So close and yet so far

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Chapter 43

Chapter 43

5 years later:

Some music producer heard mine and Axl’s songs that we sand during the fest and fell in love with it. He gave Axl a contract and produced those songs and well it was a huge hit. It became billboard’s no.1. Axl is now a famous singer an as of me, I got a contract with IMG models and I also am a Victoria’s Secret angle.

Austin and Emily got married a year ago and have a daughter who is 5 years old and 5 months old called Hailey Yolanda Lee. They took my dead sister’s name, Emily’s grandmother’s name and Austin’s last name. I fucking cried when they took my sister’s name. Axl and I were the baby’s god parents.

I was honestly very happy to be an aunt; because that means that I can spoil my niece. Hailey, she’s the best thing that happened to any of us. She took the place of my dead sister and my love for her was the same as of my own kids, which I will have someday.

I was getting ready with Elsa Hosk for a date which Axl had planned for us tonight as it was our three year anniversary, when Taylor called. Taylor as in Taylor Hill.

“Hey Tay,” I say trying to ask Elsa to let me talk.

“Lexi hi, sup,” she asked. Taylor was the best in lifting someone’s mood and cheering them up.

“Well I am getting ready for a date Axl planned with Elsa,” I say and Elsa screams a hello to Taylor.

“Hi to you too Elsa. Did you say that you were getting ready for a date?” she asked as I heard people asking her if she needed more lipstick. She was a busy woman indeed.

“Yeah, today is our five year anniversary and he asked me to wear something nice,” I say as Elsa “tries” to do my hair.

“Girl I bet he is proposing,” she said and Elsa screams with an “I know right” and we all laugh.

“If he does call me up and tell ok? Also I am your bridesmaid,” she said and I laugh at her.

“Sure sure,” I say between my laughs. “Lexi, I got to go. Bye good luck,” she said and hangs up the call. I was wearing a white dress with some bracelets and my hair was let down.

“Thank you so much Elsa, I am sure that Axl will appreciate this,” I say kissing her cheek.

“Awe Lexi, I would do anything for my friend,” she said hugging me back.

“Come on now, I will have to drop you because Axl has planned something,” she said after checking her phone. I nod and follow her into her Mercedes.

We drive for a while and then arrive at the place where Axl asked us to meet.

“Lexi, you look amazing,” he said kissing me and I blush. No matter how long we have been dating since, Axl makes me blush and gives me butterflies in my stomach.

“Thank you baby, you look wonderful too. You should thank Elsa because she dressed me up,” I say pointing over to Elsa.

“Sally darling, thank you so much for making my love look more amazing than she already is,” he says kissing her cheek and I laugh. Elsa doesn’t like being called Sally or Darling and Axl knows that but he still pisses her off.

“No problem Scott, just make sure that I don’t steal your “Love” from you,” she says and waves at me and leaves.

“Come on,” Axl said leading towards the table in the middle of the garden. The table had orchids and I love orchids.

“So how was your tour?” I ask as we sit down. He had recently gone for a tour for 3 months and had come back like yesterday.

“It was amazing but I missed you,” he said giving me a cute face.

“I missed you too Axl,” I say and hold his hand. I felt him squeeze my hand back.

We ordered a Steak Salad with Honey-Lemon Vinaigrette and red wine. We spoke about random things when Axl signalled for someone to come.

“Oh My God! Ed Sheeran!” I scream getting up from my seat. Axl gets up from his and goes over to Ed.

“Thank you mate for coming,” he said hugging Ed. “No problem. Anything for my friend and his love,” he said smiling at m.

“Hi I am Alexis Winston but call me Lexi,” I say nervously. This was Ed Sheeran and he is life. I just love him so much.

“I know Lexi, you are literally the best model I know,” he said smiling. My heart, I was getting a compliment from Ed Sheeran.

“Thank you so much Ed, it means a lot,” I say. He nods and picks up his guitar.

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks
” he starts singing ‘Thinking out loud.’

“Thank you so much Axl. This means a lot to me,” I say kissing him.

“May I have this dance?” he asked extending his hand and I happily take it. We sway left to right, in a slow dance. It felt amazing.

I didn’t even realise when Ed shifted his song to Tenerife Sea.

You look so wonderful in your dressI love your hair like that
The way it falls on the side of your neck
Down your shoulders and back
” he started off and Axl’s smile gets wide.

“Lexi you are honestly the best thing that happened to me. It has been a long time that we know each other. It’s just that I have never felt this way ever. Your hair, your eyes, your face … just mesmerise me. Whenever you walk through the door, my heart says... Damn, she’s gorgeous. Whenever I see you, I forget what’s going on with me. My heart races when I feel you around. I assure you that I will never ever let even a single tear drop from your eyes. Baby, you are a work of art. I never ever felt this way with anyone except you. Whenever you aren’t near, my eyes keep searching for you. My mind thinks of you. Whenever I see you, my heart says, she’s the one you are looking for. That innocence, that voice, that personality... is just perfect. I want to start my day with you and end it with you. Your presence makes me feel ME. My eyes shy away, but my heart brings me back towards you. I promise you that I will never ever leave you and I will love you from the core of my heart. You are my fantasy. You make me smile. I am happy with you. Please step inside my heart, my heart is waiting for you. I love you,” he says as we continue to dance. I felt emotional.

“Thank you Axl. I love you too,” I say smiling at him. He steps aside and reaches for his back pocket.

“So Alexis Winston, will you become Alexis Scott and be mine forever?” he asked going on his knee. My first reaction was to cry. I literally felt so lucky.

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