So close and yet so far

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Chapter 32

Chapter 32

I woke up in the morning and saw Hunter waiting for me in the living room.

“What? Hunter what are you doing here?” I ask surprised. I mean like he just walked in or did someone open the door for him?
“Well I wanted to take my girlfriend to Uni today so I came early,” he said kissing me but I push him away. He looked hurt and shocked.

“Morning Breath,” I say and saw his face relax and I go get dressed.

I knock on Axl’s room but he never replied. I saw the guitar I brought him, in the same place I left it earlier last night.

I sigh and I walk out. Hunter takes me to his car and we drive to school.

Everyone looks at us. No like literally. They stopped doing their work and just stared at us.

Hunter slips his arm around my waist and pulls me closer and kisses me to show that I was his. He was claiming me in front of the whole school. As we pulled apart and started walking to class, “Hey what was that for?” I whispered referring to the kiss. His arm was still around my waist

“Well I wanted everyone to see that you are mine so that they won’t even dare to make a move on you especially Jordan,” he said saying Jordan’s name in disgust.

“Calm down Hulk,” I say resting my hand on his chest. I just looked at him and he looked at me. I felt like kissing him so I leaned in and felt him kiss me back.

“Uhh…. Lexi,” Ethan said coming with the group. We broke apart and I was blushing.

“Guys Hunter and I are dating,” I say looking up and everyone smiled except Axl. He just looked at his phone. I admit it did bother me.

“Congrats bro,” all the guys go up to Hunter and hug him and fist bump him. He immediately became a part of our group. Everyone liked him well not everyone but…. Yeah.

“Let’s go to class,” Emily says and we all agree. Hunter and I do not have a class together so he goes to his class and asks Axl to take me to class since we have a class together.

The walk was awkward. “Happy Birthday Axl. You are finally 18” I say trying to break the ice and he just looks at me. He was few months older than me.

“Oh you remember thanks,” he said sarcastically. He was being such an ass.

“Why wouldn’t I remember?” I ask offended and stand in the middle of the hallway.

“Well since you have a boyfriend now you don’t care about anyone else,” he says. It hurt, I mean Hunter and I started dating yesterday and Axl was the one who was mean to me.

“Shut up Axl. Why are you being like this?” I ask really hurt. Why did it bother him so much?

“Nothing,” he said walking off. I was just left alone standing there. I couldn’t go to class so I skipped it and went to the art studio. Good thing that I won’t get in trouble because the Fest is coming up soon so they let us go and practice and some shit like that.

“Lexi what are you doing here” Hunter asked entering the studio. I look at the time and it was lunch. What I spent like half a day in this studio. Whoa! I didn’t even look at the time.

“I am so sorry, I was working on improving my skills for the Fest that’s coming up,” I say getting up and grabbing my stuff.

“See I told you that we would find her here,” Ethan said walking into the studio with the rest of them I felt guilty; they all were searching for me.

“Well you know where to find me,” I say and wink.

“Shit now this shirt is spoilt,” I say looking at my shirt. I forgot to wear my apron and hence this mess.

“Hey it’s fine, you can wear my jacket,” Hunter said handing me his jacket and I smile and I turn to take my bag out. I felt something cold on the side of my cheek and I gasped in horror.

My shirt was even more ruined. It was fucking in lavender colour and I touch my cheek and it was lavender too. I realised that Hunter had put paint on me. Everyone starts laughing and I throw yellow paint on him and he ducks getting some on his shoulder.

Before we even knew we all were in a fucking paint fight. I am not kidding. We looked like kids throwing paint around. The floor was covered in newspapers so we weren’t in much trouble.

Axl was turned towards the wall and looked left out. So I tap his shoulder and spray lavender paint on his shirt and cheek.

“LEXI ARE YOU EVEN NORMAL? WHAT THE FUCK?” he screamed at me and tried to remover the paint from his cheek with the back of his hand. Everyone stopped playing and looked at us.

“Axl chill man it’s just paint and we all were playing,” Ethan spoke up.

“That’s not the point man. THIS BITCH SPOILT MY FAVOURITE SHIRT,” he suddenly raised his voice and looked at me.

I was crying at his sudden outburst. No I was literally crying so much that I couldn’t see what was in front of me. It was all misty.

I walk out of the studio and walked out of Uni. I didn’t even care about my lectures. I just walked and walked until I heard a car horn.

I ignore it and still keep walking and the car pulled up next to me.

“Lexi, get in. I’ll drop you home,” Hunter said rolling down the window and I hesitate.

“My clothes,” I say pointing at the paint and telling him that his seats will get dirty and he just smiles.

“It’s ok Lexi. It doesn’t matter,” he said opening the door for me and I sat on my jacket which didn’t have paint on it.

“Lexi I am really sorry for what happened earlier,” Hunter said sounding really concerned and I just look at him and smile. He puts his free hand on my thigh

“Terry don’t worry,” I say putting my right hand on his hand which was on my thigh. We smiled at each other and he dropped me off at home.

“Thanks Terry,” I kiss his cheek and get down. Both of us blush and smile.

“Bye Lex,” he says and drives after I enter in.

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