So close and yet so far

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Chapter 30

Chapter 29

I woke up and saw Axl sleeping next to me. We were in his room. I figured out that he bought me to his room after I fell asleep on his arm. He was shirtless. He looked adorable when he was sleeping. I hit my head because I think I am falling in love with him all over again and he won’t again.

I get out of my bed and go to my room. I had to go to the Uni today too to tell the guys about my stall so that they will set it up for me.

“Hey,” I say as I see Hunter in the café near our flat. I decided to walk since I had like 1 hour to go and I didn’t want a ride from Axl because I am afraid I will fall for him again. It was still 9:00 pm, I was supposed to be there at like 10:oo pm.

“Lexi, what a surprise,” he says standing up. “I am here for a drink and walking back to the Uni,” I say biting my lower lip.

“Uni? Why today is Sunday,” he asks, “It is Sunday, isn’t it,” he asked his eyes going wide.

“Yes dummy. I have to go because I am in the art fest which is in a week so I have to go and tell people how I want my stall,” I say laughing and his face relaxes.

“Cold Cappuccino with extra whipped cream please,” I say taking out my purse but Hunter stops me.

“This one’s on me,” he said taking out his wallet and paid for it.

“Thank you so much Hunter,” I say walking out of the café after I got my drink.

“How are you going to go to the Uni?” he said because I told him that my car had broken down.

“By walk I guess,” I say shrugging and he negatively nods his head.

“When Hunter’s here, no one walks,” he said dragging me to his car.

“Awe Hunter thanks,” I say as he opens the door for me and I sit next to him.

“Lexi, why is your lip swollen?” he asked looking at it I immediately cover it up with my thumb.

“Hmmmm it’s nothing,” I say looking out of the window.

“Seriously Lexi, tell me,” he says seriously and I told him everything how Jordan tried raping me and how Axl saved me.

“That Bastard,” he says and hits the steering wheel.

“Hunter calm down,” I say touching his arm and he relaxes.

“Lexi, it’s just that I really like you and I can’t bear it when someone touches you like that,” he said

Wait what! He liked me!

“What?” I saw swallowing my saliva. My mouth went dry.

“I really like you Lexi. Ever since you walked into this college. I even came to visit you when you were in the hospital. You were so pretty and smart and funny. I couldn’t help but fall for you,” he said and I went quiet and look out of the window.

I didn’t know what to do. We reached Uni and I got down from his car. I turn to walk away but I knock on his window.

“Hey Hunter I really appreciate you telling me this and thank you so much for the ride and coffee,” I say smiling and he smiled back.

“No problem. Hey do you want to go out for dinner tonight?” he said scratching his neck. He looked cute then.

“Sure, I would like that,” I say positively nodding my head at him.

“Cool then I will pick you up from Uni and take you to your flat and we can leave then. What do you say?” he says eagerly.

“Sure, bye Hunter,” I kiss his cheek and walk away.

6 hours later:

Thank god I could go home. I could go and take a long bath and sleep. This was a stressful day.

I walk out and saw Hunter waiting by his car. Shit! I can’t relax. I had a date.

“Hey Hunter, sorry to make you wait,” I say and he looks up from his phone.

“No problem get in,” he says opening the door for me. I hug him and get into his car.

We started singing to the songs which were playing on the radio. It was fun.

We reach home and I invite him inside and ask him to wait in the living room. I first go to Axl’s room and knock and I got the permission to get in.

“Hey Axl,” I say entering the room. He was holding his guitar and was playing it but he stopped it and looked at me. I close the door behind me and go next to him.

“Hi, listen I am going out to dinner with Hunter. I mean he asked me when he dropped me off at Uni. Is that fine with you?” I ask because I thought that he will be bothered with it. I thought that he started developing feelings for me so he would ask me to stay back with him. I expected him to say that he didn’t want me to go with Hunter because he liked me.

“Yeah sure. Why would I be bothered about it?” he said coolly and went back to playing his guitar.

“Are you sure? I mean I can stay back if yo-,” I say but he cut me off.

“JUST GO FOR GOD DAMN SAKE. I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHO YOU GO WITH,” he screams at me and throws his guitar on the floor. It completely breaks.

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