So close and yet so far

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Chapter 5

Chapter 4

I woke up and got ready for Uni. I wore a comfy outfit and put on some make up. When I was curling my hair, I saw a note and picked it up,

“You look hot in towel and when you are dancing,” it was from yesterday when Axl threw it in my room.

What does he think of himself?

I went downstairs and took out my car from the garage and I saw Axl come over. I try to ignore him but he was already in front of my car

“Now what do have to say Axl? Do you have something to say like “You look hot when you are driving”?” I ask.

“Lexi, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it,” he says but I was in no mood for listening.

So I drive away. As I enter the Uni everyone just stops doing their work and looks at me.

It felt awkward and I waked over to the office to get my schedule and I got it.

I got lot in the Uni but a guy came up to me and offered to help me.

“Hi I’m Austin Lee,” he said.

“I’m Alexis but call me Lexi,” I say.

“It looks like you are lost, should I help you,” he said.

“Sure,” I say giving him my schedule.

“Oh I have Math too. Come let’s go,” he said.

And I follow him.

As we go to our class, we spoke I actually liked his company. When we reached our class the teacher had already started teaching.

“Excuse us ma’am, I am new and I got lost and Austin was helping me find this class,” I say.

The teacher looked at me and went, “I am a man not a woman.” And the whole class started laughing.

“I am so sorry sir. I really am,” I say.

“Get in now,” he said.

Austin pointed at the last bench where his friends sat and I go.

“Whoa new girl, you really thought that he was a woman too,” one of them said.

“I am Lexi by the way and who the fuck dresses like that and grows their hair and styles it like a woman?” I say and we all start laughing.

The teacher glared at us and we try shutting up.

“I am Ethan Campbell by the way,” the guy says.

“Nice to meet you Ethan,” I say.

“You are from UK right?” he asked.

“Yeah, why?” I ask confused.

“Well I really like your accent,” he said.

“Thank you,” I say after which we listen to Mr Humphrey.

He spoke about some shit called Circular functions.

After that class I had French. I was familiar with French so I took that language.

I ask guidelines as to where will my French class will be going on and I go towards it.

I see an empty seat next to a girl who had brown hair which was cut short. We started talking and she was surprisingly very sweet to me.

Her name was Emily Jacob. Her best friend had just left Uni so I invited her to come with me for lunch and other things and she agreed.

We almost had French and English together and nothing else.

After English I walk over to my locker and see 100 notes in it.

Some were nice. It said, “You are really pretty,” “You are hot,” and stuff.

Some were mean, “who the fuck do you think you are?” “You are so hot that I want to fuck you,” and stuff.

What have I ever done to them?

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