So close and yet so far

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Chapter 35

Chapter 34

I see the time and it was 4 pm. I had to leave so that I can get ready for my date tonight with Hunter. I put my drawings in my hand bag and leave the Uni and get home.

I found no one at home. I knew that the others would have gone home but where was Axl? He wasn’t in his room.

I quickly took a shower and wore something I really liked. I wore a black skirt with pink flowers on it, with a white corset top and a salmon pink cardigan. I let my hair open and curled it. I paired it with my new LV black bag with white lace I brought yesterday and I was ready to go.

“Axl I am going out on a date with Hunter. If you need anything call me,” I scribble on a piece of paper and stick it to the front door and I heard Hunter’s car horn.

I run downstairs and say Hunter opening the door for me.

“You look stunning,” he said and we shared a kiss. I don’t know why it felt nothing. There was no spark or excitement. It just was a kiss. It was lifeless but I hide my feeling about the kiss with a smile.

10 minutes into the date, I was already bored. I was getting tired. I got a call and pick it up.

“Hello Lexi,” a deep voice said. I check the caller id but it was an unknown number.

“Axl,” I say recognising his voice immediately. I was worried and I looked at Hunter, he just rolled his eyes.

“Yeah Lexi can you come and pick me up,” he said sounding like it was important.

“Sure but where are you,” I ask trying to gather up my things, getting ready to leave.

“I’m at the police station. This is their number, and I got to go now. They are saying that my time is up. Please come soon” he says and he hangs up.

I quickly jump up from my seat and take my purse.

“Where are you going Lexi?” Hunter asked standing up. He was surprised.

“I have to pick Axl up. He is in trouble,” I say urgently and Hunter looks mad.

“But we are on a date. Why can’t he call Ethan or someone else?” he was acting like a child. He needed to grow up.

“I don’t know Hunter. All I know is that he is in trouble and he called me, so I am going to help him,” I say annoyed. How can he be so selfish?

“Lexi, all you can think about is him. Why can’t it be just about you and me? We are in the middle of a date,” he says and that really got on my nerves.

“Hunter stop being selfish. I don’t care ok. He is in trouble and I am going. I don’t have time to argue with you,” I say storming out of the restaurant and booked a cab since I came with Hunter.

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