, I swear I will fucking kill Jordan right now,” he said clenching his fist.

I couldn’t handle it anymore. I just hugged him really tight. I think I was chocking him. Wait, I can’t he is huge and well me…….. I am tiny compared to him.

“Thank you so much Axl. I have no clue what would have happened to me, if you couldn’t have come to save me,” I say still hugging him and tears fell out of my eyes, again.

“Hey, Lexi, listen. It’s alright. I am here now. Nothing will ever happen to you as long as I am there with you,” he said cupping my face and kissing my forehead. This was the new face of Axl, I have never seen.

We drive home quietly, in a comfortable silence. Axl’s knuckles were bleeding and his cheekbone was bruised.

As we enter to our flat, I drag him to the kitchen and make him sit in the chair as I grab frozen peas from the freezer.

I press it to his cheekbone and he flinched. I didn’t know why he flinched, was it because of the pain or the cold? But either way he flinched.

I grab the first aid kit and dress his knuckles.

“Is it hurting?” I ask, as I look up from his knuckles.

“This is nothing Lexi,” he said shrugging his shoulder like it was nothing. I just smile at his words.

“You look hot when you are nursing me. Do you have like a hot nurse outfit?” he asked winking.

“You will never change,” I say hitting his arm playfully and he caught my arm. He examined the bruises on my wrist which Jordan gave me. He touched it and I flinched. It hurts.

He takes the peas out from his cheekbone and puts it on my wrist and examines my hand.

His eyes shift to my face and I could feel him look at my lip. I felt his expression change. I touch it and it was swollen and bleeding I think because I could taste blood. I had no clue how my lip was bleeding and I remembered Jordan forcefully kissing me so I guess that’s how I got it.

He takes the first aid kit and applies some ointment on my lip and I flinch, again. It did hurt when someone touched it and it reminded me of when Jordan tried kissing me.

I gave Axl a sad smile when he finished applying the cream.

“You know what will cheer us up? Popcorn and Sherlock!” he screamed excited as he got up to make popcorn.

“I’ll go take a shower and come back meanwhile” I say going to my room. I realized that my shower wasn’t working so I go to Axl’s room and take a shower there. His room smelled like him. It was kind of messy but I liked it.

I took a long shower and started singing. I heard the washroom door open and I screamed because I saw Axl standing there looking at me.

“What the fuck Axl. Go away,” I say covering my body with a towel.

“I didn’t look at you; I swear I heard you sing so I wanted to hear it. I swear my eyes were closed,” he said lifting his hands up and I noticed that his eyes were closed.

“Hey but still you could have knocked. You freaked me out,” I say getting out of the shower. I was done showering. I go to his closet and take out a shirt from there

“I am borrowing your clothes,” I say walking out of his room.

I get ready and walk to the living room. I found Axl sitting there. He had set up the room. He had popcorn, nachos and dip and had the couch set up. He had brought blankets and pillows for us.

“Thanks Axl,” I say sitting next to him to watch Sherlock. My eyes felt heavy because I had a long shower and a long day. So I slept on Axl’s shoulder and I felt him wrap his arm around me. I felt safe in is arms and I fell asleep.

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