So close and yet so far

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Chapter 41

Chapter 41

I knew that the song was about me so I walk up on stage. I talk to the band to play a tune which would go with my song I wrote when I found out that Hunter had cheated on me.

“I gave you my all

But you threw it all away

I left everything for you

But you couldn’t leave her,” I say looking at him

“You said you wanted me

But you ran back to her

Why does this happen to me?

Am I not good enough?

I tried my best

To make you happy

But she was the only one

Who could.

If you wanted her

Then why did you come to me?

You could have left me

But you hurt me by staying.

“Why does this happen to me?

Am I not good enough?

I’ve started to feel that

Our meeting was a curse

You were laughing with her

When I’m crying alone.

I could’ve left you for someone else

But no one can replace you

You were my first love

But you never cared.

Why does this happen to me?

Am I not good enough?

Was I ever good enough for you?

Was I ever good enough for you?

Well I got my answer

Because you keep running back to her”

I finish the song and the whole crowd goes wild. It felt like as if they could feel my pain.

I look at Axl who was looking at me with his mouth hanging wide open.

“Yes I can sing my feelings too if you are thinking,” I say looking at Axl.

He grabs his microphone and starts singing.

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