So close and yet so far

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Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“Lexi, don’t forget. I have something planned for us tonight. Wear something nice,” Hunter said as he got ready to leave in the morning.

“Bye Terry, I won’t forget,” I say kissing him and closed the door. I got ready to go the Uni. These guys had a day off so it was just me. I take my clothes and other stuff I need and go to Axl’s room since everyone is sleeping in mine.

I showered and got dressed. It was 9:30 and the lecture starts at 10:30 so I had time.

“Lexi,” someone said I turn to look and saw Axl standing in the hallway. I smile at him and bite my lower lip not knowing what to say.

“Listen, I was a complete asshole yesterday and before that… fuck it I was always an asshole towards you. I really am sorry for screaming at you for throwing paint on me. I was stressed and upset about something else and I took it out on you. I am so sorry Lexi and thank you so much for the jackets and the Guitar; I can never thank you enough. I love them,” he said pulling me into a hug.

He smelled good. It was amazing to be back in his arms. I really missed the feeling of it.

“You are forgiven and you are welcome,” I say as we pulled apart and he grinned like an idiot. It was adorable to see him like that.

Lexi snap out of it. You can never love him because you will be heartbroken again because he won’t love you back again.

I left for Uni not wasting any moment before I could fall in love with him again.

I had Biology right now. So I go to class and sit and listen to the teacher as she explains stuff about Meiosis. I made notes and paid attention. I liked Biology so hence HL Bio.

After like a 3 hour lecture, I went to the art studio and set my table. I was stressing out that the Fest was in a week and a half. I tried imagining people and painting them out. The first person that came to my mind was Axl so I painted him.

I remembered every single detail of him. One thing led to another and I had like 4 drawings of him. Just thinking about him makes my heart skip a beat.

“Girl that’s look amazing! Is it someone you like?” someone says and I look up. I saw Quinn standing there.

“You think so?” I say looking at the paintings trying to ignore her question.

“Well do you like him?” he asked not willing to let go of that question.

“No I have a boyfriend. It’s weird,” I quickly add up trying to defend myself.

“Why is it weird? It’s fine for you to like someone else when you are in another relationship,” she said taking the seat next to me and I just look at my knees because I am scared that if I look at her she will know the truth.

“Lexi, you clearly are in love with Axl. It just shows in your face. Your face lights up when we talk about him, your cheeks become beet red and you can’t say his name without smiling,” she said placing a hand on my shoulder. Now I look up at her.

“But I like Hunter too and also I can never have Axl back,” I say looking hopeless.

“Everything will work out Lexi, it always does,” Quinn added as she held my hands and she squeezed it.

“It will never for me,” I say shaking my head. What is she talking about? Nothing has ever worked out for me in my life.

“You just have to wait for it Lexi,” She said and I was lost in my own thoughts.

No nothing will ever work out for me. It never did and it never will. Eventually Axl will find the girl of his dreams, get married and will live happily ever after and I will end up alone regretting breaking up with Axl the first time. I will be a lonely aunt by the time I die.

I just had no hope that things will get better. I have given up on hopes because once you have hopes and something doesn’t reach to your hopes, it just breaks you.

I made a mistake by keeping my hopes up high for Axl and I am broken. I can have him, ever.

I have Hunter now; I should at least make him happy. He shouldn’t go through what I went through when the person you liked never liked you back.

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