So close and yet so far

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Chapter 47

Chapter 47

We all walk out doors where the cake and tables and a stage was set up. We cut the cake and the food was served. After that we all head towards the stage where the Best man and maid of honour and the parents of the bride and groom, that is, mine and Axl’s made a speech about us. But since I had no maid of honour all of my Bridesmaids would make a speech about us.

“I have seen Axl for like 23 years and he was never as happy when he met our now daughter-in-law, Lexi. She is the best person who supports him in everything and I have seen them mature in their love. She is like our daughter and we love her so much. We all hope that the best things happen to them also thank you so much Lexi for doing everything for us,” Axl’s parents say and they hug me. I was overwhelmed with so much love and affection. His dad and mom both kissed my cheek and my parents went on stage.

“Lexi and Axl, hmmm, where do we start? They are honestly perfect for each other. I have never seen any couple that are so understand and who trust each other so much. They give all the other couple, the couple goals, no offence y’all. Lexi is the best daughter and Axl is the best son-in-law we could have possibly ask for. We love Axl as much as we love Lexi. So we wish all the luck and happiness to these newlywed couple,” they say as they hug the both of us. Now Axl’s best man, Shawn goes and takes the stage.

“Ladies and gentleman, thank you all for coming out tonight to celebrate the wedding of two people we all love, Axl and Lexi!

When I first met Lexi, that is like 4 years ago I think, I knew that she was the woman Axl would end up marrying. Even if it hadn’t dawned on him quite yet, it was obvious to everyone around just how smitten he was with her. They talk about a bride’s glow, but this man was shining since the moment he met her, from the stories I’ve heard. He changed for the better without realizing it. And we all could see it.

He couldn’t stop talking about her. We’d go out with the boys and Lexi’s name would be brought up every two minutes. So when he came to me to tell me that he would be proposing my only response was, “Well, it’s about time!”

There’s something special about these two. They go together without forcing it. They love each other without fighting it. And they care about each other without thinking about it. She was the one from the very beginning Axl, and we’re all so happy to be able to take part in your big day. Cheers!” he says lifting the glass and everyone follows. Axl and Shawn have a buddy hug where I just kiss his cheek as a thank you.

“Love is not always perfect, but when the right people are together, they will always fight to make it work. Nothing in the world can tear them apart. These two people sitting in front of me are the epitome of true love and I am so lucky to have been a part of this special day and bear witness to this proclamation of love. Let us toast to the happy newlyweds,” Emily says and everyone lifts their glasses. I kiss her cheek where Axl hugs her.

“As some of you know, I am fiercely protective of [bride’s name.] I would do anything for her and she is one of the most important people in my life. Over the years, we have laughed together, cried together, and had so many amazing memories. I am truly blessed to have someone like her in my life.

Since I am so protective of her, you can imagine how sceptical of AxI when I first met him. I wondered what his intentions were. Was he good enough for such a unique and special person?

I soon learned that Axl is just as amazing as Lexi. He worships her and would do anything to see her smile. They complement each other in the most perfect way. They are two twin souls that were destined to find each other. And I could not be happier for the two of them. So Cheers,” Kendall says and everyone lift their glasses. “Oh one more thing, Axl I am mad at you for stealing my love. Take care of her will you,” she says and Axl replies with a “Will do” and puts his arm around my waist. Axl and Kendall hug where as I kiss her cheek.

“Before I begin my speech, I would just like to say that Lexi, you look absolutely beautiful tonight and Axl you don’t look so bad yourself. It has been quite a day. An unforgettable, whirlwind of a day that celebrates the fact that two people fell in love.

Not only do I feel privileged to know these two people, I also feel lucky enough to have witnessed the love they have for each other. Their love for one another has made them even better people than they were before. Together, they are even stronger. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Scott,” Elsa says hugging us after everyone lifts their glasses.

“There can be so much sadness and loss in the world, but we also know that there is good in this world as well. With all of the things that happen that make us feel caught up in a storm, some of us are lucky enough to have something or someone to hold on to.

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. When you have something to hold on to, then you have hope for the day and for many days to come

When I look at the Axl and Lexi, I know that what they have will stand the test of time. Their love was made to weather the toughest of storms and their trials and tribulations will only further prove their love and devotion to one another. May the love that you have for each other continue to grow each and every year,” Gigi says and lifts her glass and everyone follows her. I kiss her cheek and Axl hugs her.

“These two newlyweds are a rare find in today’s world. Between the two of them, this couple has beauty, brains, and two hearts of gold. Here’s to the groom who has a bride so fair, and here’s to the bride with a groom who is so rare,” Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy say together. I kiss them all and we including Axl have a group hug.

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