So close and yet so far

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Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Lexi’s POV:

Three weeks later:

I was sitting in my stall, painting people who had come to me. There was a long line in front of my stall because people wanted a portrait of them.

I was completely healed from the blow I got. I asked the police to excuse Hunter for what he did but the school suspended him for a month.

I haven’t spoken to Axl since the last time we spoke in the hospital. I was staying with my parents for the past 3 weeks so I only saw him in college but I ignored him.

It was already the last day of the 5 day fest and I was going to miss it.

My line just got finished and I closed my stall for a break. The rest of our gang comes up to me and we talk as we have coffee. It was 6 in the evening. I was practically in my stall for 12 hours only getting up to pee.

“This song is for a girl whom I can’t have anymore,” someone over the microphone said and I was curious to see who it was. I felt like as if we could connect because I was had a recent heartbreak too. So we all go to the stage set up.

There was a lot of crowd in front of us.

“I remember everything

How beautiful you looked

You made my heart skip a beat

I mean, you still do.

I remember the time

We started on the wrong foot

But girl it was destiny

Because it made me want you.

Then I realised that

We were meant to be

But then I fucked it up

I was left with nothing but me.

I do not like the thought

Of me dying alone

The thought of you and me

It gives me hope.

But I hurt you enough

That you don’t care anymore

I wanted to call you mine

But someone else will call you

That and it’s not me.”

I see the person and it was Axl singing this song.

“I wrote this song for someone whom I really want and hope that person realises it soon enough,” he says and they whole crowd cheers.

I knew exactly what to do now.

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