So close and yet so far

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Chapter 33

Chapter 33

I go to my room and quickly take a shower. My shower had been repaired yesterday. I quickly change and get out of the flat.

I take my car which surprising started or I should have called for an Uber and go to Louis Vuitton. I remember that Axl’s “Favourite” sweat shirt which I “ruined” was from Louis Vuitton, so I decided to buy him one and shove it in his face.

The people were very nice there. They helped me pick out the same one Axl was wearing earlier today just by my description. I had asked my dad if I could use the money and he agreed to it. Even though it was my card and I could do anything with it, it was my dad’s money so I asked him.

I saw these two other jackets which were pretty amazing so I brought it too for Axl. Wait if I just brought for him, then what about Hunter? He will feel jealous so I brought him a jacket too. Wait what about Ethan? I brought him and one thing led to another I brought one for Joshua, Austin and Theo as well.

Then what about Emily? So I brought her a bag she always hoped that she had. They had some discount going on so I brought like 3 bags for myself and I ended up with 1 sweat shirt, 6 jackets and 4 bags.

This trip to LV cost me a hell a lot of money.

When I told my father the bill and explained why I did all of this before paying I expected him to scream and ask me to come home but instead he said, “Lexi darling, its fine. You have been working hard and are going through a rough time and it’s not all for you. It’s for your friends too right? So I am not mad. Go pay for it,” he said, honestly I couldn’t believe it I mean it was a lot of money but he seemed cool about it so I paid for it and these two people helped me put these baggage in my car. I had asked them to put each one in separate bags so it was a lot of bags.

When I reached home, it was like 7 already. I saw like some cars parked in front of my flat, I knew that Axl was having a party. Only for close friends I didn’t know if I was invited. He didn’t celebrate his birthday at his house because he didn’t like all cutting the cake drama. All he wanted was drink and enjoy.

I take up all the bags with difficulty and see everyone already there. By everyone I mean, Emily, Ethan, Theo, Joshua, Austin and of course Axl. I was surprised to see Hunter too.

“Hi guys,” I say and everyone turns towards me and their eyes go wide as they look at my hand. I dump all the bags on the couch and ask everyone to come closer and they did with a confused face.

I handed them their bags and they hesitate. “Guys I went to LV to get a certain someone something that I ruined and I wanted to appreciate you guys for being there for me so this is just a t0ken of love,” I say directly looking at Axl and he bent his head like he was ashamed.

“Well Lexi, you don’t have to buy us these things to show love. We love you and that’s enough,” Ethan said and everyone nodded.

“Thanks guys but I wanted to give you guys these because I thought it might suit you so please take it,” I say and after a moment of hesitation they take it.

They all opened it together and they gasped.

“LEXIIIIIII I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,” Emily screamed on top of her lugs as she saw her bag and hugged me hard and everyone laughed.

“Wait I thought that you love me,” Austin said making a puppy face. They were the most adorable couple.

“I love you more Austin,” she said and we all gasp. She said that she loved him. That was huge. Her face becomes beet red and she looks down.

“I love you too Em,” Austin says and kisses her. We all awed. I am so happy that I introduced them like I was her friend and I was his friend. So technically I made them meet.

“Congrats. Invite me to your wedding,” I say and everyone laughs.

“You will be my maid of honour Lexi,” she says and I hug her.

“Lexi this is amazing, thank you,” everyone says. Their eyes were lit up. That’s all I wanted to see them happy.

“Well Happy Birthday Axl hope I replaced you favourite shirt I ruined,” I say going to my room, picking my bags up but Austin held my hand and I looked at him confused.

“Where are you going Lexi? The party is here,” he says and everyone looks at me.

“Well it’s only for close friends of Axl’s who I am not so good night guys,” I say going into my room.

I put my bags in my bag section of my closet and go to the restroom. When I come out I see the whole gang on my bed.

“Guys what is going on?” I ask and Axl answers, “Well we wanted to have a party where you are,” and everyone agrees. My heart swells up and I jump on the bed next to them and have a group hug. By the time we pull apart, tears were rolling down my cheek.

“Lexi what happened?” Hunter asked concerned and everyone looked concerned too.

“Nothing it’s just that I am so lucky to have you all,” I say wiping a tear off my cheek and we have a group hug again.

We quickly celebrate Axl’s Birthday by playing, talking and drinking. We all were too tired it 3 am to eve get up from my bed so we all slept on it.

I didn’t even know how all the 8 of us could fit it in but we did. I was comfortably sleeping next to Hunter with his arms around my waist. Emily and Austin were like that too.

This was one of the best “Nights” of my life. Mind it I said night.

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