So close and yet so far

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I woke up early because well I had to get ready and also pack and give final touches to my cookies.

I wore a dress I really like, put some make up on because I don’t want to make a bad impression for the neighbours after all I’ll be living right next to them.

While I was doing my hair, I went over to get my hair tie which was next to the window through which I could see the opposite house.

I saw a brown haired, strong, muscular guy kissing a Blonde with Light Brown eyes.

I felt sick watching them so I went down stairs.My mom was ready so we went to meet our neighbours.

A brown hair lady came out

“Hello, I am Andrea Winston. We are your new neighbours,” my mom says, smiling at her and shook her hand

“Hi, nice to meet you Andrea, I’m IRIS Scott,” she says, smiling and shaking her hand.

“Hi Mrs Scott, I am Lexi, short for Alexis,” I say smiling at her.

“Nice to meet you Lexi and please call me IRIS. Come on in,” she says leading us in to her living room. It wasn’t as neat and big as ours but it was pretty.

“These are for you, Mrs Scott, sorry, IRIS,” I say handing cookies to her.

“Lexi made those,” my mom said proudly.

“Thank you so much Lexi,” she says taking them from me.

I saw a small girl sitting on the couch and colouring Barbie.

“Do you mind IRIS?” I say looking over at the little girl.

“No issues go on,” she said.

I grab a cookie and go over to the little girl.

“Hi I am Lexi,” I say sitting next to her. She looks up with those cute little blue eyes. My heart melted. I remembered someone at the moment but I shook my head and focused on this girl.

“Hello Lexi, I am Hannah,” she says so sweetly.

“Who wants a cookie?” I ask showing her the cookie.

“I want,” she says grabbing it from me. Before saying “Thank you”

“How old are you Hannah? I ask.

“I am 6,” she said.

“Can I join you?” I ask pointing at her colouring and she was fine with it.

We started colouring and laughing and talking.

Suddenly the guy who was making out with the blonde comes down shirtless and looks at me.

“Axl, this this is Lexi and her mom. They are our new Neighbours,” IRIS says.

“Hi Lexi and her mom,” he says.

“Hello Axl and call me Andrea,” my mom says laughing and I reply with a hi.

“Lexi which Uni do you go to?” He asked, sitting on the couch next to me.

“Canadian University of Liberal Arts. I’m a senior,” I say not looking at him but he continues to stare at me.

“Oh cool, same university,” he said.

“What subjects did you choose? Mine is Music and Mathematics,” he said. He took Math and Music? That was an interesting selection of subjects.

“Visual Arts and Mathematics with Biology as main but others are also there. It’s compulsory to take others too right?” I say. I love art and biology. I really enjoy it.

“Oh cool and yeah it is. That’s interesting,” he replies nodding his head.

“So since Uni has already started and you are new, it will be heard for you to find classes and cope up with the syllabus and to make new friends so why don’t we hang out in Uni too,” he said.

“Let’s see,” I say.

I looked at him like What the fuck. I just had met him and he wants me to hang out with him?

“So Lexi tell me about yourself,” he says.

“Well I am Lexi but my full name is Alexis Winston and I used to live in London,” I say.

“That’s why you have that accent. It’s cute and I am Axl Scott,” he says winking. I didn’t see what was there to wink in that.

We started chatting and my mom told that she was going home. When I got up to leave both Axl and Hannah asked me to stay for lunch even Iris asked me to stay so I stayed back.

We all watched a movie and had lunch it was 4 O’clock so I decided to leave.

“Bye Lexi,” Hannah replied.

“Bye pumpkin,” I say kissing her cheek.

“Bye Iris,” I call over as she was in the kitchen.

“Bye darling. Come often,” she said.

“Bye Lexi,” Axl said.

“Bye Axl, see you in Uni,” I say. Before I left he called me again.

“Lexi do you need a ride to Uni tomorrow?” he asked.

“No, thank you.” I say walking back home.

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