So close and yet so far

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Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Axl's POV:

“Lexi has had a simple fracture in her skull but it is just minor so it will heal itself. She has had stitches on the head because the cute was deep, so hence the bleeding. She might have concussions and head ache for some time. We have noted that her heat is weak right now so you might want to be careful with her. She is very fragile now so just be careful. So who would like to go first?” The doctor asked and I breathed out relieved. She was out of danger.

Everyone looked at me and asked me to go in first because they assumed that Lexi would want to see me first. I smile and thank them.

I enter and see Lexi with her head bandaged and had saline drip stuck to her hand. She just looked so pale. I sit next to her and she opens her eyes tired.

She tried sitting up but I lay my hand on her shoulder to ask her to stay lying on her back.

“Hi,” I say and smile. I was so happy that she was fine.

“Hey,” she whispered softly looking up. Her face might look pale but her eyes gleamed. They looked happy for some reason.

“Promise me that you will never do this again?” I ask taking her hand. She squeezed it.

“Do what Axl?” she asked. Was she actually asking or did she just want me to tell her.

“Never try to save me again Lexi because if something happens to you then I can’t forgive myself. Everyone will think that I did something to you and I can’t bare that,” I say looking at her. Her face looked hurt. Did I say something wrong? She pulled her hand away.

“Lexi what happened?” I ask concerned as tears fall down her cheeks. I try wiping them but she jerks her face away from me.

“Axl I put myself in danger to save you because I really care about you and you only think about the blame you get after something happens to me. You are worried about what the people say to you and not about anything else,” she said still not meeting my eyes.

“I didn’t mean that Lexi,” I try correcting what I said but I guess it was too late for it.

“Don’t you get it Axl? I am fucking in love with you. When Hunter asked me to choose between the two of you I chose you. Every time you do something for me, I think that you like me back. When you were punching Hunter I thought that you were doing it so that you liked me. But I was wrong; you did this because your name was in it. Why am I so stupid? Why do I keep falling in love with you over and over again when you don’t?” She said crying. I was shocked at her confession. She did love me back all this time. She would’ve accepted me if I had asked her out but I lost my chance.

“Do you know how much it hurts Axl? To see the person you love act like they like you but they don’t?” she asked and I honestly knew.

“Lexi, if you loved me so much then why did you fucking date Hunter?” I ask in a tone that was harsher than I intended to.

“That’s because I tried getting over YOU Axl,” she says and cries even more. She asks me to reach for her bag which was net to her and I did.

“Here, just take it. I did these drawings of you because I could only think of you, Hunter found out that I was still in love with you and that horrible choosing thing and calling me a slut came up,” she says handing three drawings of me. They looked pretty good. She had gotten every single detail right of me.

“Thank you so much Axl for stopping me fall in love with you even more if that’s even possible. You don’t have to pretend anymore. Just go I will get over you,” she said jerking away from me. Why couldn’t I say that I love her back?

“Lexi-,” I say but she negatively nods her head.

“I don’t want to see you anymore Axl. Just go for fucks sake Axl. Haven’t you told me enough to hear? Do you-,” she couldn’t complete the sentence. She started gasping for air. The monitors next to her started beeping and the doctors rushed in.

They kicked me out. What have I done? They did tell me that her heart was weak but I didn’t intend to make her feel like this.

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