So close and yet so far

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Chapter 42

Chapter 41

“Girl don’t you see it?

I am fucking in love with you.

The way you smile, the way you dress,

The way you care, the way you are.

But I guess I lost my chance because

you that you don’t me.

I hope I could be the one

Who makes you smile, who makes your day,

Who makes you live and who loves you

Till he dies.

But I lost my chance baby

For a foolish mistake I did

Now that I’ve realised it,

I want you back.

But you are his and

Can never be mine.

But I hope someday

You realise, you were wrong

And that you want me back.

Baby I’ll be waiting for you

Baby I’ll be waiting for you

Baby I’ll be waiting for you

Baby I’ll be waiting for you

But I know I lost chance

But I will keep trying for you.

Baby I’ll be waiting for you

For ever,” he finished and it brought tears in my eyes.

“I love you Lexi,” he said and the whole crowd just gasps.

“Then why did you do that all Axl?” I ask because I wanted answers.

“Because I didn’t want you and Hunter together Lexi. I wanted you. I am sorry for what I told in the hospital. That’s not what I meant,” he said looking at me.

“But Axl you hurt me,” I say wiping tears off my face.

“I swear that I will never hurt you again. I love you Lexi,” he says and I run to kiss him. that was all I wanted to hear.

“I love you too Axl,” I say and the whole crowd goes “Awe”.

Shit I just realised that everyone had heard our conversation because we spoke to each other over the microphone.

Axl starts laughing because he realises it too.

“So Lexi will you be my girlfriend again and I swear I will never let you go even if you are tired of me,” he says and I laugh.

“Yes I will be yours,” I say kissing him. God I missed the taste of his lips.

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