So close and yet so far

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Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Axl’s POV:

I was walking towards the music room when I heard Lexi’s voice. I was curious so I press my ear to the empty classroom from which I could hear her voice.

She was narrating everything that happened yesterday to someone.

“After I tugged Axl into bed, I saw Hunter in the living room looking at the drawing I did of Axl. He gets mad and asks me to choose between the both of them. Anyways he starts talking shit about me. He calls me a slut and I lost it. I slap him and ask him to get out. He tries apologizing but I broke up with him,” she said and I couldn’t hear anymore.

I saw Hunter standing nearby with his group of friends. How dare calls my Lexi a slut?

I just go and punch him right in his abdomen. We were in a fricking fight. I dragged him to the floor and punched him harder and harder. Everyone gathered around us. I knew that I was going to get in trouble for this but I didn’t care. He bad mouthed Lexi.

“You dick, don’t even dare to come near Lexi anymore and she is not a slut, got it?” I scream and punch him. Lexi asks us to stop but I wasn’t done beating the shit out of him. Before I knew there were 5 guys pulling me away as I struggled to get out of their grip.

I heard Hunter scream next to me so I turn to see that Hunter was charging towards me with a fire extinguisher in his hand. I expected to feel the pain across my chest when I heard a loud sound but I didn’t I open my eyes and see that Lexi had taken the blow instead of me.

Her head was fucking bleeding. Hunter dropped the extinguisher and ran to her to apologize. She fell to the ground and whispered my name before she fainted.

I ran up to her to try to wake her up but she didn’t. I dial 911 and within minutes the ambulance pulled up.

Hunter tried getting in the ambulance with me but I shove him back.

“Don’t even dare to come,” I say glaring at him as the principal pulls him away. He was sure getting in trouble for hurting Lexi.

Her head looked bad. It was still bleeding.

“Lexi why did you do that? Why did you take the blow instead of me,” I ask crying. Yes guys cry. She slightly opened her eyes.

“I will take a bullet for you if it means that you will be saved,” she whispered giving me a weak smile. “Oh Lexi, I love you,” I wanted to say but I stopped myself. I just felt like as if there was a lump in my throat. The last time I told someone that I love them, she left me. This time I don’t want to say that I love her because I am scared that I will hurt her again.

“Thank you for standing up for me. I will never forget this. Thank you for everything you did. I really appreciate everything. Tell my mom and dad, James and Iris and Hannah that I Love them. Tell Austin and Emily that I won’t be able to come to their wedding and ask her to find another maid of honour also that I am sorry. Tell Ethan that he was the big brother I never had. Tell Theo and Joshua that they are good guys. Also tell Hunter that he is forgiven. Tell everyone that I decided to take the blow so it wasn’t your fault. Lastly thank you Axl. Don’t think that I died without telling you because I am now,” she said whimpering in pain.

“Lexi no you are not going to die. Who will be my roommate if you go? Who will watch Sherlock with me? Who will become “Alexis Winston- the supermodel”? Who will keep up with my never ending rants? Who will fight and argue with me? Who will bail me out if I get in trouble? Whom will I punch for if you go?” I say teary eyed and she laughs softly.

“Bye Axl,” she said as she passed out again. I tried waking her up but she didn’t. There was bleeding from the nose. I was scared. I just hoped that she was fine.

We reached the hospital and they took Lexi on the stretcher for a CT scan. Her parents and my parents arrived. I was scared, they looked worried. Just then a nurse came up to us to say something.

“Lexi wanted you all to know that she decided to take the blow instead of Axl. She was the one at fault so no one should be blamed for it. She said that it was her choice,” she replied and ran back in.

“I am really sorry,” I say looking down. I was crying because even at this stage she decided to save me. Her mom came and lifted my head up. She wiped my tears and hugged me. I was surprised.

“Axl you heard what Lexi wanted us to know. Tell us what happened please,” she pleaded and I nod.

I tell them everything about her and Hunter breaking up, I over hearing them, us in a fight, Lexi taking the blow. I couldn’t say anymore.

“It’s fine Axl, it’s not your fault. Let’s just hope that Lexi is fine. We can think about what to do with Hunter after Lexi is out of danger,” he father says and everyone nods.

The doctor comes out of some room where they had kept Lexi. I was anxious to find out if she was going to be ok. If she was not, I swear I was going to kill Hunter, even if it means me serving jail time.

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