So close and yet so far

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Chapter 31

Chapter 30

I can’t look at him. What happened to his soft and tender behaviour? What was this harsh behaviour with him? I just had asked him if he was fine with me going out with Hunter. I just run out of his room and to mine. I just hope Hunter didn’t hear it.

I take a shower and put some makeup and good clothes. I tried to cover my kind of puffy eyes which came from crying so much in the shower. I was kind of successful in kind of covering my puffy, cry eyes.

I wore a navy blue dress with a gold bangle, pendent and rings and let my hair down. I step out after taking deep breaths. It was 7:30.

“Lexi, you look marvellous,” Hunter said standing up. I smile and let him hug me. I heard some sound in the kitchen and saw Axl pouring some cereal into his bowl.

“Let’s go Hunter,” I say linking my arm into his and walk out of my flat to his car.

After 2 hours:

I am skipping about my date because I wasn’t interested in it. The only thing on my mind was Axl. Why did he react so violently?

When I was lost in my own thoughts Hunter asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted it. I mean he was nice and caring so why not.

Then it suddenly hit me. No not as to why Axl reacted like that. I remembered that it was Axl’s birthday tomorrow.

I didn’t get him anything. Then I thought why not get him a guitar he always wanted but never brought it? I mean he broke his current one.

I ask Hunter to drop me off near the shop where Axl took me to show his favourite guitar. I ask him to go home and that I would take a cab home. After like convincing him for like 15 minutes that I can take care of myself, he dropped me and left.

I go into the store and find it there. I immediately bought it and a new belt for it. It looked cool. I paid for it and booked an Uber and waited for it.

After like 5 minutes my ride comes and I get in.

I reach home at like 11:30 pm and the door was locked. I take put my spare key and get inside. The living room was a mess. I quickly clean that and the kitchen up and go to my room. There was like 2 minutes for 12:00pm so I take the guitar out and place it in front of Axl’s door and put a note saying “Happy Birthday- love Lexi”.

I can’t fall asleep. All I keep thinking about is that what Axl will do with the guitar. What if he doesn’t like? What if he breaks it because he hates it?

***I am not done typing the rest of my story. As soon as I am done I will post it. Till then stay tuned!***

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