So close and yet so far

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Chapter 37

Chapter 36

Yesterday was a long and tiring day. I sigh and wake up. I had exactly 45 minutes to get ready and go to the Uni. I wore leather pants and a white top. I was ready to go.

I grab an apple and go to my car. As I reach, I saw my whole group in the parking lot.

I get out of my car and they come towards me. Axl was there too. “Hey guys,” I say and they reply with a hi.

We all walk in together and I saw Hunter look at me. He tried coming to talk to me but I just say, “No, we have gone through this already,” and we walk away.

“Lexi please,” he begs but I give him the finger.

Everyone in the hallway looked at us. “Lexi what happened between you and Hunter?” Ethan asked as we go towards the lockers.

“Oh we broke up,” I say turning towards my locker to take my books out. They hugged me and I smiled.

“I am fine guys. I am actually happy that we broke up. He was a complete dick,” I say and they smiled.

“But why?” Ethan asked as we go into our class. We both had Math together.

“Well don’t tell anyone ok,” I say taking him to an empty class room.

“So Hunter and I, we were on a date and I got a call from Axl asking me to come and get him out because he was arrested,” I say and he nods, I think he knew.

“So I get up to leave and he just becomes selfish. He asked me why Axl was calling me. I didn’t have time for this so I just go and bail him out. The officer hits on me but Axl punches him. We got out without any trouble because I had proof against the officer. After I tugged Axl into bed, I saw Hunter in the living room looking at the drawing I did of Axl. He gets mad and asks me to choose between the both of them,” I pause to take a break and Ethan had a surprised expression.

“Anyways he starts talking shit about me. He calls me a slut and I lost it. I slap him and ask him to get out. He tries apologizing but I broke up with him,” I say and Ethan hugs me.

“You did the right thing,” he says kissing my forehead. He was like my older brother I never had.

“But tell me one thing Lexi. Do you love Axl?” he asks and I look down.

“Yes, I always did but he doesn’t” I say softly. I could feel the tears fall down my cheek. He lifts my face so that I am facing him and wipes my tears.

“It’s ok Lexi,” he says hugging me once more and we walk out of the classroom.

When I walk out I heard people chanting “Fight”, “Fight” so I run to see who it was.

I push past people and see Axl punching Hunter. I just stood there paralysed.

“You dick, don’t even dare to come near Lexi anymore and she is not a slut, got it?” Axl screamed as he gave Hunter another punch. Honestly I liked it when Axl was standing up for me.

I can’t believe that the Axl who told that he didn’t want to be with me was standing up for me because my ex called me a slut.

It took me a while to realise that I should stop them since no one did.

“Guys stop it,” I scream on top of my lungs as I try to pull Axl away but I couldn’t.

I look over and see Ethan and the others coming towards us and pulled them apart. It was difficult to hold Axl apart but 5 people managed to hold him. Hunter took advantage of this and charged towards Axl with the fire extinguisher nearby when no one wasn’t paying attention, but I did.

I put myself in front of Axl and I took the blow instead of him. I think that Hunter was aiming for Axl’s chest but it my head because I was shorter than Axl. It hurts really badly.

Everyone gasps as they see what happened. My head was bleeding I am pretty sure because I could feel something dripping on my neck. Hunter sees this and drops the fire extinguisher and comes near me. “Lexi I am so sorry I didn’t mean to,” he apologized as I fell to the ground.

“Axl,” was the last thing I said before everything in front of me went blank.

***I am not done writing the story yet. I am so sorry, please hold on for some time. I hope that the story is good so far.***

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