So close and yet so far

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Chapter 49

Chapter 49

***Disclaimer: This chapter has sexual content***

“Surprise,” he says opening my blindfold. It takes some time for my eyes to adjust to the light and when it does, I could see a huge penthouse in front of me.

“Axl what is this?” I ask not understanding this whole penthouse thing.

“Well since we are married and we spend a lot of time in UK, I thought about buying us a house and I did. Are you happy?” he asked smiling and I just break down.

“Lexi, I am so sorry that you didn’t like it, I mean I can sell it of-,” I stop him by planting a kiss on his lip.

“This is perfect. It is everything I ever dreamed of. Thank you,” I say and he picks me up in his arms in a typical bridal style. There was furniture in there already.

“I knew that you will be busy so I asked our interior designer to design this house according to your taste. If you want to change it we can,” he says as we walk past the living room.

“No it’s perfect,” I say kissing him even more. How could he possibly do so much for me? He already did so much for me.

“And this is our room,” he says leading to the master bedroom and drops me on the bed. I try unzipping my wedding gown but it was huge so he helped me. He kissed my neck as he unzipped me.

I remove it and I was in my sexy wedding lingerie and I pull him closer. As we kiss, I open his shirt and pants. I run my hand along his chest and abs whereas the other hand was in his hair.

He pushes me back to bed and lies on top of me. He kisses my neck and finds my sweet spot. I moan because I missed his kisses. He tugged at my panty and he removed it. My bra was off too.

He put his hand on my vu-hoo and sucks on my breasts. I moan till I can’t feel anything. After mine was done, I tug at his boxers but he insisted that it was my night but since I convinced him that this was r night he let me.

2 hours and 3 rounds later:

“This was the best I had in a long time,” I say panting as he sleeps next to me.

“Same. I think getting married boosted us,” he says and we laugh.

I sleep on his chest and he puts his arm around me and we just dose off.

I knew that all the worries and difficulties I went through definitely paid off. I got Axl at the end. I never honestly believed in fairy tales but I think I got mine.

I got my prince charming at the end.

So we lived happily ever after.

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