So close and yet so far

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Chapter 36

Chapter 36

“Axl what the fuck are you doing here?” I ask as I see him sitting half asleep in the chair.

“Ma’am if you are here to pick him up, you have to come and sign in the office,” an officer whose name was Yulan Hamill says leading me to his office.

“Officer, why is he here?” I ask as I sit down in the chair opposite to him.

“Well he was drunk and created nuisance on the road so we brought him here,” he says searching for some paper.

“Ok,” I say not knowing what else to say.

“So is he your boyfriend?” he asked looking up.

Why the fuck was he asking me that? “No he’s my roommate,” I say and he brings the paper and leans next to me.

“Sign, here,” he whispered into my ear. I move back and sign and get up to take Axl out. What the hell was that?

“Well so you are single then,” he said winking. He touched my shoulder and squeezed it. He was hitting on me.

“Axl come on,” I say and he wakes up and grins.

We walk out and before we do that creepy officer comes and hands me a piece of paper. I give him a confused look.

“This is my number. Call me anytime,” he says and he winks. I don’t take it but he reaches out to my hand and puts it. He held my hand for a long time and I became uncomfortable.

“Axl,” I whisper and he looked alert. He notices my hand and glares at the officer.

“Let go of her you creep,” he yelled at the officer but he was unbothered. This made Axl get pissed.

He jumped forward and punched the officer in the eye. I officer stumbled back looking angry. He tried calling the others but I stop him.

“Don’t you dare! You were hitting on me, I have proof against what you did,” I say showing him the recording. I decided to record everything as soon as I walked out of his office.

His face fell and he backed away.

“Yeah that’s what I thought,” I say linking my hands with Axl as I take him out.

“You bitch rot in hell,” the officer screamed and I showed him my middle finger and booked for a cab.

Axl was already asleep by the time we reached home. I make him lean against my shoulder and I help him up the stairs. He was heavy but I was not weak. I work out so I guess it was an advantage. I open the door and found Hunter sitting in the middle looking at some papers.

I didn’t have time for this. I take Axl to his room and tuck him in bed. I take out his shoes and socks, his jacket, watch wallet and phone and let him sleep peacefully. I get a cream for his knuckles and massage it on.

He was going to get a bruise there, so this cream will help him reduce the pain. I put a bin with a dustbin cover on near his bed if he wanted to puke. Once I was done, I go the living room. I had forgotten that Hunter was there.

“Oh are you done tucking him in bed?” he asked mocking me. What was his problem? I was pissed. I just look at him.

He stands up and shows me the papers he was holding earlier. It was the drawings I made of Axl today.

I noticed that I had left my bag on the couch so he might have seen it.

“Can you explain this?” he asked throwing the papers in my face.

“How can you do that Hunter? Those are my drawings,” I yell at him as I pick it up. I do not like it when people disrespect my drawings like that.

“Oh are you angry because I threw your drawings of Axl?” he asked crossing his hands over his chest.

“What’s wrong with you Hunter?” I ask pissed. I can’t believe that he is making a big deal of Axl’s drawings.

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong Lexi. I have a girlfriend who is in love with her ex who doesn’t love her back and she is pushing away the person who is ready to treat her like a princess,” he said referring to me.

“Look Hunter, I might have feelings for Axl but I never let that come between us. I had to help him, he was arrested and I am not pushing you away,” I say not knowing why this is even happening.

“Look Lexi, I really like you and I want you to stay with me and not with Axl,” he said making a disgusted face when he told Axl.

“Hunter why are you doing this?” I say frustrated. I sit down.

“Lexi choose,” he says firmly.

“Hunter have you gone mad?” I scream at him. Why is he acting like a child?

“Lexi so you want Axl. You think Axl is better than me huh. He is a fucking dick. He plays people. He will break your heart again. He doesn’t deserve you Lexi. He is a fucking player. He will fucking use you and will let you. Anyways that is what you like right? You just want to be played. You want to be friends with benefits with him again. You will fuck him. You are a slut and-, ” I did not let him complete his sentence. I slap him right across his face.

“Lexi I am sorry. That’s not what I meant. I am-,” I stop him again.

“No Hunter you listen. I will not tolerate any of this. I can’t believe that this is what you think of me. I was your girlfriend. You knew everything that happened between me and Axl. Is that what you think of me? That I am a slut? I never cheated on you Hunter. I stopped whatever it is with Axl when I met you,” I say as angry tears fall from my cheek. He comes closer, “No Lexi don’t cry,” he tries wiping my tears off but I back away.

“You asked me to choose right Hunter? You or him? I choose Axl. He may not love me back but he still respects me and doesn’t call me a slut. We are over Hunter” I say and his face falls.

“Get out Hunter,” I say pointing at the door.

“No baby, I am sorry. Please listen to me,” he says and I shake my head.

“Out,” I say more firmly. He tries coming closer to me. Now I really lost it.

“Get the fuck out Hunter,” I say and he gets out. “Lexi, listen to me-,” he says but I slam the door on his face.

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